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Kandle and The Krooks made the trip over to Victoria for Rifflandia. I couldn’t make the set at the Alix Goolden Hall on Saturday which is a real shame. By trusted accounts, I missed a heck of a show.

Kandle grew up in Victoria before taking off to the bright lights and big city of Montreal. Her record is called In Flames and the current single is “Not Up To Me.”

Find out about Kandle from the Vancouver Sun then hit play on this!


ROCOCODE 2014 by Lynol Lui

Laura Smith is another Victorian who peaced to pursue music…but Laura only took a ferry an hour-and-half East to Vancouver. There she partnered up with Andrew to create music as Rococode. We’ve been following the band for years on The Zone and they return home to visit often for festivals, shows, and sometimes just for Mom’s home-cooking.

Rococode just wrapped Rifflandia and now they are off to Germany for a festival date. Then BACK to Canada for a series of shows.

September 30     Calgary          The Gateway
October 1            Edmonton      The Artery
October 2            Regina           O’Hanlons
October 3            Saskatoon     The Capitolm Music Club
October 4            Altona            Krahn Barn

The current single is called “Banks.”

Go with yourself.

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Island artist Kandle Osborne took the trip east and settled in Montreal to work on her career as a performer.  Her bluesy, garage, dark swamp pop record In Flames came out yesterday.  Check out the second single “Control Me.”

The record was recorded with the help of Neil Osborne of 54-40 fame (her dad) and she was able to rope in Sam Goldberg on guitar.  He has done work with Broken Social Scene and Bionic.

The Montreal Gazette calls her “an old witch for a young generation.”

That’s weird.

She talks in the interview, “I sort of get into character when I sing. I can become a bit of a creep (…) I like to get a bit spooky or dramatic at times. Singing a song straight is all right, but why do that when you can do something cooler?”

Go with yourself.

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The first time I met Kandle was back in maybe 2006.  I was at a party at Ryan Rae’s place out in Langford.  One of those backyard shindigs where there is a turkey being deep-fried and people are drinking out of those red solo cups like an American teenage comedy film.

A couple girls walk in and I’m like, “whoa, who are those smoke shows?”  My buddy Razer turns to me and says, “calm down pervert, that Is Coral who is like 16 and her LITTLE sister Kandle.”

“Who lets a 16-year-old come to a party with a bunch of you quasi-employed musicians and sexual predators?”

“They are Neil Osborne‘s kids.”

“oh.”  So that’s my Kandle story… Kandle and Coral have been bouncing around making music as long as I’ve known of them.  They had a band in Victoria called The Blue Violets.  At that point….nope still don’t think they were old enough to hit a club, but I saw them at Evolution for a show case once.  They have powers maaaaaaaaan.  When I was that I age, I had boogers and played D&D.

They grew up and moved away.  I think Coral is in Toronto now doing something with music or TV.  Working on the Stombo Show maybe?  And Kandle is in Montreal making music as…. Kandle.  She lives in Montreal. The blogs and press call her “Montreal.”  I get that, Montreal is neat, she calls it home now…but she is a West Coast kid to me.

Kandle does a cover of the Rolling Stones “Play With Fire” which is all kinds of super-duper.

I like her style…

Go with yourself.

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