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Had an interesting moment yesterday cleaning my room.  I was picking up  a pile of clothes off the floor of the closet when I spotted with my little eye, something that is a record.

Under this pile of clothes was a copy of Australian folk hero John Butler Trio‘s 2004 ep What You Want.  Unopened!

I don’t have a lot of JBT music on my computer, but everything by him that I have heard, I generally love…. so I must have grabbed this album many moons ago when it was in a “take one” bin that sometimes happens at the Zone with the records that don’t fit format.

I battled with the plastic wrap and threw that sucker in my computer to rip.  So cool.  I had to go back and listen to the only other couple songs I have by him.  A cut from April Uprising and my favourite,” Groovin Slowly,” off Grand National.

John Butler Trio – “Groovin Slowly

Its funny how when your mind and ears are open to something, its seems like the world is conspiring to help and inspire you.

For some reason, I have been thinking of how fun it would be if I had a Ukulele at home to mess around on.  I watched Eddie Vedder’s “Can’t Keep” on Youtube about a dozen times the other day.

Talk about having your life figured out.  If I were a millionaire rock star like EV… I too would jam out ukulele songs and have my money plop me down on a lava rock out cropping in the middle of the Pacific Ocean while an aerial camera captured me wailing away on four strings.

Madelyn and I have been singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” each night before bed, I think a Ukulele accompaniment would be fitting… plus I have other plans… muhahahaha

Back to John Butler Trio… I have been dwelling on the ukulele and how fun that could be while I camp of grow coffee in Hawaii while I clean my bedroom closet.  BOOM! John Butler Trio record (no ukulele) but it causes me to think JBT and reminds me of “Groovin Slowly”… which??? you guessed it, ukulele driven sexy jam.

Circles man.

And how about this… the dude is from Western Australia, one of the places of the world on my “list” AND his record label is called Jarrah Records.  I have a cousin in Brisbane named Jarrah!  (after the tree!). Neat.

John Butler Trio is a bigger deal in Australia compared to here in Canada. But his style is definitely something that any self-respecting Islander can get behind.  Great laid back beach jams.  A few epic swells thrown in from time-to-time.

When I hear “Groovin Slowly” I just wanna party… not AC/DC party, more like have sex, party.. party party.  You dig?

Go with yourself.

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