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Happy Friday! I’m in good spirits heading into the weeknd. Canucks remain undefeated to start the season, WHAT? Might be taking my kid to the theme park for Fright Nights at the PNE! And The Boxer Rebellion is at the Biltmore Sunday night. Finally, my wife said we have a weekend of sorting out bins of surplus junk that needs to be donated or thrown out. Can’t wait.

Here’s a few remixes making the mix this weekend at Match.

Journey: we’ll still believin’!

Here’s a Phil Collins remix that is pretty fun. Heavy on the sax. Doesn’t hit you over the head with the original classic jammer, but it’s in the mix. I played this last night and people were trying to Shazam it and asking, ‘what is this?”

Another oldie… theme this week. Fetty Wap’s breakthrough mainstream hit gets a tropical polish. Is tropical still I thing? I like it…but I’m also a 36-year-old Dad guy….so…right.

THIS GUY! Ugh. Great remix of The Weeknd’s “Starboy” but if you click for the download it takes you on this Hobbit adventure. I gave up part way. if I care a ton, I’ll just rip it. Still, great remix.

Bonus remix! DJ Primitive posted this beauty. Funky.



Go with yourself.

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