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As my camping obsession continues to grow and await the final Canucks game (Game 4, Stanley Cup final… in Boston as the Nucks sweep)…. I’ve been wondering if there are any good camping songs or great outdoors anthems?

Yesterday I was dwelling on this very thought and trolling my Facebook when I saw a status from Christi Wizard: “A broken compass could mean spending the night.”

I thought, “isn’t that neat, the Wizard is into orienteering. huh, the things you learn about a person.”

Turns out its a Said the Whale song about hiking in the BC wilderness! Well… I think its a metaphor for other things… but if you take the song at face value, its totally about camping!

Said the Whale – “B.C. Orienteering”

STW’s nod to the beautiful British Columbia has me inspired to find other wonderous camping songs.

My ganger James Sutton over at the Peak in Vancouver posted this free MP3 download today.  Kismet?

Elliot Brood – “Northern Air”

Download MP3 >> Elliott BROOD – Northern Air

I think I better put down a collection of camping songs for my next playlist.  Any thoughts about camping/hiking/lake/ocean songs?  Leave a comment.

Go with yourself.

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