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Got back from camping in Fort Langley with Grandma and Grandpa this past Sunday.

We stayed on Brae Island which is a beautiful green little hunk of land in the Fraser River.

My folk’s have an RV so… OK, not really camping.  And yes dinner was steak, lobster and chicken with potato, Greek and Caeser salad… or as my sister Andrea called it, the Double Trifecta Dinner. And yes, we drank imported European beers… BUT there was a campfire… so it was kind of like camping.

I am happy that my daughter continues to show signs that under her soft Victoria girl shell, there may beat the heart of the Explorer… or maybe she is just 3 and they’re all like that.  But she really took to the tent, the campfire, dirt, bugs, eating strange berries and trying to jump in the swift moving Fraser River.

and of course… ice cream.

My parents, god bless them… gave me their old 1998 mini-van.  So now I have a van to haul gear for my Wedding DJ business! I am so thankful to them for that.

My Dad went over how to care for a van that is old and has close to 200,000km on it.  But my Mom and Dad took good care of it, so all things considered and minus a side-mirror being held on with duct-tape, it runs pretty good.

Mads and I came home Sunday night and the ferry was packed.  Then yesterday, she woke up with an eye infection.  Eye infections are so gnarly.  She has some green goo pouring out of it, its swollen and pink.  Took her to the doctor and bingo-bongo, pink eye!

I dealt with that last night.  She woke up bothered by it so I also slept in her bed.  Ouch, sore back today.  But the doctor thinks if we keep it clean, keep washing our hands like obsessive-compulsive types and put the medicine in as directed, we’ll be good to go.

To be honest, Madelyn hasn’t gotten too sick or gets sick very often… so knock on wood; compared to what other parents go through, this hopefully won’t be a big deal.


That’s all I got right now.  This weekend will be rad as I am DJing at V.I.C. Fest at 11AM.  The weather for the event looks awesome.  Then a wedding at Sea Cider! And some other exciting things at Spin The Black Disc… so I’ll let you know as they play out.

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Back to the grind after an awesome weekend in Vancouver.  Coral and I took Mads to Coquitlam to see my sister Andrea, Uncle Matt and Stuphie.

Saturday night, we teamed up with Coral’s sister Alyx and hit the Commodore Ballroom to see Jimmy Eat World.

The concert was my second chance to see JEW.  The last time Coral and I went was 2007 when she was pregnant with Madelyn.  I remember that show to this day being one of my favourite concert experiences.

This 2011, might go down as even better.  Jimmy Eat World were playing songs heavy on classics and also from their album Invented.  I love the hits as I do with any journeymen band… but seeing as my favourite JEW records tend to be the later ones, I was happy they leaned on Invented and Chase This Light for some great depth performances.

I loved that Jimmy Eat World brought Courtney Marie Andrews on tour with them to sing the female harmonies.  It added a lot to the show and she sounded great on the Invented songs and the older JEW songs.  Notably on the Bleed American slow-burn, “Hear You Me.”

All-in-all… such a beautiful concert.  Too bad is took so bloody long to get home on the skytrain.

The rest of the weekend was filled with relaxing, hockey, eating and Bridesmaids.

Andrea and I took Madelyn to Dawes Hill Park which is a little playground and urban forest by my folk’s place.

As kids in the 80s… much of the neighbourhood where we grew up was forest.  Now its houses.  We’d spend hours patrolling our domain, making trails and exploring.

I was very happy that an old trail that we always trekked along in Dawes Hill was still there and that Madelyn was jazzed to wander it.

I wonder how she might take to walking on a trail?  Maybe still a bit too young.  Even this little adventure required me to pick her up and carry her for a bit when she got “too tired.”

But I was reading my Backpacker magazine and they were talking about kids as young as 5 getting out into the back country and even had some kids packs! O RLY?  Kids Pack and a 4 person tent… then I’m gold!

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As my camping obsession continues to grow and await the final Canucks game (Game 4, Stanley Cup final… in Boston as the Nucks sweep)…. I’ve been wondering if there are any good camping songs or great outdoors anthems?

Yesterday I was dwelling on this very thought and trolling my Facebook when I saw a status from Christi Wizard: “A broken compass could mean spending the night.”

