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Beabadoobee shared a second song off her upcoming Fake It Flowers album (October 16th, Dirty Hit). The song is called “Sorry” and leans into a vintage grunge sounding dream pop style.

Beabadoobee’s fame has skyrocket after the viral success of her confessional bedroom jam “Coffee” was remixed and sampled by Powfu and became a staple on TikTok. Bea Kristi, the London raised and based performer says that “Sorry” is a personal song; “confessing my mistakes in a friendship and watching someone who I love break down and fade away as a person. It’s the idea of dismissing something because it felt too close to home and a personal reminder to never take for granted what that person could have had.”

Being an older guy, I am loving the quiet/loud/quiet throwback to the 90s rock that I still enjoy.

“Sorry” follows up the first single “Care.”

I remember the first time I heard “Care.” I was surprised by the sound as my only contact with Beabadoobee had been that “Coffee” Death bed remix and it sounds quite different compared to her guitar driven music.


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I get a pang from time-to-time where I think it would be good to create or make something tangible.  Live in the tropics and grow stuff.

But sadly, I have no idea how to be a farmer or where I’d live.

I love coffee, so growing coffee might be fun.  But how do you even begin to become a coffee farmer?  Can I go to coffee farmer school, get a piece of paper that makes me legit then walk over to Coffee Farms R Us and use on-site financing to get a coffee farm?  Nope.

It seems to be the domain of working poor people in third-world countries or retired wealthy folks in Hawaii.

If I had to pick to be one of the two, I’d saddle up to be and be wealthy retired folk.

A quick search on the internet found that coffee farms aren’t overly expensive all things considered (I thought they’d be way more). But still outta my price range.  So maybe it’ll be my retirement goal.

But before I retire… I could take a holiday and be a coffee farmer.  My interneting took me to a website for a group called World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or WWOOF. You volunteer your labour on a farm, and the farmer provides a place to lay your head and some food.

AND they have a ton of WWOOF hosts on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Maybe I don’t have to sell all my processions and move my little family to Hawaii… I can just take a couple weeks off around the harvest and be mercenary farmer!

I’ll just have to keep plugging my pennies in my RRSP fund and get a little more serious about retirement saving.  Yeesh, is there anything worse than thinking about retirement?  But if there is one thing I take away from Krystal’s blog, its that if you can take some abstract thoughts (like retirement) and apply practical steps today, things can happen for you.  At least now the $000s taken from my pay-cheque every two-weeks that go to some faceless account now have a purpose.

I could get used to living like this:

There is even a University on the Big Island… maybe Madelyn will want to come live with her farmer dad…

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I sometimes think that I want to make something.  A craft?  I think I’d be into roasting coffee or even being a coffee farmer… but too many TV commercials tell me they don’t make any money.  I’d go out of business pretty quick when some mega corp comes to my farm and wants to give me nickels for my coffee.  There would be fisticuffs.  It wouldn’t be pretty.

Chocolate might be good.  But I looked that up on the internet one time and it is way harder to make than you might think.

I’ll stick to making playlists.  I don’t make much (or any) money crafting them… but I also I don’t have to live in Madagascar.

The song that I have been into lately and we were THIS close to adding to the playlist this week at the Zone is the Airborne Toxic Event’s “Changing.”

ATE jam out those very earnest hipster mellodramas about being into girls and the girls aren’t into you.  They are obviously singing about other people, cuz there is no way you tell me the lead singer isn’t absolutely crushing.

Airborne Toxic Event – “Changing”

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Stolen without a gun from National Geographic

Hell yes, I was excited to read the other day that coffee counts towards that water I need to put in my body everyday.

The amount of fluid gained is far greater than anything you piss out from the caffeine.

AND coffee helps fight off the debilitating effects of gout. Not that I plan on being a medieval King of England anytime soon or anything… BUT the point is… I feel secure in my coffee consumption each and everyday.

Now, if only I could find the study that says coffee isn’t exasperating my anxiety, we’re gold.

Jimmy Eat World – “Coffee and Cigarettes”


In other news… I am pretty much obsessed with National Geographic magazine and also want to find out how I can get a job recreating famous exploration voyages.

There must be a way to get paid, and handsomely, to hop in an olden tyme sailing vessel and make for the New World.

My reasoning is simple.  I thought it was fucked that people get paid to talk on the radio… and well, someone pays me to do that, so why not get paid to sail around in a replica “Matthew” and rediscover Newfoundland?

Maybe its silly to get paid to be a gloried pirate, but perhaps there is hope for me?

I read this story about the most ancient history of White Canadianna… turns out there were secret exploration missions to Canada around the time of John Cabot.  Evidence destroyed? International Italian Bank syndicates? secret Christian missions in Canada?  A historian on the case… but just before she was going to release a book on the subject, she destroys all her notes and conveniently dies.  What did she discover?

Dan Brown…  Paging Dan Brown….

Here’s what I think… Cabot found the Vikings… and the secret mission of Weston was to exterminate the Vikings so England could make claim.  The Beothuks were then hunted and exterminated later because they knew of the Vikings… whoa.

Everyday that I watch the CBC and don’t see these intriguing stories of Canadian History made into HBO styled mini-series is an affront to entertainment.

