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How was that for a wet weekend? I made the most of it on my day off.  Maddy and I went for a soaking monsoon bike ride along the Lochside Trail.  Our goal was Nana’s house at Elk Lake.  We did make it.  It took us just under two hours…me hauling a bike trailer, Madelyn sitting there getting wet.  We took some time-outs to explore interesting parts or splash in puddles.  When we finally got to Nana’s were were soaked to the bone (and exhausted).  We chucked out clothes in the dryer, watched 21 Jump Street, then had Nana drive us back into town in her pickup.

Mads then decided she wanted to wear a Princess Dress.  Like one of those full on Disneyfied numbers.  Sure.  Nana decked her out in the all the accessories afforded to someone of that rank… and Madelyn and I went downtown, first to the record store, then to Cactus Club for wings.  I’ll tell ya… you wanna have 800 conversations with complete strangers downtown, walk around with a four-year-old dressed as a Princess.

The record…. Metallica‘s first full length… 1983’s Kill ’em All.  I went window shopping at Ditch last week and saw this classic on the shelf for under $20!  I hummed and hawwed about it for a few days then yesterday pulled the trigger.

As a snot nosed kid growing up in the wilds of suburban Vancouver I used to love Metallica.  Sure enough, I dropped the needle on the vinyl and surprised myself by remembering the words!  Let’s have a listen to side one, track one.

Metallica – “Hit The Lights”

Go with yourself.

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