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friend-of-the-show Nicole sent me over this editorial form AV Club. They’re doing 1996 week on that website and they had a story about how 1996 was the year alternative music died.

A lot of good points sure. Did I buy that Seven Mary Three record? You can bet your ripped jeans and No Fear shirt I did!

The article is slagging on the songs and times of 96 in alt rock but that was also when i was 16 and soaking up a ton of mainstream rock from 99.3 CFOX in Vancouver. I can’t hate all those song. They mentioned REM’s New Adventures in Hi-Fi…I remember when it came out, I remember LOVING all things REM back then and I had that album.  Sounds ;like I was one of the few who bought it!

Being 16 in 1996 and working at a Subway, I listened to a ton of radio. I’d get into the singles and back then, you’d have to buy the album. Since I also had a job, I could afford a weekly or bi-weekly trip to the Music World in the Lougheed Mall and I bought all the stuff I liked based off a song or two. This album was one of those picks. And I’d wear it out in my SONY discman laying in bed.

“E-Bow The Letter” was the jam and thank you to AV Club (and Nicole!) for putting it back in my head 20 years later.

Go with yourself.

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