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Coral wanted me to make her a playlist to walk to work with.  She said it had to be good and contain NO My Chemical Romance…SWA?  Is that even possible?

I thought about maybe playing her a set of top 40 hits because she likes that kind of music… but seeing as she can jam that out any time in Honda…I’d play some songs that might be new to her, or a re-acquantance.  She is off to Sasquatch, so its all Sasquatch bands, except the first song, which is Passion Pit “Take a Walk.”  Get it?

Diving through the lineup for Sasquatch this year… lots of gems to chose from.  One of the artists is electronic dance music-olgist? Pretty Lights.  I punched up his 2006 hit “Finally Moving.”

Pretty Lights – “Finally Moving”

Just hang on one darn second Pretty Lights… that’s a Flo Rida song!  I meant Avicii song, Levels! No wait… Doi-Ong or was it Rappin-4-Tay?

Oh right… it was Etta James.

Etta James – “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”

“Don’t need a glock, but I bought one just in case. Sucker trying to stop me from pursuing my paper chase.”  Rappin 4 Tay, you got it figured out.

Go with yourself.

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