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Photo Credit: David Black

LA punks FIDLAR shared a new song today called “By Myself.”  Song will be part of their new album, Almost Free, which will be out on January 25th on Dine Alone.

“Well I’m cracking one open with the boys, by myself”

Lead singer Zac Carper says of the song which he wrote in Hawaii, “I called up all my homies to have a drink with me and no one showed up. What a bunch of kooks.”

Those boys….

A lot of the vibe was, ‘Well, why can’t we do that? Why can’t we have horns? Why can’t we have key changes? Why can’t we have a harmonica loop?‘,” Zac Carper said. “It was about taking the ceiling off. Having it be limitless. Ain’t no rules.” Elvis Kuehn added, “Almost Free feels like a step forward for us in a lot of ways. We tried to be true to ourselves and let the music come out naturally, without fear of how people would receive it.”

Remember that time FIDLAR covered Nirvana?

Go with yourself.

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LA punks FIDLAR share a darker, sleazy, punk song called “Too Real.” The song has a different vibe compared to what we’re used to from FIDLAR. The song has a definite point of view. The politically charged anthem has an unsettling drone buried under frenetic distorted guitars.  The group also released a music video for the song; “Footage of the recent deadly California wildfires plays opposite pop culture references, over the rib-rattling punk opus, taking on the current socio-political climate.”

The song is part of an upcoming new FIDLAR album. Their press release promises details soon.



Look at this picture of Jack….I was trolling back on my instagram for a picture from Rifflandia, but came across this old photo of Jack looking so much like Elliot. I did a double take!

Go with yourself.

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LA punks FIDLAR worked with the Flaming Lips on their new music video.

the dystopian clip follows a working class protagonist’s ill-fated journey to outer space to join an elite group of super chromosome money making power plants.” Righteous.

FIDLAR travels to BC to perform at Levitation in Vancouver this weekend. And the Island to play Otalith in August.

Go with yourself.

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FIDLAR on Kimmel

I love FIDLAR‘s new bratty punk rock record Too. Ok Ok, I know the reviews weren’t stellar, but the album is fun and full of energy.

The band performed on Jimmy Kimmel last night to make their late night TV debut and they performed my favourite song off the record, “West Coast.”

And here is a demo-style recording of the song. It sounds quite a bit brighter on the album.


Hey, remember Panic! At The Disco? Yeah they used to be a big deal (and still are to so many people!).

New song is called “Victorious.” A song that is perfect for a high school vollyball game or before hitting the town with friends.

The song is the second cut from their upcoming fifth record and has already hit #1 on the iTunes alternative chart. The previous share song was “Hallelujah.”

Go with yourself.

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women riders

FIDLAR released a brand new song yesterday called “Leave Me Alone.”

Stereogum had the premier where they say, “The new record doesn’t scrimp when it comes to giant hooks or appropriately buzzed-out guitars, but it does add an extra layer to finesse to the band’s reliably scrappy songs.”

Their new record Too is out on September 4th and I’ll be all over it next Friday for sure. God I love these guys.

FIDLAR is on tour in the fall…and typical US band, no Vancouver date. What gives? 

10/22 – Wonder Ballroom – Portland, OR
10/23 – The Showbox – Seattle, WA

And I can’t believe this song is two years old now.

Hit the PNE the other day to film an episode of Sip and Spin and got to sample some food. I had heard rumblings of a mystical food called the “Fat Elvis” but sadly did not order one. I really should have. Wow.

Read: 7 Must Eat Foods at the PNE: RANKED


New Macklemore? Wow. Get after this.

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June already!?! Holy moly…they say it is going to be a hot and dry one in the Pacific Northwest this year…but today it is grey and raining in Vancouver. It is a nice respite, we had the driest May I think in the history of the city. They are already talking water restrictions, and that is a talk they don’t have often in this part of the world this early in the summer.

New music, let’s go!

LA punk rockers FIDLAR will release their second album, Too, on September 4th (Mom + Pop Records).

The FIDLAR music video pays tribute to all those great music videos of our youth… 90s and early 00s jammers.

“In the late 90s and early 2000s, music videos were such a huge deal,” adds Zac Carper (vocals and guitar). “We decided that instead of making one overly slick music video, we would nod to 15 of our favorite music videos that we grew up with. Everyone in the band threw in their ideas.”

Here is a list of the videos that you’ll see redone by FIDLAR:

Sugar Ray – Fly
Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized
Missy Elliott – The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
Devo – Jocko Homo
Weezer – Undone — The Sweater Song
Eminem – The Real Slim Shady
The Beastie Boys – (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)
Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity
The Hives – Walk Idiot Walk
Oasis – Wonderwall
Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
Korn – Freak On A Leash
Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time
George Michael – Faith
Green Day – Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

I had a chance to see FIDLAR years ago opening for The Hives in Victoria. An amazing night and huge set. I became a fan. I bought a couple eps after including this 7-inch.


