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I sometimes think that I want to make something.  A craft?  I think I’d be into roasting coffee or even being a coffee farmer… but too many TV commercials tell me they don’t make any money.  I’d go out of business pretty quick when some mega corp comes to my farm and wants to give me nickels for my coffee.  There would be fisticuffs.  It wouldn’t be pretty.

Chocolate might be good.  But I looked that up on the internet one time and it is way harder to make than you might think.

I’ll stick to making playlists.  I don’t make much (or any) money crafting them… but I also I don’t have to live in Madagascar.

The song that I have been into lately and we were THIS close to adding to the playlist this week at the Zone is the Airborne Toxic Event’s “Changing.”

ATE jam out those very earnest hipster mellodramas about being into girls and the girls aren’t into you.  They are obviously singing about other people, cuz there is no way you tell me the lead singer isn’t absolutely crushing.

Airborne Toxic Event – “Changing”

Go with yourself.

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