I thought, “isn’t that neat, the Wizard is into orienteering. huh, the things you learn about a person.”

Turns out its a Said the Whale song about hiking in the BC wilderness! Well… I think its a metaphor for other things… but if you take the song at face value, its totally about camping!

Said the Whale – “B.C. Orienteering”

STW’s nod to the beautiful British Columbia has me inspired to find other wonderous camping songs.

My ganger James Sutton over at the Peak in Vancouver posted this free MP3 download today.  Kismet?

Elliot Brood – “Northern Air”

Download MP3 >> Elliott BROOD – Northern Air

I think I better put down a collection of camping songs for my next playlist.  Any thoughts about camping/hiking/lake/ocean songs?  Leave a comment.

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I watched an inspiring short film today.  Its called ‘No Experience Necessary.’ The film is the story of 5 friends from Vancouver who set off on an epic 5 week sea kayaking adventure along British Columbia’s Inside Passage.

Watch the movie: No Experience Required

I don’t know about you, but taking 5 weeks off of work and life to kayak would be both amazing and impossible.  What I really liked about the film is that none of the 5 adventurers were avid kayakers.  They were able to prepare, plan and practise before leaving and achieve their goals.

The adventure got me to think about taking a holiday that involved kayaking and camping.  But I think I’d stick to adventures around the lower Gulf Islands so I could get back to work!  Maybe after the summer I will have enough treasure hoarded and enough bills paid down to do my own adventure.

Taking BC Ferries from Victoria to Vancouver and back inspired me to check out these Gulf Islands.  I’ve lived on Vancouver Island for about 8 years now and I’ve only ever ventured to Salt Spring.  Once, years ago.  I have a plan to visit Pender to DJ a wedding which I am looking forward to in August and I might take the day off before at the Zone to explore and camp before my gig.

But after that…. maybe my brother and I will get to rent some kayaks and paddle around and camp.  Maybe Coral will come, maybe it’ll just be a Two Brother experience… who knows.

I do know this… I am pretty much obsessed with camping.  I even got my hands on an issue of Backpacker Magazine for my ferry ride.  I think I like the idea of camp/cooking and huddling under tarps in the rain while sipping hard liquor/coffee the best.

I found these neat pots/cups/plates thing from Mountain Equipment Co-Op.  Probably something that could be had cheaper or is unnecessary, but I liked the style.

The company out of Spokane Washington is called GSI and they make cook and kitchenware for backpakers and campers.

The one I like is the duelist as that would work for me and Coral in the bush, but its over $50!  For camping plates?!  Crazy.  But at the same time, so pretty.

I shouldn’t be buying an camping gear right now… but I just like to look.

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Lately I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the idea of camping.

I used to camp more… but now I almost never do.

I have no time, too many responsibilities, but those are things I have control to manage, so I’ll just make some time and push some work aside.

Not only that, but I can forecast the need for a tent a few times this summer already as I’ll be DJing a couple weddings outside of the Capital region and I think tenting will be a good way to catch some ZzzzZzzzs after a night of the chicken dance.  Coral is off to Sasquatch with her girls… and somewhere in there, I plan to try and do a bike camping trip with Dave. Try an easy(ish) 2 day, 1 night hike trip, explore Bamfield, and also jettison off in the car for some Vancouver Island beach camping.

Long term… well there is camping in Hawaii on my to-do list.

I went to Capital Iron and Mountain Equipment co-op and looked at some tent ideas.  They have those big family dealio’s that maybe you remember from your childhood.

I don’t know if that is my style.  I kinda like these little 3-person tents like this Black Diamond or the Tarn 3.

I’ll need to research more about camping and hiking and hiking/camping to understand what the difference is in all these things.  But basically, I want something kinda compact if I go on a solo or bro adventure with Dave or my brother… but big enough if Coral and Madelyn and I need to do some camping.  Also, double as our shelter for if/when the earthquake comes.

If you are a modern day adventurer and have some insight into different tent ideas please do leave me a comment.  I am some-what price sensitive but will save and buy something more expensive if there is true value in it.

What sort of stuff do I NEED to camp, what kind of stuff is fun to bring?

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