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mini tigers

Coral and I watched the movie “Sleeping With Other People” the other day. It was alright. Allison Brie…I love her, I watched it.

But we really liked this Miniature Tigers song that popped up in tn the film.


Coral and I hammered through Netflix’s Love over a week or so. I ended up loving that TV show more than I thought I would (reviews were meh from my friends). I think I enjoyed it because the awkward nerd Gus kept having sex with Hollywood smokeshows…fantasy stuff. Good for Gus.

The show featured a song from Colleen Green called “Wild One.” I loved her 2015 record I Want To Grow Up. When I heard “Wild One” my ears perked up…wait, I think it was during a sex scene…yeah I was invested in the moment. Anyways, the character Mickey reminds me of how I think Colleen Green might be? Oh shit, I hope that’s not offensive…like what if Colleen is reading about herself and stumbles on my blog and is like, “fuck you dude, I’m, nothing like Mickey!” I liked Mickey (some of the time)!

And can we just talk about how Bertie is the star of that show?

bertie 2


Hey Look at that, I got a haircut.

Vegas in just a handful of days…DJing tonight at Match, Saturday in Victoria (a destination wedding for a couple out of Iowa….neat)…and then Atomic City USA! That I better fix what I can…unless I can do enough crunches for abs between now and Sunday?

Went to Bao Down in Gastown after the cut and they were CRANKING the hiphop.

First off, Bao Down is great…if you find yourself in Vancouver, hit it. Cheap, funky, they serve beers, good. They also won the Chicken Fight V chicken wing contest last Sunday at Lamplighter. Neat.

They had this Future cut going off.

Hey, bro just had a baby. Congratulations Future!

Go with yourself.

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Bloody hell, Colleen Green is perfect.

Fuzzy, buzzed grungy power pop.

I read the pitchfork review of her third album, I Want to Grow Up, and downloaded it. Opening cut, “I Want to Grow Up” is a cool song. After that, the other nine songs just drift on by.

I wish Colleen would find a time-machine and go back to 1999 and be my friend.

Colleen Green is the 30-year-old and no band. Just her, guitar, drum machine. I’d imagine like, a fuzz pedal maybe.

Talking to LA Weekly, Green says her new record “(is) a culmination of things I’ve been thinking about for the past five years. It’s about disease, health and being able to move on from things that are devastating in your life.”

She talks about the trappings of getting a bunch of buzz around her art, “What if you become an asshole? It’s a scary thought.”

No way man. (fuck, I don’t know, maybe? I’ve never met her)

Go with yourself.

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