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cordova bay
Its been cold but perfect on Vancouver Island the last couple days.  Now they’re saying snow by Monday?  I could use a snow day.

I was reading the Lefsetz Letter today, and he was tlaking about London Grammer. He’s a fan… but I clicked the link on an article that he reads… New Music for Old People.  That’s a thing?  Yup… and the playlist the old codger puts together was a pretty interesting set.

The song I dug was a cover of the Hall & Oates hit “Maneater.”  (or was that a Nelly Furtado hit?)

The artist is a young girl (14 or 15?) from Oregon named Grace Mitchell.  her cover showed up on the soundtrack to the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Also… Coral used to LOVE that Nelly Furtado song when I first met her.  True story.

Another pick from New Music For Old PeopleCapital Cities on the list… disco-NEAT!

I like the idea and the chorus of the song… but it isn’t turning my crank with the energy or vibe.


Coral was in the tub last night, Maddy was playing her room… so me and Jack had the turntable to ourselves.  He wanted to hear FIDLAR… then I put up The Rural Alberta Advantage.   Pretty straight forward jangly indie rock sound you’d expect from a Canadian band circa 2008.  Still love their album Hometowns.

This is my jam… Edmonton is just a four night ride into town!

And here is Jack’s pick… but don’t mind him, he’s only one-month-old.

take out the gunman
I like you Chevelle. Over the years of mainstream radio rock DJery…I’ve always had a spot in my heart for Chevelle.   New record is La Gargola and its out on April 1st.  APRIL FOOLS! BWAHAHAHA, but no seriously, new record.

Go with yourself.

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