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I love this old picture from Nat Geo Found. The little dude is out hustling a few bucks selling some lemonade.

“A boy sells lemonade from his front yard stand on Main Street in Aspen, Colorado, 1973.PHOTOGRAPH BY DICK DURRANCE II, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CREATIVE”

Former Victorian and now Vancouverite, JP Maurice released a new single today… check out “Poison Heart.”

Its a melodramatic song that reminds me of this This American Life piece.

I was driving home from a wedding late on Sunday night listening to the CBC. There was a song playing. I like music, but generally when a song is playing on the CBC its a bit of a downer. I was gunna punch out, but then the weirdest voice popped out of the radio and I had to listen.

Turns out the Ceeb was re-airing an old segment about professionally awkward Starlee Kine and her depressing breakup. The segment ultimately was about her quest to write the perfect torch song.

It was so bizarre, but I was transfixed. It felt at first like an over-developed character piece, but as I listened, I loved her more and more. In the end I was cheering Starlee on her adventure to create this torch song. Then she shared it with Phil Collins! Yes.
Now I love her. You really ought to go back in time to 2007 and have a listen for yourself.

Her style reminds me of the program Wiretap (which I generally hate…but also oddly love) and it turns out she sometimes shows up on that show, so circles man.

In the end, she co-wrote a song called “Three of Us.

OK, I don’t know if “Poison Heart” is a TORCH song in the traditional sense…I just heard it then immediately thought of Starlee Kine, I dunno.

Go with yourself.

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Stolen without a gun from National Geographic

Hell yes, I was excited to read the other day that coffee counts towards that water I need to put in my body everyday.

The amount of fluid gained is far greater than anything you piss out from the caffeine.

AND coffee helps fight off the debilitating effects of gout. Not that I plan on being a medieval King of England anytime soon or anything… BUT the point is… I feel secure in my coffee consumption each and everyday.

Now, if only I could find the study that says coffee isn’t exasperating my anxiety, we’re gold.

Jimmy Eat World – “Coffee and Cigarettes”


In other news… I am pretty much obsessed with National Geographic magazine and also want to find out how I can get a job recreating famous exploration voyages.

There must be a way to get paid, and handsomely, to hop in an olden tyme sailing vessel and make for the New World.

My reasoning is simple.  I thought it was fucked that people get paid to talk on the radio… and well, someone pays me to do that, so why not get paid to sail around in a replica “Matthew” and rediscover Newfoundland?

Maybe its silly to get paid to be a gloried pirate, but perhaps there is hope for me?

I read this story about the most ancient history of White Canadianna… turns out there were secret exploration missions to Canada around the time of John Cabot.  Evidence destroyed? International Italian Bank syndicates? secret Christian missions in Canada?  A historian on the case… but just before she was going to release a book on the subject, she destroys all her notes and conveniently dies.  What did she discover?

Dan Brown…  Paging Dan Brown….

Here’s what I think… Cabot found the Vikings… and the secret mission of Weston was to exterminate the Vikings so England could make claim.  The Beothuks were then hunted and exterminated later because they knew of the Vikings… whoa.

Everyday that I watch the CBC and don’t see these intriguing stories of Canadian History made into HBO styled mini-series is an affront to entertainment.

Heartland?  Seriously…. I love the Tudors and have picked up on that series.  It shows the CBC is capable, but come on guys, pick a story that is at least kinda related to Canada.

OK, I’ll add the mysteries of John Cabot to my list of Canadian Historical mini-series(es?) I need to write.

01) World War War epic
02) the story of John Jewitt, white slave of Maquinna
03) The Viking Settlement of Canada
04) The Mysteries of John Cabot

If you’re a writer that stumbles on my blog, don’t steal my ideas or I’ll stab you.  Unless of course, you actually steal and make it, then I’ll be happy and watch it!

Go with yourself

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Cory Monteith is my homeboy.

Victoria’s favourite son, Cory Monteith took 5 on the set of Fox Broadcasting’s Glee to chit chat with me again on the radio.

Download: Cory Monteith on the Zone Afternoon Show, again

The first time Cory came on my show, we talked about growing up in Victoria and his rise to Hollywood to land on the popular TV show Glee.

