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I was reading about Motorhead’s new line of sex toys.


Neat. But while reading about them, I came across this most excellent cover of “Sympathy For The Devil” by Lemmy & Co.

I did this radio bit many moons ago where I pretended to pee in Jon Williams’ tea mug…and with pissing in mugs being red hot in the news right now I was trying to find it. I guess the signal was lost to the noise on the FM radio all those moons ago and I didn’t save it.

But my journeys reminded me of a couple great cover songs. I LOVE this Kings of Leon cover of Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own.”

And Jesse Roper’s Stevie Ray Vaughn is also super cool.

Finally…how about Titus Andronicus’ cover of The Weeknd? Dig it!

Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday. Also first day of school. Took my daughter to her first day of grade two. I moved back to the city I grew up in…and my kid is going to the same elementary school I went to. What a trip.

Go with yourself.

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Artist rendition of what it may look like if I actually box someone.

Artist rendition of what it may look like if I actually box someone.

First week of boxing bootcamp is almost done. Fun times. DJ Boitano and myself are waking up with the birds and hitting the gym. We’re in a boxing bootcamp where for an hour they get our heart-rate up while we punch things. The end goal being a boxing fight in November. Wish me luck!

My music internet friend in Sydney, Australia, Justine, sent me an older but still amazing cover from Kings of Leon. Last fall they were in the BBC 1 Live Lounge and covered Robyn’s “Dancing on my Own.” I love Robyn, she is just a perfect pop star.

KOL lets this song walk and hazes it out.

Go with yourself.

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A new song and a remix from two monster Modern Rockers.

Kings of Leon have a new record on September 24th called Mechanical Bull.  We’ve heard the first feature called “Supersoaker.”  Now we get a little bit of a change-up.  The slow jam called “Wait For Me.”  IndieShuffle kinda liked it…but preferred “Supersoaker.”

Is the song about Caleb’s time in rehab?  Will she? wait for him?  I dunno… Marcus Mumford would….

I was DJing a wedding the other night and at the end of the party I dropped “I Will Wait.”  People went crazy.  Good times.

Here is a simple yet effective remix.  Chromemusic called it “beautiful.”  This song is by no means a banger, but it does lay a propulsive beat behind the Much Mega Hit.

Wait for me?  I will wait.

Go with yourself.

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Coral follows Jared Followill of Kings of Leon on twitter.  She noticed that he is always tweeting at his bro Nick Brown.  Coral thinks, “isn’t that neat.”

Turns out Nick is in a band called Mona. And they play their song on Alt Nation.

Lots of buzz stareting to swell as they did the whole… debut in the UK first, then come back to America and release their record here… thing.  Isn’t that similar to Kings of Leon?  a little maybe. They sure do sound like KOL.  Maybe you’ll like this song if you like KOL.

MONA – “Lean Into The Fall”

Download MP3 (low quality)>> Lean into the Fall


I love Eve 6.  Back in the late 90s I was into their debut album.  Simply titled, Eve 6.  I then was all over Horrorscope. They used to be my walking jams.  I particually remember listening to these CDs in my Discman while trolling Commercial Drive in the summer of 2002.  They had a good pace.

I moved to Victoria in 2003 and that summer… Its All In Your Head came out and “Think Twice” lived on the Zone for awhile.  Soon after… there just wasn’t a lot of mainstream interest and the band kind of fizzled out.  I don’t really know the story… maybe I should interview them.  They went away.

Briefly tried to re-form in 2007… still nothing.  Then the classic power-trio reformed and here we are.  New music, new record label and new album in April called Speak in Code.

New Eve 6 finds the band back in familiar territory.  Power pop.  Traditionally, I am not always a fan of reunion bands.  They don’t always craft the best of songs.  They tend to lack some punch.  This new song… aside from Max’s voice sounding a bit different… reminds me (in a positive way) of the older Eve 6, but with more a sophisticated lyrical story.

I ripped a stream for you… but if you like it and want a higher quality, the single is available on iTunes for $1.29 or whatever.

Eve 6 – “Lost & Found”

Download MP3 (low quality) >> Lost and Found

Go with yourself.

