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In two sleeps, my brother and I leave (finally) on our first camping expedition!  OK, so it will be a one nighter along the Juan de Fuca trail…its something.  My brother and I have been talking about backpack camping for YEARS.  I dream about camping all the time.  Finally… time + money- new baby, have equaled a brief weekend adventure.  I’ve been hording equipment in small doses all summer.  Got my hands on a backpack and sleeping bag last week. Today I purchased some odds and sods… Saturday morning, we’ll be on the trail. Can’t wait!

The song that will be ear-wormed into my brain might be this happy jam. John Welsh is a Fraser Valley performer performing a white-guy reggae style of music.  My girl Taylor sent this over to me with the warning, “you’ll be humming this song after hearing it.”  I am afraid she is right!

Go with yourself.

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