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A couple recent adds to the “New Music Folder” here at the radio factory.

Leisure Cruise are the Brooklyn duo of Leah Siegal and Dave Hodge. Us proud indie rocking Canucks will know the name Dave Hodge from his work touring with Broken Social Scene .

Dave was saying the band concept for Leisure Cruise happened by accident. His original concept was writing the music and having a revolving door or co-performers and singers…but a chance meeting with Leah on a Brooklyn street had him inviting her in to write. After that first writing session they felt like they didn’t need other people.

Some blogs call Dave and Leah’s style apocalypse pop…but Leah says that is not entirely accurate in Interview Magazine; “In the news, one day I got a news alert that they found three planets that could support human life. So, at that point, I was coming over to Dave’s studio. Basically we were in the studio all the time. The idea is that leaving this planet for another one made me a lot less depressed. It was about being happy, and Dave felt the same way. Writing, we maintained that feeling. We just kept being inspired by this idea that we could leave, and it just made us feel better. It wasn’t this dark, apocalyptic emotion. The apocalypse is just positive change: change that comes out of nowhere, but change that is positive.”

The début record is out now… our radio feature cut is called “Sailing.”



The Barr Brothers are from Montreal. Right now… red hot. You’re hearing these guys on the CBC, touring nations with The War on Drugs (which makes a lot of sense), in the Montreal Gazette and even the Globe!

Their album, Sleeping Operator, is out today from Secret City Records. Our feature song on the Zone should be an easy one to slip into if you like the hazy chilled out folk style.

Go with yourself.

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