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Holy wow.

Got back around 11PM last night after a wicked and savage 28-ish hours in Seattle.  Bearing  witness to an historic Seattle Seahawks football game. The unlikely 7-9 Seahawks bounced the defending Super-Bowl champion New Orleans Saints out of the NFL playoff during Wild Card week.  If it isn’t the GREATEST playoff upset in NFL history… it is damn near the top.  And I was there with Pol Plastino and a couple of Zoners.

We took the “borrowed” Chevy Cruze on a crazy roadtrip that began Friday night with a bee-line straight to the Coast Tsawwassen Inn.

Wake up time was 6AM.  Wake up Pol!

God bless the complimentary continental breakfast.  Last square meal I’d have all day.  It is now 6:30ish AM.


First order of business… find a party! (and some red plastic cups). Zoners Erin and David brought the high heat with good canadian beer to drink during the pre-game.  Hmm what time is it?  10:30AM maybe?  Sure, beer is a good idea.

Our mission was clear… seek out and destroy street meat hotdogs!  And there were many.

Holy moly that looks good! I wish I wasn’t the designated driver, because the only thing that goes with a hotdog this exact…. is beer.  Pol, Erin and David are in on them.  Funny, red cups repel cops.  Seattle knows how to throw a street party.  The city of Victoria needs to send our leaders to figure out good times.

We head into the stadium around 12:30 for the 1PM start.

The action of the football game was intense.  But the Hawks NEEDED me, I was the 12th man.  Most football teams only field 11 guys, so as you can imagine, the fact the Hawks have 12 is a big advantage. (please don’t make fun of my double chin)

Sitting up in the “Hawks Nest” was rad.  The rowdies up there knew how to party and sitting in front was a woman I used to work with at Starbucks in Saanich.  Weird… she came with her family and took this picture of David, Pol and myself.  This is right near the end, when we could all feel the win!

Pol and I took lots of video clips and we’ll ask Bud to edit them up into something resembling entertainment.  Hope to be able to share that video with you soon.  Lots of of clips of the street party and tailgaters.

Driving the Chevy Cruze to Seattle was the best time.  And these outrageous adventures get put together at the Zone very fast… we don’t know when the next one will be, or to where yet… just that it will happen, and you could be coming with us!  Follow the Zone on Facebook, twitter and LISTEN to 91-3 FM.

Go Hawks! and Go with yourself.

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Through amazing twist of fate… the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks NFL football team won their division and made the playoffs!

No team in the history of NFL football has made the playoffs with a losing regular season record.

AND Seattle, being a division champion, gets a first round home football game.

Here at the Zone, we managed to get 4 tickets to the game plus a hotel room from the Coast Twsawwassen Inn and a car for the trek from Dave Wheaton Chevrolet.

This game is a historic event AND the Seahawks will be jamming out their playoff game against the defending Super Bowl champions… the New Orleans Saints.

Today on the show… Pol and I will qualify one more Zoner then we’ll do a draw live on the radio at 6PM.  One couple leaves from the studio with us to the ferry… Two couples go home.

Can’t wait!

Perry Como – “Seattle”

Go Hawks Go! and go with yourself.

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The Morning Zone’s Quest to fill the Chevy Cruze is spiraling out of control in the best of ways.

An event that began as Dylan’s Mom wondering why the Zone doesn’t do MORE to help kids has escalated into a great event on Friday, December 17th.  DW and Jason will be at the Mayfair Mall parking lot at 6AM till 10 doing their radio show.  Please bring new unwrapped toys.

Not that you need another reason to do the right thing, but Future Shop has kindly donated FIVE prize packs that are valued at at least $1,000 each!  You can win if you bring toys.  Plus Future Shop is starting to fill our Cruze with music instruments for kids that could really use them.  Wow.

On top of the $1,500 in Toys from Brett and Dave Wheaton Chevy and Dylan says another $250 from The Real Canadian Superstore.

A Zoner also showed up with TWO boxes filled with Toys as he can’t make the broadcast on Friday.


The Killers are on the hiatus… but they are not letting that stop them for jamming out a Christmas song for the holidays.

I do believe it is number 5 in their series of Christmas singles.

What I like about the song “Boots” is that its not overtly Christmassy.  I don’t think they say “Christmas” in it once… while still painting a beautiful (and slightly melon collie) holiday song.

The song talks about watching Christmas programs on TV… like “Its a Wonderful Life.”

The Killers – “Boots”

And since I’m feeling a wee bit festive…

I got an email from Ellisa Hartman… I *think* she is a local singer-songwriter… There was no bio on her website.