We talked about his early indie rocker band Porchlife.

Then Cory honoured The ZAS with an epic shout out on The Hour.

This time, we pick up in Hollywood where Cory is hard at work on the set of season two of Glee.  He didn’t really want to talk about too many spoilers… they sing a Madonna song?

So I ask him, are you gunna be a movie star yet or what?  And he explains that process.  My phone connection with Mr. Monteith is kinda weak so most the interview is just me riffing off what I barely hear from him… I think I watch too many late night talk shows on TV.

That’s all I got, thank you for reading my blog.

Go with yourself.

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We are all living in a village and a terrible horde of Mongols descend on our hamlet.  So many Mongols that there is no way to fight them, we all have to go down into the cellar and hide.  Here we are, 100 hundred of us, huddling in the cellar waiting for the villainous Mongols to move on, if we make one tiny sound they will find us and slaughter us all!

And you brought your baby and the baby is hungry and is about to cry.

Would you smother your baby and kill her to save the village?

What a crazy question right?  I was listening to Radiolab tonight and their topic was “Abstract Thought.”  Have a listen, Killing Babies, Save the World.

If we asked our little village of 100 what they would do, it would split down the middle 50/50.  Half of us would kill the baby and half could never.

That split would likely fall down the line of who has kids and who does not because if the question is, “Would Jeremy kill Madelyn to save all you fuckers?”  then my answer would be no, I would not.  Sorry folks, but you’re all target practice for those murderous Mongols’ arrows.

However, if the question is, “would you kill A baby (no baby in particular, but just A baby) to save the lives of 100 people?” your (and even my) rationale brain would say, yes it must, sadly, be so.

weird stuff to think about.  The podcast goes on to discuss this abstract scenario.

You’re walking along the Sea Wall sporting a mighty fine $1,000 suit (or you ladies might be rocking a signed R Patts T-shirt) and you happen upon a drowning woman in the ocean.  Do you jump into the sea to save her but ruin your new suit?

The answer for almost all of us is, yes I would jump in the sea and ruin my $1,000 suit to save the life of this drowning woman.

Now you feel like a hero and you get home and in your mailbox is a letter asking for a donation of $1,000 to save the life of A girl somewhere else in the world.  Do you cut the cheque and drop it in the mail?  The answer for most of us is… no.


To quote Pearl Jam, its evolution baby.  The woman we know, we see drowning… we save because basically, she is part of our tribe.  We have an emotional attachment to the situation.  The woman dying of starvation in Ethiopia is an abstract thought.  What lady?  who? where?  never heard of Sierra Leone… and we move on.  Am I bad guy?  Kinda when you think about it, but not really because my simple brain can’t comprehend it.  I have no emotional connection to the starving lady across the world but I have an emotional connection to $1,000 err $300 in my bank account.

This is a super duper problem because right now, the biggest issues facing our planet, pollution/global warming/war/starvation are global abstract problems.  neat.


I love listening to the radio.  When I am not working on the radio and I am driving around I enjoy punching around the dial.  I find that I am more likely to find something I enjoy somewhere on the FM dial than I am am poking around my TV.

Today I was listening to the CBC and they had this great documentary about the history of the Steam Engine.

Listen to the Story of Steam. amazing bit of radio both sonically (sounded great) but also a mighty fine story.  Basically it talks about how huge the invention of the steam engine was for all of us today.  If you’re a dork like me, it’ll be worth your time to listen to the show.

Go with yourself.

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stolen without a gun from Cory Monteith's twitter @frankenteen

Last night (11/17 2009), Glee star Cory Monteith was the guest on Strombo’s The Hour.

If you click the link you can watch the episode; around the 38 minute mark George and Cory talk about his Victoria band Porchlife and Cory sends out some love for my podcast.  Thank you Cory!

Listen to the Segment: Cory Monteith Talks About Capital Rock City
The Original CRC Podcast: CRC #80

During the little segment, Cory couldn’t recall how I came up with Porchlife demos.  I got an email from a Zoner named Nick The Viking who sent me the demo files.  Thank you Nick! and thank you Cory for the mention on the CBC.  It may not have translated to a rush of hits for the podcast, but it made me feel like a rock star late last night.