Heartland?  Seriously…. I love the Tudors and have picked up on that series.  It shows the CBC is capable, but come on guys, pick a story that is at least kinda related to Canada.

OK, I’ll add the mysteries of John Cabot to my list of Canadian Historical mini-series(es?) I need to write.

01) World War War epic
02) the story of John Jewitt, white slave of Maquinna
03) The Viking Settlement of Canada
04) The Mysteries of John Cabot

If you’re a writer that stumbles on my blog, don’t steal my ideas or I’ll stab you.  Unless of course, you actually steal and make it, then I’ll be happy and watch it!

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On Madelyn’s birthday (Feb 24th), an artist will be playing the Biltmore in Vancouver called Four Tet.

This UK electronic man is making some music that is getting me all hot and bothered lately.  As I have been searching for fun, avant garde, loungey music for my weekends at the Rialto, Four Tet hits the mark.

I think part of the reason I like Four Tet so much is because he reminds me of Explosions in the Sky.  have a listen to “She Just Likes to Fight” and tell me that song wouldn’t fit on any EITS record.  Great music to decompress to.

You might know Four Tet as the guy who opened for Radiohead back in the Hail to the Thief days or as the guy who remixed RH’s “Scatterbrain.”

(ha Sara P just walked into my work space to close the door… maybe not everyone loves Four Tet like me!).


There are no clean coffee mugs at work right now, which is a real heel on the groin, and not in a sexual kinda way.  Likely that is for the best.  I got to stop drinking so many mugs of coffee.  A couple weeks ago, before my staycation, I did a great job of keeping my coffee intake under control. Lots of water, and I felt really good two weeks ago.  I better get back on that.


I am a sucker for cover songs.  Cover songs are a real challenge on the Zone because, well I don’t really know.  I find whenever I play a cover song, I am subjected to a torrent of hate calls.  Calm down people, its just music.  one that I want to punch up today I know I’ll take a few lumps from… but I don’t care.  I think it is a pretty good spin on a modern rock staple.  Vampire Weekend tackling Rancid “Ruby Soho.”

Download it!

Also on that Abeano post is a mix created by Rostam Batmanglij from Vampire Weekend.  He did a little “minimix” of  a Vampire weekend song, some other track and a Lykke Li cut.


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I love this picture.


mmm, coffee and toast.  That is what I got brewing at 6:30 in the AM.  Madelyn decided that she would like to be awake at 4 AM.  She is a bit sick so I got up.  I was thinking she might be in for a little cuddle on the couch and we’d fall back asleep but no dice.  Coral isn’t much of a cuddler and Maddy O is her mother’s daughter ergo, I slept on the couch alone and Madelyn explored the living room.  Finally at 6, thankfully afer the conclusion of a mysterious CSI, the monster wished to return to bed.  I went back to my room.  Coral was dead to the world and I laid there for a few moments and relized, “fuck, I’m not tired.”

This is not good, I’ll come down hard later.  Hopefully at the end of my radio show… however the Movember party might get the ace if I am not feeling well.  Maybe there can be a nap.

I think I’ll use this time to watch a movie I’ve always wanted to see.  Mongol.  oh, my coffee just finished the movie is two hous so if I’m to sneek it in before the monstr rises I better get on it.

Go with yourself.

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Turns out Burrito Pie from yesterday was ganked from Mr. Lady.

At first I didn’t know what that is (well, other than who Jimmy James made out with one time on a drunken night in Vancouver).

Turns out it is a Mommy blog?  or a Daddy blog?  I dunno, other than Coral reads this person’s blog and then I was all… “oh right, I recognize it.”

Burrito Pie was delicious last night.  A triumph.  So Mr. Lady, you might not have your gender figured out but your cooking is A-O-K.


Now I promised BCK over at Radio West that this would not be a “Daddy Blog.”  Well, hmmm, I don’t think I promised but he implored that it not “go there.”

So, just  a little link on parenting to  all those single mamas out there.

Married or Not, Moms Spend Lots of Time With Kids

Twilight continues to dominate the world and soak movie theatre seats across the movieland.  Tween Heartthrob Robert Pattinson was on Jay Leno last night and Corj and I checked it out.  How wonderfully awkward.  I think I want to be a movie star.  I am a fairly fugly dude that can barely act with no proven resume of success.  I think I need more jaw and less moustache.

Corj and I laughed and laughed and then watched Seal perform… and then really laughed.  So Pattinson… you’re alright.  Such a hippy that was never meant for worldwide fame.  He does a lot of drugs. a lot.

Here is a picture of me looking like a vampire.

whoa ladies, back up… this vampire is taken!


In other Twilighty type news,  Robert Pattinson does the folk singer thing (which I think the man is far more suited to) and he has teamed up with a singer/folky type from Vancouver named Sam Bradley.  On New Year’s Eve, Mr. Bradley will be perforing in North Vancouver and Corj and I were thinking of going.  Perhaps you fine Mainlander types that are as equally obsessed with Twilight as my lovely finacee will want to do a field trip with us.

: Sam Bradley


FUCK, I keep splilling coffee on myself.  Get it together man.

Go with yourself.

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