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Metallica Vancouver

Before their WorldWired tour stop at BC Place in Vancouver, Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett spent 10 minutes to yap with CFOX.

Hammett talks about the setlist creation for their current WorldWired tour. His favourite song to played off Hardwired….To Self Destruct, how they still love playing the classic Metallica songs for the fans, being inspired by jazz legend John Coltrane, taking guitar lessons from Joe Satriani in the early 80s, and his collection of horror movie memorabilia.

Shout out to CFOX producer Jello and Jeff O’Neil Show producer Adam for being part of the team. And thank you to Charlotte and Scott at Warner Music Canada for the hook up.

Go with yourself.

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MASTER! #Metallica #WorldWired #MetInVancouver

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What a trip! Lars Ulrich called into CFOX today.

Growing up, Metallica was one of my favourite bands. If you would have told 16-year-old me that one day I’d actually get a chance to yap with one of the guys….whoa. I even told him one of the first CDs I ever bought with “my own money” was Metallica’s And Justice For All. He said, “thank you for the support.” Stud.

We talk about their upcoming August 14th show at BC Place Stadium.

He reflects on Metallica’s connections to Vancouver, their record Hardwired….to Self-Destruct, the motivation to tour, his favourite songs off the new album and his favourite classic Metallica song to perform live.

Go with yourself.

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New music from @METALLICA!


Stilling hanging out on Staycation around Vancouver…kinda. DJing at the Starlight Casino this weekend still and picked up another gig supporting Daniel Wesley when he does a free patio show at the Match Eatery and Public House in Langley.

Still poking in on my new music emails….and an email from Metallica’s people caught my eye. Hardwired….to Self Destruct, their first record since 2008’s Death Magnetic will be out on November 18th.

The first single is “Hardwired.”  Being a legendary band adds a little more challenge to new music. You’re not only taking on all the other bands putting out music, you also take on yourself. All the music you’ve put out. Where does “hardwired” fit in the pantheon of Metallica greatness? Does it even fit in? The song is fun, but personally I just can’t relate to 50-something multi-millionaires. I can still throw down Kill ’em All and James Hetfield is singing about my world. This song isn’t speaking to me. But it is a fun Metallica jam. A 3 minute new rock blaster.


It is hot as heck in Vancouver right now. We went for a drive out to Brandywine Falls and at one point our thermometer read 35 degrees!

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Probably not safe. 🚂

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Having a hard time chilling out today. Mondays can feel long for me. They start bright and early getting my daughter ready for school. Then a ferry ride, bus, and train right into work.

Then a train ride to the suburbs, some light grocery shopping and organizing. My place is a bit of war zone. Can’t seem to sit still or focus.

I have a about 20 ideas in my head, but none of them will barf out. Like a constipation of energy. Not good.

I turned on the TV to have something on in the background and a commercial for Netflix’s new drama Bloodline came on. The commercial got me to pause and pay attention because the song used was bewitching. And also Coach Taylor.

The trailer featured a cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” by singer Lissie.

Here is an original cut from 2013. Her only soundcloud post (that I could tell).

What a cool song. Lissie is new to me but clearly has a following. She has a couple fans on twitter and quite a few plays on her one soundcloud, the above cover, and this techno jammer.

I like her style. Maybe you will too.

Go with yourself.

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How was that for a wet weekend? I made the most of it on my day off.  Maddy and I went for a soaking monsoon bike ride along the Lochside Trail.  Our goal was Nana’s house at Elk Lake.  We did make it.  It took us just under two hours…me hauling a bike trailer, Madelyn sitting there getting wet.  We took some time-outs to explore interesting parts or splash in puddles.  When we finally got to Nana’s were were soaked to the bone (and exhausted).  We chucked out clothes in the dryer, watched 21 Jump Street, then had Nana drive us back into town in her pickup.

Mads then decided she wanted to wear a Princess Dress.  Like one of those full on Disneyfied numbers.  Sure.  Nana decked her out in the all the accessories afforded to someone of that rank… and Madelyn and I went downtown, first to the record store, then to Cactus Club for wings.  I’ll tell ya… you wanna have 800 conversations with complete strangers downtown, walk around with a four-year-old dressed as a Princess.

The record…. Metallica‘s first full length… 1983’s Kill ’em All.  I went window shopping at Ditch last week and saw this classic on the shelf for under $20!  I hummed and hawwed about it for a few days then yesterday pulled the trigger.

As a snot nosed kid growing up in the wilds of suburban Vancouver I used to love Metallica.  Sure enough, I dropped the needle on the vinyl and surprised myself by remembering the words!  Let’s have a listen to side one, track one.

Metallica – “Hit The Lights”

Go with yourself.

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I vaguely remember when my old man bought our first CD player.

I think it was a Boxing day maybe? or around Boxing Day… part of me feels like it was winter.

We drove out to the A&B sound in Burnaby.  This was before there an A&B Sound everywhere and obviously before the chain closed down.

If I remember, he bought the player and then needed a CD so he bought an Elton John Box-set that had four discs of hits.  I listened to a lot of  “Crocodile Rock” as a young’n.  I don’t know what it cost, but I think it was pretty expensive for the late 80s or early 90s.  I can’t really remember, its a bit of hazzy remembrance.

I read today that Sony is closing one of their last two CD plants in America.  Its a warehouse in New Jersey that employs about 300 people.  It seems most the people that work there know whats up.  They stopped making Blu-Ray discs last year and one worker said his own daughter steals music off the internet despite the fact the roof over head and food in her belly comes from him pressing CDs.

Then I read some facts about the CD

Invented in 1979.  Which makes it older than me… which means… I’ll be discontinued soon. sad face. Do not disassemble.

The first test pressing happened in Germany.  It was Richard Strauss‘ “Eine Alpinsinfonie.”

The first public demonstration happened on BBC television and featured the Bee Gees 1981 record Living Eyes.

The first record to be pressed in the manufacturing plant in 1982 was ABBA’s The Visitors.  The first CD album to be released for sale was Billy Joel’s 52nd Street.

By 1983 you could buy a CD player in America and there were 16 titles (all from CBS Records) you could buy to play in it.

The first record to sell 1-million compact discs was Dire Straight‘s 1985 classic Brothers In Arms. Wait a minute, that song “Money For Nothing” says “faggot” a bunch, maybe I need to edit history to make a more politically correct record the 1st ever?

First artist to release their entire catalog on Cd was Mr. David Bowie when he took all 15 of his albums and 4 best of’s… and pressed them also in 1985.

First CDs I bougth with my own money were… Metallica’s …And Justice for All, Alice in Chains s/t and Seven Mary Three.  I think it cost me close to $80 and was almost all of one of my first paycheques from the job I got that summer.  making sandwiches at Subway in the summer of ’96.

Then I bought a lot of CDs. I do remember my Dad getting mad at me for wasting my paycheques on CDs.  What did I need so many for?  So I need to find an excuse for having so many… so I became a DJ.

Go with yourself.

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