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Kings of Leon‘s 5th studio LP, Come Around Sundown, explodes onto the realm of men this Tuesday… but you can win it on Monday. What sort of black magic is this?

Not witchcraft… New Music Monday!

The first listen… I thought it was boring.  Turns out I had my CD player on repeat so I kept hearing “The End” over and over.  derrrrrr.

So I fixed that problem… but then I heard some spooky version of “Closer” and went… WTF?

Turns out the record comes with a remix bonus disc featuring, “The End,” “Radioactive” and “Closer.”

Jeeze Louise, its one of those days today.

I’ve just kind of skimmed the record as I get ready for my radio show.  I am trying to hear a “Use Somebody” type song.  I haven’t heard it yet… but I am not all the way through the record.

First impression is that the record sounds more refined compared to previous KOL albums.  Less songs about teen pregnancy and ripping it.

We’ll see, I hope the record has the depth to be a grower, not a show-er.

You can have your own listen here at KOL.com .

If you have a favoruite already… leave me a comment and let me know so it can be my favourite too.


In other news…

My beautiful wife posted a short story on her blog called “Words Unwritten”: Like The Reef

Go with yourself.

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and it sounds pretty good.  here;

Have a Listen: The Proclaimers – “17”


and in other music news.

Iggy Pop is going Jazz!

Spinal Tap is BACK! (and in Vancouver in April.)

The new U2 record is being given away for free on my show!  Review right here.

Oh! this is neat.  No Doubt will be on my fave show EVAR, Gossip Girl. (no really, I watch it every week)

and if you listen to T.I. you’re basically the dumbest person ever made.  Hey, don’t be mad at me, blame science!

Robert Smith continues to lose his mind on Radiohead.  Hilarity ensues.

and that’s that.

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Fist off… David Eleanor checked the Soundscan to see what Victorian’s are buying.


82 copies of “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand” sold in Victoria in it’s first week.
A distant second to Bruce Springsteen, who sold 238 of “Working On A Dream”

Other Modern Rockers in the top 10:

4. Kings of Leon – Only By The Night…60 copies.  (up 50 from last week?
not too sure why)
8.  Killers – Day and Age…38 copies. (up 18 from last week)

On Note:

Despite national and international praise, Nickelbacks “Dark Horse” was OUT
SOLD by Franz Ferdinand this week!  82-67.


Now, in Nickelback’s defense (not that they need my help), Nickelback’s Dark Horse has been put since November, the fact that is still sold 67 copies last week goes to show… there are a couple Nickelback fans out there.

But overall, not a bad list. The Boss at the top (where he deserves to be), Franz, Kings of Leon and Killers all big sellers in the Capital.

This next email is maybe a “do better next time email?”  I dunno…


From: Shawn *** [mailto:shawn@***]
Sent: February-09-09 7:01 PM
To: ‘sarap@TheZone.fm’
Cc: ‘jeremy@zone.fm’
Subject: Programming question via TheZone.fm

Hey Sara/Jeremy,

My son tried calling to ask you a question during the picks at 6 tonight and obviously got the answer he didn’t want.  “Go ask your dad”… J

His question was “Why is there a right angle triangle but not a left angle?”

My son’s name is D. (he’s eight ) and was pretty disappointed with Jeremy’s response, so I’m hoping you could help him out.

I said maybe he could get a song (Jambi of all songs) on instead, but we weren’t able to get through after that.  This wasn’t surprising.

We moved to Vancouver in June, and he has developed quite a relationship with your station.  We listen everyday in the car.

Keep up the good work guys, I don’t miss the Fox at all.




hmmm, I wish I had kept the audio for this call, I’d play it for you.  It wasn’t a:

“grrr stupid kid go ask your dad.”

It was more a:

“ahahaha, good question, I wish I knew the answer.  I failed math.  Maybe that is a question to ask your Dad.  Keep on rocking little Zoner.”

and I hung up.  The kid never made a request.  So I don’t know… why is there no left angle?  Maybe Sara P will tackle it during Ask Sara P?

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