Go with yourself.

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The march to 1,000 weekly downloads of Capital Rock City continues with… uh, you downloading my podcast?  But it really kicks into gear when you unleash the social media revolution and share my work with your friends and ex-boyfriends.

Be groovy, download: Capital Rock City #69 TODAY!


DJ Notes:

01) Saul – “Wasteland Anthem”
02) The Paper Cranes – “The Cavalier
03) Lizzie and Simon – “Mermaids and Kings”
04) Cage The Elephant – “Back Against The Wall (live)”

The more I listen to Saul’s latest work, the more I am impressed by the chunky fullness of the sounds.  I do have a soft spot in my heart for riff-rock (I grew up in the suburbs of Vancouver jamming out CFOX) and this music kinda reminds me of Chevelle.  I don’t know what will propel Saul to an opening slot of a Hinder concert, being a “rock” band can be a hard row to sow with a song about cheating on your girlfriend or drugs (of hopefully both).  I am not sure if I’ve heard that break-out single from Saul yet… but maybe after a couple more listens.  A few weeks back I jammed out a track called “Never Enough” and that song had a nice hook, so maybe I’ll need to revisit that cut or maybe a couple cuts for CRC #70.  If you have some thoughts, I’d always love to hear them, in the comment section of my blog (or http://www.thezone.fm/jeremy readers can email me jeremy@thezone.fm).

I have a minor obsession with the CBC show The Tudors.  I just discovered the program recently, and outside of the news and hockey, its the only reason I visit the Ceeb these days.  The King in The Tudors is such a dick, but all the lady’s of the court are smoking hot, so I can see why the dude was always fucking anything in a dress and not managing his realm very effectively.

This attitude would eventually… well a century later, boil over to the First English Civil War. Supporters of the then King Charles would be called cavaliers.  A cavalier is either, depending on which end of the pike you were standing, bold, dashing, religious, loyal, Calvary men of the King or… godless, drinking, frivolous men. I’ll need to have another listen to the Paper Cranes cut to hear who Ryan is singing about.  I did like the prayer of one Cavalier before battle: “O Lord, Thou knowest how busy I must be this day. If I forget Thee, do not forget me.”

Liz Beattie sent me a track to feature on my podcast this week, “Mermaids and Kings.”  its alright, I like “Wherever You Go” from last week’s show so much better.

*photo courtesy of Two

The show ends with a clip from chit-chat/live performance with Cage The Elephant.  The song they played is called “Back Against The Wall.”

That’s all I got, thank you for downloading my podcast and please take a moment to find it in iTunes music store.  You could rate it (highly I hope) leave a comment, subscribe to it… sure.  And if you liked the show, maybe you’ll tell a friend about it.

Go with yourself.

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“The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower becomes the lender’s slave.” – Proverbs 22:7


Whoa, I watching the National last night when they did a segment on biblical scripture being used for financial planning.  Who could think I’d get inspiration from not only the Christian Church but also Americans for financial reform?


Its bloody hot out!  Its all anyone talks about on their twitter feeds, or facebook or on the radio.

Whenever it gets this hot out, I always remember listening to Big Wreck’s “That Song” as a seventeen or eighteen-year-old kid.  It was insanely hot that summer and the family stereo was in the living room of my parent’s place in Coquitlam, the hottest room of the house.  I put the song on repeat and just lay on the floor jamming it out.

Now to this day, the song reminds me of summer… but the lazy, hazy late afternoon summer days.  Hanging out at home, bored and waiting for something to happen, which is basically the best times as a teenager.

This hot weather reminds me how much I truly enjoy my scooter.  It is just plain fun tooling around on that thing in the summer time.

The one issue we’re having at the Casa La CorJ is sleep (oh and lack of sex, Coral won’t let me touch her in this heat!).

I read about some neat innovations and I think I want to MacGyver something up tonight.

One method calls for filling a pan or bucket with ice, then placing the bucket in front of the fan, like a poor man’s air conditioner… and if there is one thing I am, its a poor man!

The article had more than a couple tips so I am sure I’ll find something that works.

Go with yourself.

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