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Back to the grind after an amazing weekend in Victoria with my kids (and I guess my wife too, but I barely saw her as I was either working or she was dealing with a baby shower for her friend).

I received an email today from Vancouver based Rococode. The band released a video today for their single “Banks.”

The band used creative team Fivethousand Fingers who wrote and directed the video. They took the show on the road to Montreal for the look of the clip. The video does look cool and compliments the dark-pop song.


Occasionaly I like to share a clip of my radio show on the old blog. Here is a bit from last Friday. I ask my 6-year-old daughter Madelyn what her favourite part of the new show is.

That’s all I got for you. Go with yourself.

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Kandle and The Krooks made the trip over to Victoria for Rifflandia. I couldn’t make the set at the Alix Goolden Hall on Saturday which is a real shame. By trusted accounts, I missed a heck of a show.

Kandle grew up in Victoria before taking off to the bright lights and big city of Montreal. Her record is called In Flames and the current single is “Not Up To Me.”

Find out about Kandle from the Vancouver Sun then hit play on this!


ROCOCODE 2014 by Lynol Lui

Laura Smith is another Victorian who peaced to pursue music…but Laura only took a ferry an hour-and-half East to Vancouver. There she partnered up with Andrew to create music as Rococode. We’ve been following the band for years on The Zone and they return home to visit often for festivals, shows, and sometimes just for Mom’s home-cooking.

Rococode just wrapped Rifflandia and now they are off to Germany for a festival date. Then BACK to Canada for a series of shows.

September 30     Calgary          The Gateway
October 1            Edmonton      The Artery
October 2            Regina           O’Hanlons
October 3            Saskatoon     The Capitolm Music Club
October 4            Altona            Krahn Barn

The current single is called “Banks.”

Go with yourself.

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Last week, Mother Mother were in town to perform a couple sold-out shows.

The band that was lucky enough to get the opener support spot was a group from Vancouver called Rococode.

Rococode feature the very lovely Laura Smith.  She is from Victoria and moved to Vancouver to go to music college.

There she hooked up with some guys to form a band and here we are…  Laura sent me a few songs and I have one to share on my blog with you today.

Rococode – “Weapon”

Download MP3 >> Weapon REV001 (2)

“Weapon” has that nice, very modern indie-rock, harmony sound thing going on.

I think Ryan Guldemond has something to do with these guys… maybe produced or helped record them? A couple members of the group also spend time as Tegan and Sara’s band. Good times.

Go with yourself.

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