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friend-of-the-show Nicole sent me over this editorial form AV Club. They’re doing 1996 week on that website and they had a story about how 1996 was the year alternative music died.

A lot of good points sure. Did I buy that Seven Mary Three record? You can bet your ripped jeans and No Fear shirt I did!

The article is slagging on the songs and times of 96 in alt rock but that was also when i was 16 and soaking up a ton of mainstream rock from 99.3 CFOX in Vancouver. I can’t hate all those song. They mentioned REM’s New Adventures in Hi-Fi…I remember when it came out, I remember LOVING all things REM back then and I had that album.  Sounds ;like I was one of the few who bought it!

Being 16 in 1996 and working at a Subway, I listened to a ton of radio. I’d get into the singles and back then, you’d have to buy the album. Since I also had a job, I could afford a weekly or bi-weekly trip to the Music World in the Lougheed Mall and I bought all the stuff I liked based off a song or two. This album was one of those picks. And I’d wear it out in my SONY discman laying in bed.

“E-Bow The Letter” was the jam and thank you to AV Club (and Nicole!) for putting it back in my head 20 years later.

Go with yourself.

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Great news today that took me on a nostalgia trip… R.E.M.’s Warner Bros. debut Green will be getting a reissue.  The 1988 record will be a deluxed CD that includes some art and live recordings. There will also be a vinyl package that recreates the original 1988 art.


I know that Green doesn’t always get the love in the pantheon on amazing R.E.M. records…but to me personally, it will always be a favourite.  For some reason, this record was the R.E.M. album I would jam almost every night before bed in high school (well this and Alice In Chains).  Before falling asleep, I’d read and have my discman blasting.   I’d just listen to albums front-to-back-to-front over and over till I fell asleep.  I’d wake up with the headphone cord wrapped all over the place.

I think one of my earliest concious memories of R.E.M. is being 10-years-old and watching the Fox sitcom Get a Life featuring… “Stand

Go with yourself.

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I am about half way through the book Our Band Could Be Your Life” by Michael Azerrad so I thought I’d put down a little mix of some of the bands featured.

The first 7 bands featured on the set are all profiled in the book. The last 3, D.O.A., R.E.M., and Meat Puppets don’t have a profile in the book.. but they get talked about a bunch and I wanted to round out the set.

I hope you like this little 30 minute set of 80s alt. rock.


DJ Notes

01) The Replacements – “Alex Chilton”
02) Husker Du – “Don’t Want to Know if You Are Lonely”
03) Mission of Burma – “Academy Fight Song”
04) Sonic Youth – “Teen Age Riot”
05) Minor Threat – “Good Guys (Don’t Wear White)”
06) Minutemen – “History Lesson Part 2”
07) Black Flag – “Nervous Breakdown”
08) D.O.A. – “Take A Chance”
09) R.E.M. – “So. Central rain (I’m Sorry)”
10) Meat Puppets – “Plateau”

Stream from Mixcloud >> I’m in love … what’s that song?


Go with yourself.

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I typed the word “swim” into my iTunes and this is what I got, a swimming playlist.

01) Brand New – “Jaws Theme Swimming
02) Broken Social Scene – “Swimmers
03) Bush – “Swim
04) Frightened Rabbit – “Swim Until You Can’t See Land
05) Great Lake Swimmers – “Moving Pictures, Silent Films
06) Iron & Wine – “Swans and Swimming
07) Jack’s Mannequin – “Swim
08) R.E.M. – “Nightswimming
09) Surfer Blood – “Swim

Well didn’t this playlist turn out sorta neat?  I was thinking about the Jack’s Mannequin song oddly tonight.  Uplifting track.  Too me it has a similar vibe of theme to Frightened Rabbit or the new Surfer Blood.  Kinda interesting to think about the “swimming” metaphor.

The “swim” search brought up a bunch of songs but 9 different bands.  I just included one Great Lake Swimmers cut.  My favourite oldie.

