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The Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington State will once again be amazing. I wish I could go, but sadly it is not in the cards for me. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy playing along and discovering new bands. Personally, I love listening to the small-print bands. Today lets hit play on Seattle chillwavers, Manatee Commune. Yes I searched them out 100% because of their band name.

Manatees are taking over!

Go with yourself.

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I made a Sasquatch 2013 playlist the other day.  Digging through some songs I had for some bands to check out.  One cut that has been burrowing into my head is Fang Island‘s “Daisy.”

The song isn’t new, it came out a few years ago.  So catchy and fun.  This beautiful weather we’ve been enjoying in the Rain Forest Kingdom has inspired me to walk EVERYWHERE. That means playlists and headphones.  This track puts a bounce in my step.

Go with yourself.

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harry super edit
What time is it?  I should sleep… but before tucking in for the night, I made a mixtape.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> Sasquatch Festival 2013 Mix

Last year I made a mix for my wife to get her amped on Sasquatch. This year, neither of us is (are?) going… but the rage burns inside… so here is another mixtape. I limit it to 20 songs so its a manageable listen but will still take you just over an hour. So make a date with your headphones.

A favourite?

oh man, tough call, I like all these jams. Maybe Wake Owl…or that Youth Lagoon song. Actually, I also really enjoy Surfer Blood.  The Holy Ghost! song does contain an amazing use of the name “Imogen.”

Ok, have fun… if you got a favourite please leave a message. If I have criminally omitted YOUR favourite Sasquatch 2013 song, please share it with me.

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy music. Go with yourself.

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postal service
Happy Monday! A weekend of emails to answer on Monday morning brought many new song developments to share.  One f the more exciting ones, new music from Ben Gibbard’s (Death Cab for Cutie) Postal Service.

The song will be part of April’s ten year reissue of 2003’s Give Up.

The song once again taps female vocalist Jenny Lewis (Ril0 Kiley) for a contribution.

Death Cab goes on tour for the first time in ten years… beginning at Coachella and winding its way up to Sasquatch in May.

Go with yourself.

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Tame Impala Elephant
Perth, WA psych rockers Tame Impala are gearing up to invade Canada.  I will welcome them as liberators!

The single being sent to radio from their most excellent record Lonerism is called “Elephant.”

The song will be featured in a Blackberry 10 TV commercial… so you’ll hear it.  And whaaaaaaat? They’re also playing Sasquatch.

Go with yourself.

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8PG  BKLT.qxd
I’ve been feeling Portland’s Red Fang the last couple days.  These guys rip…so good that the ONLY thing that would make them better is if they were called The Hooded Fang.

The record is not new, Murder The Mountains was released back in 2011.  Since the Sasquatch 2013 lineup announcement, I’ve been listening to lots of the bands taking part.  Red Fang have stood out as a band I wish I could see there.

The song I chose for you off their album is called “Dirt Wizard,” because it had wizard in the title.


Another band that I think has the potential to take Sasquatch to DEFCON 1 is Sacramento’s Death Grips.  Music to freakout the norms.


Lastly, let’s travel across the Salish Sea and enjoy the latest feature track from the Fraser Valley’s We Hunt Buffalo.

Loud it up.

Go with yourself.

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Coral wanted me to make her a playlist to walk to work with.  She said it had to be good and contain NO My Chemical Romance…SWA?  Is that even possible?

I thought about maybe playing her a set of top 40 hits because she likes that kind of music… but seeing as she can jam that out any time in Honda…I’d play some songs that might be new to her, or a re-acquantance.  She is off to Sasquatch, so its all Sasquatch bands, except the first song, which is Passion Pit “Take a Walk.”  Get it?

Diving through the lineup for Sasquatch this year… lots of gems to chose from.  One of the artists is electronic dance music-olgist? Pretty Lights.  I punched up his 2006 hit “Finally Moving.”

Pretty Lights – “Finally Moving”

Just hang on one darn second Pretty Lights… that’s a Flo Rida song!  I meant Avicii song, Levels! No wait… Doi-Ong or was it Rappin-4-Tay?

Oh right… it was Etta James.

Etta James – “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”

“Don’t need a glock, but I bought one just in case. Sucker trying to stop me from pursuing my paper chase.”  Rappin 4 Tay, you got it figured out.

Go with yourself.

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