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I love our “perma-borrowed” Chevy Cruze from Dave Wheaton Chevrolet.

I originally got my hands on it when Brett let me take it to Vancouver to see Vince Vaccaro.  Then during the snow, I got scared and didn’t want to bike, so I kept it… and NOW we’re going to keep it  over the holidays and put it to work for good.

DW and and Jason are taking their show on the road next Friday, December 17th.  They will broadcast from the Mayfair Mall Parking lot and want to fill the car (multiple times) with brand spanking new presents for kids that NEED them.  The toys will be managed and distributed by the Saint Vincent De Paul Society.  Yes the same society that Dylan’s Mom volunteers for.

Brett from Dave Wheaton started this party with A) a car to fill and B) a generous cash donation (no money to advertise, all money they gave us, to the kids).  Now we (all of us at the Zone) need YOU.  Please spread the word, then come join us Friday morning, a magical week before Christmas to fill the Cruze with toys.

here is the link to the Zone dot FM… please share it. http://www.thezone.fm/events/#toydrive

Go with yourself.

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