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Slum Sociable

Music blog hype person Anna sent me over a couple to check out. Liked ’em both, so you’re getting them on Thursday afternoon.

Slum Sociable is a pair of bros from Melbourne. Melbourne sounds like a groovy place…there is a coffee shop in Vancouver that is described as a “Melbourne style coffee shop.” Add it’s really good.

This song, “Castle” comes form their upcoming debut record in October. Anna says, “The track is just so effortlessly cool – it sways through an array of genres and sits at the intersections of jazz, electronica and soul. If you love Bonobo or Animal Collective and super rad Aussie acts like Big Scary, you are going to adore this new one.

Anna of The North has a new record called Lovers out on September 8th!


The Soundcloud gremlins took over and played a “recommended track…it is so quirky. I think I love it?

Band is called Deer Scout from Philadelphia.


Just got back from a little holiday. It was nice.

Go with yourself.

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