I left the list in alphabetical order too… seems to fit.  spooky.  Starts with the Brand New song “Jaws Theme Swimming.”  I like that the playlist has an intro or theme song to start. and sharks man, sharks.  Deje Entendu does not get enough love.  Very cool record.

I think the BSS song “Swimmers” is the one that includes Miss Emily Hains of Metric?  yes/no?  Sounds like her and i’m too lazy to look it up.  But when I searched on wiki it had some tid-bit about how the original art was going to use a cartoon of Pangaea?  SWA?  My next playlist should be about Pangaea!  Reminds me of the songs from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, “Pangea.”  They spell it different.  hey nerds, if you’re gunna be super nerdy, figure it out already.

“Pangea, we used to be together/why did we have to drift apart?”  lovely.

Alyx requested Bush tonight at the Clubhouse.  weirdo.

I guess Sixteen Stone was a big deal in like 1900 and something.

Frightened Rabbit is my favourite band and they have a song for all occasions!

Great Lake Swimmers are a band that you might know, you might love, but you might not be aware that this cut was recorded in a barn grain silo in Ontario one summer.  Listen, really really listen and you’ll hear all the nature buzzing around the mics.  OK, you don’t have to listen to hard, I’m half deaf from all my years in radio and being a hipster and I can hear it pretty easy like.

Iron & Wine is really just one dude, Sam Beam.  He was a University professor before deciding to becomes a folk star.

Turns out I’m super cool and got the limited press of Endless Summer Nights as ‘Swans and Swimming” was on the bonus CD.  If I were less cool, I might get Iron & Wines odds and sods comp, Around the Well.

OK, its the honest segment of today’s playlist… I heard Jack’s Mannequin’s “Swim” during a promo for Grey’s Anatomy or something just as sickening.  I heard it one time, it burrowed into my brain and I downloaded it that night.  The chick that brought us Twilight likes these guys and directed a music video?… so hmmm, I’m a 12 year girl for this song.  I’m not proud but  I like it.

R.E.M. might give me some redemption, but “Nightswimming” is from Automatic for the People… so you can make the call of its redeemness.  “Nightswimming” is one of the better songs from the record, does that help?  no? oh.

The final cut is a new one and that how I like it.  Fugly dudes from Florida called Surfer Blood.  Pitchfork creamed themselves over their debut album Astro Coast the other day.  I bought into the hype partially and downloaded one song, “Swim.”  Its good.

The end.

Go swimming and go with yourself.

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Some favourite music this week according to my Last FM page.


01) R.E.M.

One of my all-time favourite bands had a strong week in at home listening powered by a review I read on Pitchfork. Pitchfork reviewed the classic R.E.M. record ‘Reckoning.’  I don’t have that disc on my laptop but I do have a compilation of 80s era R.E.M. that has more than a couple ‘Reckoning’ cuts on it.  I love the tracks “7 Chinese Bros.” “So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)” and “(Don’t Go Back to) Rockville.”


02) Wilco

Wilco has a new album out now, their 7th or 8th depending who you ask.  I downloaded this record because it turns out… I must have like 4 or 5 Wilco records.  I never really considered myself a fan till I started paying attention to what I listen to on my playlists and when I randomize a set.  If Wilco pops up, I have to stop to go check out who the band is.

Listening to new Wilco made me nostalgic for an old Wilco song I have from the Jim Carrey film, ‘Me, Myself, and Irene.’  The song is “Any Major Dude Will Tell You.”  That might be the first time I ever had to stop and go, “hey what was that?”


03) Interpol

I never get tired of their first album, ‘Turn on the Bright Lights.’  To me, every song is special but I truly love the opening cut, “Untitled.”

I will surprise you sometime
I’ll come around
When you’re down

simple lyrics (that is basically it), very moody, tense and sexual.


04) Lou Reed

My weekend guy… I suppose I blogged about him yesterday a bit.  Sometimes I get the song “Perfect Day” in my head so fiercly, I have to listen to Lou Reed like two or three times in a row before I can move on to the next song.  Isn’t that pathetic?


