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I had the chance to yap with Mark Foster of Foster The People last week.  We chatted about a bunch of stuff including some world travel the man got up to.  He talked about going to India, and how that changed the way the man will operate his life!  Sounded like quite the spiritual journey.  Back in LA, the man decides to call the new Foster The People record Supermodel…why is that?

Foster The People will be at Squamish… hit it up.


Interesting story out of NPR the other day.  Imagine Dragons’ “radioactive” has sat on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a record 77 weeks.  Why is that?  According to NPR…. religion.  NPR Pop Critic Ann Powers says, “It taps into one of rock’s favorite subject areas, and that is religious or spiritual imagery.  It’s like an apocalyptic theme. It’s end times. It’s straight out of Revelation.”

And she says its not the only  mainstream song on the charts borrowing from God.  Check out OneRepublic’s new Much Megahit “Counting Stars.”  Powers says, “That’s the power of pop music in America.  It can absorb all of the most important influences in our lives. And certainly, for many, many people, spirituality [and] religion, specifically connected to Christian traditions, are important. It’s hardly a new thing, but we always seem to crave it again.”

Go with yourself.


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