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Last weekend I had the opportunity to interview Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was an amazing professional opportunity and I am grateful that Anthony was generous with his time to share some with me before a sold out show in Vancouver.

We talked about still generating spirit after all these years and shows. The darkness behind the jovial sound “Dark Necessities,” changing up  the producer from Rick Rubin to Danger Mouse The Getaway, recollections of their first tour to Vancouver (which turned out to be memories of their ferry ride to Victoria and a show at the legendary Harpo’s), and if I visited Anthony Kiedis in California, he’d take me to the beach.

Look out for cameos from Chad Smith and Flea.

Shoutout to the production team, Jamie Ellard and Julie Mangat.

Go with yourself.

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Chance texted 280-CFOX: “Sometimes I wish the national alerting system wasn’t always just a test. It would be great to just hear once ‘warning giant monsters are invading from the sea, everybody evacuate inland!'”

Jello and I decided to bring this fun text to life!

CFOX producer: Jamie Ellard

Thanks for finding my blog.

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mini tigers

Coral and I watched the movie “Sleeping With Other People” the other day. It was alright. Allison Brie…I love her, I watched it.

But we really liked this Miniature Tigers song that popped up in tn the film.


Coral and I hammered through Netflix’s Love over a week or so. I ended up loving that TV show more than I thought I would (reviews were meh from my friends). I think I enjoyed it because the awkward nerd Gus kept having sex with Hollywood smokeshows…fantasy stuff. Good for Gus.

The show featured a song from Colleen Green called “Wild One.” I loved her 2015 record I Want To Grow Up. When I heard “Wild One” my ears perked up…wait, I think it was during a sex scene…yeah I was invested in the moment. Anyways, the character Mickey reminds me of how I think Colleen Green might be? Oh shit, I hope that’s not offensive…like what if Colleen is reading about herself and stumbles on my blog and is like, “fuck you dude, I’m, nothing like Mickey!” I liked Mickey (some of the time)!

And can we just talk about how Bertie is the star of that show?

bertie 2


Hey Look at that, I got a haircut.

Vegas in just a handful of days…DJing tonight at Match, Saturday in Victoria (a destination wedding for a couple out of Iowa….neat)…and then Atomic City USA! That I better fix what I can…unless I can do enough crunches for abs between now and Sunday?

Went to Bao Down in Gastown after the cut and they were CRANKING the hiphop.

First off, Bao Down is great…if you find yourself in Vancouver, hit it. Cheap, funky, they serve beers, good. They also won the Chicken Fight V chicken wing contest last Sunday at Lamplighter. Neat.

They had this Future cut going off.

Hey, bro just had a baby. Congratulations Future!

Go with yourself.

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jack and maddy slide

Big Alt Rock news today… Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam covers the Batman theme with his adorable 7-year-old daughter Harper. Now I’m not saying he copied my son Jack, but I will say he was clearly inspired by.


4/20 and Vancouver are like peanut butter and marshmallows. Yesterday was festive in the Terminal City as the entire suburbs emptied out to Sunset Beach to blaze.

It was a new venue from years past where it was traditionally held at the Art Gallery.

I guess a few folks didn’t check their emails…and went to the Art Gallery anyway.

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expo 86

My buddy Alex posted on his Facebook that he discovered an “almost mint condition” Expo ’86 poster cleaning out his parent’s place.

Nice. He was giving it away, so I met him downtown today and he gave it to me! Amazing.

Thanks Alex! We met at a taco shop on Hastings called La Taqueria. It is Taco Wednesday? 6 tacos for the price of 4. And they had horchata on  the menu. Wait…doesn’t Vampire Weekend sing about horchata? Yes, side one, track one from their 2010 record Contra. After indulging…I get it, delicious.

Go with yourself.

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Me and Maddy Snowshoeing
Happy Monday my music blogger friends.

The Morning After music blog is coming to you from scenic Vancouver. The city sits on a fjord/inlet and at the base of the some mountains. My daughter has been bugging me to take her up into the snow ( she wants to ski but doesn’t know how yet) so I thought we’d try some snowshoeing.

We went to Grouse last weekend to play in the snow but that place is crazy busy and expensive, so I took her to the less insane Mount Seymour (the other local mountain is Cypress where they had some 2010 Olympic events…and Whistler is about an hour and half north).

During our hike I rolled tape…you know for 7, she was a trooper and it was a great afternoon.

Our soundtrack for the drive from the ‘burbs up to the mountain… that Aquilo ep Painting Pictures of a War.

Merry Christmas!

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Mike Chang at VancouverTrails.com shares his top 5 favourite late summer hikes near Vancouver.

Mike says the best thing about a late summer hike….no bugs.

01) Garibaldi Lake – Check out that stunning turquoise water.

02) Wedgemont Lake – Mike says this hike is a challenge, but the temperatures are forgiving this time of year. And a glacier? C’mon!

03) Goat Mountain – First off, great name. Second, pair it with Grouse Grind and feel the burn. I think they serve beer up there somewhere too. Hey UBC, I see you!

04) St. Mark’s Summit – You’re gunna get some prime-time Howe Sound views.

05) Mount Seymour – You’ll need to hit this one before the snows. Winter is Coming.

Do you have a favourite hike in the area? Perfect for late summer and early fall? Post it in the comments…I am always looking for new places to explore when I get a day off.

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Chatoic Neutral

Check out the brand new Matt Good music video. The video was filmed in Oshawa and feature Matt roaming the city with live wolves!  Crazy!

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I read the stories last week of the young woman who was sexually assaulted on a Canada Line skytrain.

This story follows one that Vancity Buzz is tracking about a serial “pick-up artist” harassing women on Robson Street.

These two stories were playing out, unrelated to each other or to me personally, until yesterday when I read a Facebook post from my friend Christy who was fuming because she had just been groped on the 99-B line. I asked her to call into the show to share her story. She said, “No it’s ok. This shit needs to stop.”

I know this isn’t a music post, I hope I don’t kill your vibe on Hype machine too badly, but I feel this is an important story and some compelling audio.

Go with yourself.

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God bless friend of the show Boston Matt for reminding me that I had “liked” the Prick Bastards facebook page…. because I had NOT taken the time to fully appreciate the tunes.

Prick Bastards are quality metal from Vancouver BC. A band forged from the remnants of By A Thread, All State Champion, and Means to an End.  The style of their sound combines some vintage punk elements with stoner or sludgey metal.  Being a fan of By A Thread & All State, I of course pull those sounds out as well.  Their self titled ep is a free download… so you know, go do that.  LINK >> Prick Bastards

The record was produced by Steve Evetts (The Cure, Sepultura, The Dillinger Escape Plan).  Here are a couple cuts.


Go with yourself.

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