I haven’t felt very good the past couple days? weeks?  but today I woke feeling chipper!  I usually feel creatively bankrupt come Friday.  I hop in the studio to jam out the modern rock countdown and I also have usually a fairly good ‘to-do’ list of commercial projects.  By the time I go on the air at 3PM, the last thing I want to do is make a really good radio show.  On top of that, I read this book that at first was inspiring, but after a few days to settle in… I asked myself some honest questions and I didn’t like the answers… damn word in a book! damn you!

What tends to happen is either or both:

The request time at 6PM rips and it makes me happy for humanity again AND/or I go out to the pub in Langford and meet so many great Zoners.  Then all weekend, I can’t wait to hop on the radio again on Monday to repeat the cycle.

I was thinking about why I like making the countdown so much (which is a half truth because I also hate it).  I love making the countdown because it is created in the studio.  I can take some time with the breaks, add a soundtrack, find clips, use my best callers from the week.  The one thing I don’t like about the show is that its not live.  But live makes the show rushed.

I was thinking of trying some of the things that I like about the countdown and incorporating it into the live show.  It’ll require a little more focus, but maybe I’ll give it a try and see how it sounds.


Coral has been hard at work this weekend with her girlfriends and sister working on the invitations for our wedding.  They look specatacular!  Can’t wait to show them off.


Go with yourself.

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and George Orwell’s bleak future was upon us.  The Oil beat the Isle in 5 to win the cup.  Trudeau mania made way for… Turner mania??? (I know I was maniacal for Turner, Canada’s magical 17th Prime Minster… or 3 month John as he was affectionately called ’round the Baker Homestead).  And Michael Stipe had hair.

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Fortune favours the bold.  More than ever I believe it.  Sometimes I wish I were more “ahead” in the game of life, or that my brand of entertainment would light on fire and embed itself in the public consciousness.  I wish I were rock star.

but I can’t sing.

but I am paranoid of women controlling me.

but my only passion is 1980’s era cyborg crime fighting sci-fi.

All these roadblocks I’ve set up in front of me before I’ve even laid down a single track.

Kanye West didn’t let any of that get in his way.  He auto-tuned his way through an amazing song about his LA Girl who he likens to Robocop.  How this song is not THE Top 40 hit of the summer is beyond me.


Coral and I got to go see a movie on Saturday night.  Going for a movie becomes a real treat when you have a teetering toddler rampage at home, but Nana was kind enough to take for the night, so Corj and I hit the town.

We tried to have a burger at the new hipster burger joint, The Pink Bicycle but it was lined up out the door, so Cactus Club is had to be.

The movie we saw was/is called Adventureland.  Very cute film, the thing that really stuck out for me was the killer 80s alterna-soundtrack.  I spent much of the film leaning over to Coral going, ” psst, that’s the Replacements.”  “Oh hey, I totally love this song, that’s Husker Du.”  “Wow, Velvet Underground… rad, REM does an excellent cover of that track!”

Kristen Stewart looked pretty darn adorable too… that didn’t hurt.


With all this Replacements lately, its no surprise that this week on my Last FM they are number 1 with a bullet.

Jeremy Heavy Rotation for the week

01) The Replacements
02) The Thermals
03) Alice Cooper
03) Lou Reed
05) Falco
05) Alice in Chains
05) The Garner Andrews Podcast

hmmm, a couple SWA?’s on the list.  Falco’s “Rock Me Amadeus” was featured fairly prominatly in Adventureland, and in the two days since the movie, um, yeah, the song has gotten a couple spins at home.

The new Thermals record is just plain good.  Go git it!

The Garner Andrews Show podcast from Sonic in deadmonton is turning into a daily listen for me, so I’d imagine it’ll chart on my Last FM. Weird, but good.  Kinda like the Polcast from the Zone except Garner puts it together every morning, so its a daily download.

and that’s that.

Go with yourself.

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