She did a nice take on “Little Drummer Boy.”  Which… and I didn’t know this, is religious.  I know now because Treehouse had a cartoon on the other day that was about the little drummer boy being a slave to some fat evil guy… then he ran away to see the baby Jesus.  Good times.

Ellisa Hartman – “Little Drummer Boy”

Go with yourself.

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I love our “perma-borrowed” Chevy Cruze from Dave Wheaton Chevrolet.

I originally got my hands on it when Brett let me take it to Vancouver to see Vince Vaccaro.  Then during the snow, I got scared and didn’t want to bike, so I kept it… and NOW we’re going to keep it  over the holidays and put it to work for good.

DW and and Jason are taking their show on the road next Friday, December 17th.  They will broadcast from the Mayfair Mall Parking lot and want to fill the car (multiple times) with brand spanking new presents for kids that NEED them.  The toys will be managed and distributed by the Saint Vincent De Paul Society.  Yes the same society that Dylan’s Mom volunteers for.

Brett from Dave Wheaton started this party with A) a car to fill and B) a generous cash donation (no money to advertise, all money they gave us, to the kids).  Now we (all of us at the Zone) need YOU.  Please spread the word, then come join us Friday morning, a magical week before Christmas to fill the Cruze with toys.

here is the link to the Zone dot FM… please share it. http://www.thezone.fm/events/#toydrive

Go with yourself.

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Oh no, the poor Cruze this morning.  I blogged about this yesterday but I love it.

The car wishes you safe journeys.

whoa… journeys is spelled with an “eys” and not “ies.”


I’ll tell ya, I could not have picked a better week to have a tester car.  I planned on driving it to Vancouver, maybe a station event or two then have to give it back.  but instead I have turned into a commuter.

The bad news… riding my bike way less and my bike is my one form of cardio.  I keep planning to fire up my own bootcamp at home.  I need a couple (or one really) medicine balls and a resistance band and maybe a jump rope, and I can do all the exercises form bootcamp.  Just haven’t got there yet.  I have a car, I should drive to the sporting goods store!

I am concerned that I am slowly drifting further away from any type of physical fitness.  Radio DJing is not exactly physical work.  Its not physical at all.  Lounge DJing, a bit only because I lug gear and stand.  Sometimes they let me fetch ice or clear tables…. but that’s it.

Got me thinking about my homeboy Harry Chapin.

I want to find this 45.

I’ve blogged before about how the music of Harry Chapin is important to me, so I’ll save you the back story and instead focus more on the song “WOLD.”

“WOLD” is a song based on a true story about radio presenter Jim Conners. Conners worked at a Boston AM radio station in the early 70s and was responsible for championing Harry Chapin and getting his first single “Taxi” to become a hit.  While at the studio for an interview, Chapin overheard a phone conversation between  Conners and his ex-wife.

The song “WOLD” is presented as a phone conversation between an aging radio presenter and his ex-wife where he looks back at his life as a radio broadcaster and how all the years later, what he really misses is his relationship and family.

I actually used to jam this song out on college radio.  weird.  But I love it.

Its such a great song, because as a radio broadcaster, its true.  radio broadcasting makes you fat. period.

Harry Chapin – “WOLD”

Fun Facts:

* There is/was actually a WOLD in Virginia
* The song was an inspiration to the creator of late 70s, early 80s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati.


Go with yourself.

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Its funny… growing up, I was never much of a car guy. My folks always had a car I could borrow.  I bought an old 1969 Triumph Spitfire in highschool.  It was dilapidated by the end of grade 12.

In college I bought a Dodge Colt for about $400 from my brother (who had bought it from my Dad).

I shared that car with Alex (my old girlfriend).  And by shared I mean, she mostly drove it and I took skytrain to work.  When we moved to Victoria, she drove it till it literally died in the street and needed to be towed.

Her brother gave us his old car, a Hyundai, the worst car ever.  But it was free and we needed it at the time;  it was a pretty clutch gift.  The car smoked black smoke all over the city. It was so bad, that sure enough at a stop light, someone would say, “hey, your car is smoking.”

I was on my way to the ferry to pick up my sister when it died on the Pat Bay by the funeral home. I had to call Sara P on the radio and a Zoner picked me up!

After that, Alex bought a Volvo.  Then she moved to Vancouver.  So I was walker.

Driving me to the ferry one morning in the rain, she spun off the road and we crashed.  The RCMP drove me to the ferry.

Then Alex bought a Suzuki sidekick or something and we broke up (gosh dang sidekicks!).

And then I was for sure a walker (no not a Zombie!).  I also bought a scooter.  I lived a long time without a car.

When I met Coral, she also had no car. Oy Vey!