Last weekend, we hit the hat store (I needed, NEEDED, a new Mariners hat) and we saw these adorable kids NBA hats. They had all the major teams (but no Golden State? c’mon!). Then I spotted this beauty Vancouver Grizzlies hat and the choice was clear. $33 later and I think the little duder look alright.

Jacks Hat

Go with yourself.

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cordova bay
Its been cold but perfect on Vancouver Island the last couple days.  Now they’re saying snow by Monday?  I could use a snow day.

I was reading the Lefsetz Letter today, and he was tlaking about London Grammer. He’s a fan… but I clicked the link on an article that he reads… New Music for Old People.  That’s a thing?  Yup… and the playlist the old codger puts together was a pretty interesting set.

The song I dug was a cover of the Hall & Oates hit “Maneater.”  (or was that a Nelly Furtado hit?)

The artist is a young girl (14 or 15?) from Oregon named Grace Mitchell.  her cover showed up on the soundtrack to the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Also… Coral used to LOVE that Nelly Furtado song when I first met her.  True story.

Another pick from New Music For Old PeopleCapital Cities on the list… disco-NEAT!

I like the idea and the chorus of the song… but it isn’t turning my crank with the energy or vibe.


Coral was in the tub last night, Maddy was playing her room… so me and Jack had the turntable to ourselves.  He wanted to hear FIDLAR… then I put up The Rural Alberta Advantage.   Pretty straight forward jangly indie rock sound you’d expect from a Canadian band circa 2008.  Still love their album Hometowns.

This is my jam… Edmonton is just a four night ride into town!

And here is Jack’s pick… but don’t mind him, he’s only one-month-old.

take out the gunman
I like you Chevelle. Over the years of mainstream radio rock DJery…I’ve always had a spot in my heart for Chevelle.   New record is La Gargola and its out on April 1st.  APRIL FOOLS! BWAHAHAHA, but no seriously, new record.

Go with yourself.

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FIDLAR make it super awkward

We first got to see FIDLAR back in 2012 when they supported The Hives at Club 9one9.  These guys are a sea of rad.  Current;y touring in support of the Pixies… they were in Toronto last week.  After their show at the Massey Theatre, it was off to Queen Street West for a DIY style punker show at an indoor half-pipe.  A photographer named Amanda Fotes was there and took some pictures that made me very jealous of all the young and hip scenesters of Toronto.

Look at this!

Then listen to THIS!

Go with yourself.

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shy mirror
I was reading THIS ARTICLE in Spin the other day…and reminding myself that, “yeah, I really like FIDLAR.”

When all of a sudden…. an email bounced in from a band called Shy Mirrors.  Really fuzzy, lo-fi, garagey punk.  Has a pop hookyness to it.

There are a lot of songs I like off their 150 limited press vinyl release Negative Collector…. but this jam kinda reminded me of Alkaline Trio, so it wins.

and FIDLAR is pretty fucking cool too.

Go with yourself.

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The Hives concert down in Club 9one9, by most any account you’ll hear from anyone there…….. pretty much great.  Packed room, energy, beer, Kirsten’s foot getting slashed by some bro.  OK, that wasn’t great and she needed stitches from the hospital.  BUT at the time it happened, Kirsten thought it was punk rock and an exclamation point on the show.  She also seemed to not feel it… which was weird considering her shoe was full of blood.  Good for her.

As amazing as the Hives were, they were par-for-the-course for me.  I expected them to be fun, and they are fun!  Played all the hits, tons of energy, new songs, old song… Can’t ask for more.

The surprise of the night is when a bunch of bros who looked like they walked off the set of Revenge of the Nerds came on stage.  One guy was wearing a Jeff the brotherhood shirt. I knew we’d be friends.

The band is based out of LA and came from Hawaii.  They are called Fidlar.  Track one of the night…

Fidlar – “Cheap Beer”

Download MP3 >> Fidlar – Cheap Beer

OK, you got my attention. After the amazing garagey surfy lo-fi DIY punk set… just fuzzy loud poppy raddness.  I needed to buy some merch.  The boys had 45s… I love 45s, I love $5.  Jason Lamb says these guys will be showing up in a future episode of the Punk Show!


Fidlar – “No Waves”

Download MP3 >> Fidlar – No Waves


Fidlar – “No Ass”

Download MP3 >> Fidlar – No Ass

Hit Fidlar up on the socials….. Facebook, Twitter, Instgram at @fidlar_la.

Go with yourself.

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