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weird party
It doesn’t seem like too many folks are getting into the smooth jazz game in 2014…but then, what is smooth jazz? Basically chill wave but made by a band instead of a nerd and a laptop.

This record showed up on my desk the other day at the Radio Factory. The group is called Weird Party and features a bunch of players from the Victoria music scene. I plunked it down on my turntable the other day while getting about ma’ chores…so groovy. This record is chill.

The record cover screams Vancouver Island.

Weird Party is new, it’s classic, it’s timeless, it’s offered on cassette? Neat.

Go with yourself.

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Not  a proper music video, just the song streamed on Youtube.  This song is a happy funky jam.

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oops, who is that calling?  My friend ted sent me this…

CBC: Pranksters Convince Victoria Man to Throw Heave TV and Fridge Out His Hotel Window



I have started working hard on my music project.  The project will need me to get familiar with some music that is not necessarily my style and it will need some good jazz, however, finding stuff that isn’t new agey or “smooth jazz” is a challenge.  I am liking a dude named Gil Scott-Heron.  But then I start diving into 70’s funk and soul.  Not so bad… but my explorations always take me away from jazz.  heh, maybe I just don’t like jazz and prefer 70’s soul/funk and fusion?  who knew?  The Shuggie Otis always sounds mighty!

iTunes has some great Jazz primer playlists of a variety of styles (its how I found Gil Scott-Heron) so I might go back there and poke around.  Last FM ain’t doing me any favours right now.

Time to hop into the studio right now, I got to jam out a Capital Rock City podcast.  #50 will be a best of 2009 so far!  Lots of great Victoria rockers to choose from.

The more I think, and the more feedback I get, it looks like my next podcast project will be the farming podcast… I’ll save the history one for a future consideration when the farmcast loses steam.

Go with yourself.

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