It wasn’t till me moved in together that my aunt gave me her old pick-up truck.  Then Coral got pregnant so we sold that to her Mom and leased a Jeep.

But mostly Coral drives the Jeep.

I ride my bike or walk most the time.

Until now.

I borrowed a Chevy Cruze from Dave Wheaton Chevrolet and almost immediately, we became a two-car family that seems to NEED two cars!

This morning, the challenge was getting Madelyn to Nana’s then to work as Coral also had to go to work at the same time.

Madelyn didn’t seem to appreciate our commitment to keeping a schedule and fought me all the way to the car.  In her pajamas!  In the snow!

I clipped her car seat in and while doing that she decided to run in the snow.

She also doesn’t appreciate that the “red car” is a borrowed lender/test drive dealio.  Ugh.  Snow everywhere in the back seat.

It did calm me down when I turned on the car and the display screen said “Be careful, there could be ice on the road.”

Whoa… the car is smarter than my two-year-old.

Being a music/radio guy, the stereo is THE most important part of any car.  To me, the car is a rad stereo system on wheels.

I don’t know what they charge for a Cruze, but the information center is big and easy to navigate around.  The thing also has XM satellite (boo), but secretly… I dig it.

If there was a way to put the satellite and radio together in a way that compliments both, this is the system.  I have had satellite in a car before and I had to turn on the Sirius, or the radio… but with this car, I get to have The Zone as button #1, and then 60s on 6 as button #2.  And I can flip.  (The DJs on 60s on 6 are so tragic).  Then maybe Coast-to-Coast AM as button #3 and all my fave stations, on different formats and frequencies are all in one easy place.

I do have a new theme song because of 60s on 6.

I think my radio show needs a theme song at the beginning (and one at the end).

The old Morning After Show had this long intro I made that eventually settled into “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers.  And we ended every show with the “Why Do You Build Me Up” by the Foundations.

The Modern Rock Countdown starts with Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along The Watch Tower” and ends with Ennio Morricone “Ecstasy of Gold.”

But how about this song?

The Happenings – “I Got Rhythm”

But I think it would be more hilarious if I sang it or had an a cappella group sing it.  The song sounds like the theme music to a 1960s buddy comedy sitcom. I love it.

Alright, good talk.

Go with yourself.

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Vince Vaccaro at the Peak Performance Project. Photo: McAvoy

I woke up today much like any other; with a sore throat.

It just won’t go away.  BUT unlike any other day, I also woke to a winter wonderland!  Which normally I love, but it did give me a moment of heart palpitations as I am currently driving a borrowed car.

Yeesh… a borrowed car?  Yes.  Its been awhile since I last blogged because I have been so busy putting out fired and starting new ones.

Last week was the Peak Performance Project in Vancouver featuring my man Vince Vaccaro, plus music from Said the Whale and Kyprios. The concert was a music prize showcase and the winner would win $100,500.00 in grant money to help boost their career.

Vince called into my show last week and had an extra ticket for me if I could find a ride.

Bippity boppity promo… and Brett from Dave Wheaton Chevrolet called me up to offer to let me drive a tester Chevy Cruze car.

Twist my arm… I’ll take a free car.  Thank you Brett and off to Vancouver I went!

My adventure to Vancouver began on the 7AM ferry.  I piled all my broadcast gear into the trunk of the Cruze, filled up the gas tank and away! The ferry took me to 100.5 The Peak where I hung out with James Sutton and Tamara Stanners.  Then off to downtown to broadcast my afternoon show from the Tom Lee Music on Granville.

Vince stopped by the show with Nick Blasko for an interview.  He may have tried to grab my penis after I called him Sam Roberts.

The party at the Commodore Ballroom was completely sold out.  Vince was the first guy up and being the homer that I am, I thought he was the best.

In the end, Vince finished the competition as 3rd place.  He earned a grant for $50,000.  Said the Whale finished second ($75k) and Kyrpios ($100k) won the whole dealio.

me and Ben Worcester of Said the Whale.

Tyson from Acres of Lions and Jeff from The Racoons.

looks like Lewis from Acres of Lions and the lovely Laura Smith.

Vince Vaccaro with his hilarious novelty sized cheque.

Vince Vaccaro – “Costa Rice” (album edit)

Thank you Brett and Dave Wheaton Chevrolet for allowing me to use the Chevy Cruze on my adventure. Thank you to Vince Vaccaro and my freinds at the Peak and at Tom Lee for allowing my broadcast to run smoothly in Vancouver.  And the Victoria team of Bossman John, Boitano, Doug Marin, Jade, Webguy Bud and Russ for taking care of the project.

It takes a lot of people to make the radio go and the DJ is just one cog in the machine.

Go with yourself.

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