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I wanted to share a few videos I came across this week and talked about on the radio.  Then if you care, you can watch them.

The first one is a promo for a new documentary coming out called One Nine Nine Four.  It is a movie about the California punk thing of the mid-90s.  Being a child of the 90s, it is all about the music I used to listen to all the time.  Lots of Offspring, Green Day, Rancid, Pennywise, Bad Religion… all that good stuff.

Next up is a school choir singing a Phoenix song a la Langley School Kids Music Project style. Super cute.

The final video comes from the UK where current Zoner buzz band Mumford and Sons jammed out a cover of Vampire Weekend’s “Cousins” for the BBC.

Download the MP3 from Abeano.com: Mumford and Sons – “Cousins”

That’s all I got for a Friday.  Happy weekend.  I’ll be DJing tonight & Saturday at The Veneto Lounge in the Rialto Hotel on Douglas at Pandora.  Come see me if you’re going out drinking this weekend downtown.

Go with yourself.

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