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Kings of Leon‘s 5th studio LP, Come Around Sundown, explodes onto the realm of men this Tuesday… but you can win it on Monday. What sort of black magic is this?

Not witchcraft… New Music Monday!

The first listen… I thought it was boring.  Turns out I had my CD player on repeat so I kept hearing “The End” over and over.  derrrrrr.

So I fixed that problem… but then I heard some spooky version of “Closer” and went… WTF?

Turns out the record comes with a remix bonus disc featuring, “The End,” “Radioactive” and “Closer.”

Jeeze Louise, its one of those days today.

I’ve just kind of skimmed the record as I get ready for my radio show.  I am trying to hear a “Use Somebody” type song.  I haven’t heard it yet… but I am not all the way through the record.

First impression is that the record sounds more refined compared to previous KOL albums.  Less songs about teen pregnancy and ripping it.

We’ll see, I hope the record has the depth to be a grower, not a show-er.

You can have your own listen here at KOL.com .

If you have a favoruite already… leave me a comment and let me know so it can be my favourite too.


In other news…

My beautiful wife posted a short story on her blog called “Words Unwritten”: Like The Reef

Go with yourself.

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