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Merry Christmas intrepid music blog reader! I haven’t rapped at you in a bit….but hey, holidays. Probably won’t get back into the rhythm until 2017. But I am working today so I thought I could sneak a blog in. Maybe two. I used to be all about those year end lists…but I’d really be writing that for me, I don’t think too many people care.

Ryan Adams has a new record called Prisoner out in February of 2017. I heard a new share song today called “To Be Without You” and was enjoying the smooth acoustic vibes.

My wife and I watch that syrupy TV show This Is Us sometimes….and I can’t help but think about Mandy Moore when I hear a song like this. I don’t know if that’s fair or not, but here we are.



Hey Eddie Vedder, happy birthday!

Go with yourself.

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I made my up to the Pemberton Music Festival for a day on Sunday. Quality times dressed as a Pikachu checking out bands.

Laid a bunch of high fives, ate some taco truck tacos, brought Jesse Roper up on stage, stared at all the wonderful freaky looking peoples and generally enjoyed a merry (if sober) time.

The highlight was the headliner, PEARL JAM! My first time ever seeing that band. Incredible experience. Eddie Vedder did that thing where he takes pulls from a bottle of wine all set….I think that adds to the between song banter.

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Last night at #PembyFest! 🇨🇦 #pjtour2016

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#Halsey is cool. #pembertonmusicfestival

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Every festival features a couple bands that exceed expectation and Pemby 2016 was no exception. Like I said, I was just there for the day but I managed to get into a few acts like LA’s Halsey. Her set was fun.


I also enjoyed Nashville’s Bully.

Go with yourself.

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#Pemberton was fun. #JesseRoper #Pikachu

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jack and maddy slide

Big Alt Rock news today… Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam covers the Batman theme with his adorable 7-year-old daughter Harper. Now I’m not saying he copied my son Jack, but I will say he was clearly inspired by.


4/20 and Vancouver are like peanut butter and marshmallows. Yesterday was festive in the Terminal City as the entire suburbs emptied out to Sunset Beach to blaze.

It was a new venue from years past where it was traditionally held at the Art Gallery.

I guess a few folks didn’t check their emails…and went to the Art Gallery anyway.

Go with yourself.

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I watched the end of a terrible comedy last night… and as the film was wrapping up and the protagonist learned a little bit about honesty and got the girl and magical song plays.  After hearing the opening notes my mind immediately raced to the possibilities of the end title song.

I had vague recollections about a couple songs but I needed Coral to actually help me track down the songs… the first idea I had was Pete Townshend’s “Let My Love Open the Door” but that wasn’t it… no, it was Dire Straits “Walk of Life” that I was thinking of.  Turns out it was neither… just some nondescript song.

But the earworm was in my head.  I had to find both those cuts.  Searching the internet, I found a great cover by Eddie Vedder.

Eddie Vedder – “Let My Love Open The Door”

Download MP3 >> Eddie Vedder – Let My Love Open the Door

Pearl Jam has covered the song a few times that I could easily find, but this Eddie solo jam came out pretty good.

Go with yourself.

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So…. how about that Canucks game the other night?

Right, so it didn’t end the way Disney told me it would… and then the riots downtown.

But here I am, the day after hockey, and I feel pretty good.  Canucks had an amazing year, game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final… and come October, we do it again.

I woke up today after a terrible sleep to a wonderful day.  I thought, “oh right, its pretty much summer now.”

I watched TV shows about medieval cathedrals in France and a show where they renovate backyards and I glanced up form the TV for a moment and it was day time.  Fuck.  I managed to sleep for maybe 3 hours.  I’ll sleep well tonight. And I am thinking I am getting sick? Summer sick?  Lame.

Tomorrow I buy sound equipment for my wedding DJ company.  I wanted to head down to Long & McQuade and make sure its all moving forward, and while there… bought a ukulele.

I’ve now owned this beast for about 3 hours as of writing this blog, and I love it.  Ryan Awram told me that his friend took a 12 week ukulele course and she is loving it and can play it pretty good now.  I wonder….

Eddie Vedder – “Can’t Keep”

That’s all I got.  Go with yourself.

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Had an interesting moment yesterday cleaning my room.  I was picking up  a pile of clothes off the floor of the closet when I spotted with my little eye, something that is a record.

Under this pile of clothes was a copy of Australian folk hero John Butler Trio‘s 2004 ep What You Want.  Unopened!

I don’t have a lot of JBT music on my computer, but everything by him that I have heard, I generally love…. so I must have grabbed this album many moons ago when it was in a “take one” bin that sometimes happens at the Zone with the records that don’t fit format.

I battled with the plastic wrap and threw that sucker in my computer to rip.  So cool.  I had to go back and listen to the only other couple songs I have by him.  A cut from April Uprising and my favourite,” Groovin Slowly,” off Grand National.

John Butler Trio – “Groovin Slowly

Its funny how when your mind and ears are open to something, its seems like the world is conspiring to help and inspire you.

For some reason, I have been thinking of how fun it would be if I had a Ukulele at home to mess around on.  I watched Eddie Vedder’s “Can’t Keep” on Youtube about a dozen times the other day.

Talk about having your life figured out.  If I were a millionaire rock star like EV… I too would jam out ukulele songs and have my money plop me down on a lava rock out cropping in the middle of the Pacific Ocean while an aerial camera captured me wailing away on four strings.

Madelyn and I have been singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” each night before bed, I think a Ukulele accompaniment would be fitting… plus I have other plans… muhahahaha

Back to John Butler Trio… I have been dwelling on the ukulele and how fun that could be while I camp of grow coffee in Hawaii while I clean my bedroom closet.  BOOM! John Butler Trio record (no ukulele) but it causes me to think JBT and reminds me of “Groovin Slowly”… which??? you guessed it, ukulele driven sexy jam.

Circles man.

And how about this… the dude is from Western Australia, one of the places of the world on my “list” AND his record label is called Jarrah Records.  I have a cousin in Brisbane named Jarrah!  (after the tree!). Neat.

John Butler Trio is a bigger deal in Australia compared to here in Canada. But his style is definitely something that any self-respecting Islander can get behind.  Great laid back beach jams.  A few epic swells thrown in from time-to-time.

When I hear “Groovin Slowly” I just wanna party… not AC/DC party, more like have sex, party.. party party.  You dig?

Go with yourself.

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That Pearl Jam song “Jeremy” ends with Eddie Vedder going, “arararrRRRrRRRrrAAaaaaRRRR.”

I think that’s cool, get it out Eddie, get all those demons out.

I am listening to a 90s playlist on my iTunes right now… can you tell?


Last night, I watched a documentary on Arthur “Killer” Kane of the New York Dolls. (on the CBC of all places!)  I didn’t really know too much about the tragic story of the group.  In the early 70s, the band a wee bit before curve of popular culture.  They started a style of rock and roll that would dominate punk and 80s glam metal right into the 90s.  But the band disintegrated before they could cash in on any of the success.  They had a series of Spinal Tap-esque tragedies with members dying and eventually went their separate ways.  The front man, David Johansen actually saw some success in the 80s as a joke act.  Remember that song “Hot Hot Hot?”  Yeah, the former front man of The New York Dolls.

um yeah… that dude invented punk rock in 1973!  And the crazy ghost cab driver from the Bill Murray classic Scrooged?  yup you can guess it, David Johansen.

But the documentary, “New York Doll,” is not about David Johansen… it is about Arthur Kane.  The New York Dolls called it a band in the mid 70s and Kane tried to keep something going.  He bounced between coasts and eventually settled in LA.  One day he got completely blasted and attacked his wife!  He tore all her clothes off her and she ran away.  Kane thought the the best way to head her off at the pass was to jump out a third story window.  And as he says in the documentary, “In AA, they call that hitting rock bottom.”

Kane’s wife left him and he found god… well the Mormon version of God.  He then would live most of his life in relative obscurity working in the Family History center for the Latter Day Saints, fixing copiers (the scene that brought the LOLz was when he talked about how hard it is to pick up Mormons).  He rode the bus, he lived off welfare, his bass guitars were in the pawn shop.

Then in 2004, Morrissey (who was a huge fan in 1970, heading up the groups UK fan club and everything) called him up and said, “hey get the band back together… I got a show in London for you.)

The Mormons gave him a few hundred bucks to get his bass outta the pawn shop and a plane ticket to New York.  There he would meet up with the two surviving members of the group Sylvain Sylvain and Johansen.

Kane has a hard time with Johansen because he has many unresolved feelings about the break up of the Dolls and Johansen’s later commercial success while he lived in poverty.  The boys manage to reconcile their difference, rehearse and have an excellent show.  Kane is exuberant and plans to tour with the New York Dolls.

The documentary ends sadly when Kane gets leukemia and suddenly dies.

Serious downer to an excellent story, yet also uplifting.  Kane discovers religion which brings him a measure of peace and he did get that final shot at the prize to end his life on an up.


Go with yourself.

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