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The War On Drugs have a new record out on August 25th called A Deeper Understanding.

The Philly band’s album will be their first on Atlantic Records. The group took a collaborative approach putting this album together in New York City and LA. Look for The War on Drugs Monday night when they’r eon Stephen Colbert.

Go with yourself.

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A couple recent adds to the “New Music Folder” here at the radio factory.

Leisure Cruise are the Brooklyn duo of Leah Siegal and Dave Hodge. Us proud indie rocking Canucks will know the name Dave Hodge from his work touring with Broken Social Scene .

Dave was saying the band concept for Leisure Cruise happened by accident. His original concept was writing the music and having a revolving door or co-performers and singers…but a chance meeting with Leah on a Brooklyn street had him inviting her in to write. After that first writing session they felt like they didn’t need other people.

Some blogs call Dave and Leah’s style apocalypse pop…but Leah says that is not entirely accurate in Interview Magazine; “In the news, one day I got a news alert that they found three planets that could support human life. So, at that point, I was coming over to Dave’s studio. Basically we were in the studio all the time. The idea is that leaving this planet for another one made me a lot less depressed. It was about being happy, and Dave felt the same way. Writing, we maintained that feeling. We just kept being inspired by this idea that we could leave, and it just made us feel better. It wasn’t this dark, apocalyptic emotion. The apocalypse is just positive change: change that comes out of nowhere, but change that is positive.”

The début record is out now… our radio feature cut is called “Sailing.”



The Barr Brothers are from Montreal. Right now… red hot. You’re hearing these guys on the CBC, touring nations with The War on Drugs (which makes a lot of sense), in the Montreal Gazette and even the Globe!

Their album, Sleeping Operator, is out today from Secret City Records. Our feature song on the Zone should be an easy one to slip into if you like the hazy chilled out folk style.

Go with yourself.

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Sea Fret 1
Here is a pretty but ultimately sad song from a duo originally from the small British town of Bridlington. They go by the brand Seafret.

Their acoustic song “Give Me Something” is the title track for their upcoming ep which will be out in September.


This song is an older cut, but it’s new to me. The group is from LA… they are called Best Coast, and this lo-fi retro sounding rock & rolla is an early single of their’s from 2009.

“When I’m with you, I have fun.” d’aww.


Bastille….so hot right now. The early British single “Flaws” is charting on the alternative charts here in the BEST America. Let us do a Chainsmokers remix (yeah the #Selfie guys).

Who goes out on Mondays? #live


war on drugs
My friend Jenn went to Seattle to check out the Capital Hill Block Party last weekend. … sorry CAPITOL.

Lots of great pics on her social media from Emerald City and she got to see Philadelphia’s The War on Drugs.

The Hollywood Reporter posted their top records of 2014 (so far)…top of the list, The War on Drugs Lost in the Dream.

My friend James over at The Peak was talking about how red hot the single “Red Eyes” is on the radio in Vancouver right now…I had to pick up the record. Sunday was a lazy day. Coral and Maddy were at a birthday party and she left me with baby Jack to entertain for a few hours. I deceided we’d best use our time by heading heading downtown on a long walk, eating some Asian Street Food and buying records.


While downtown, we stopped at Foo Asian Street Food on Blanshard at Yates. Man, it was hot day, but they were all sold out of their watermelon & feta salad.

c’est dommage.

Oh wait… I can make that! I called the kitchen manager and asked him…and he gave me the recipe.

Foo’s Watermelon & Feta Salad

Pomegranate molasses & Chinese Black Vinegar dressing
Cubed watermelon
Chopped up cucumber
mint and cilantro
pepper mix (black and szechuan)
drizzle on some dressing
finish with crumbled feta

BOOM! It’s good.

Go with yourself.

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Finally found a few moments to jam out a blog on a Tuesday. I don’t know about you, but I go through pretty much everyday in a state of overwhelmededness. Wake up, strap in, and ride that pony till bedtime. Repeat.

I took a couple days off at the end of this week to hit the Tall Tree Festival…so I do have my eye on that prize.

Earlier today I was trolling the charts of some modern rock radio stations in the States. Here are a few songs that caught my ear. In no order.

We’ll starts with a couple bros from Columbus, Ohio (Go Blue Jackets!) called Twenty One Pilots, and their emo tale of having their car radio stolen.  Poor little duders. Catchy jingle. I wanted to hate it, but kept hitting play on it.

The War on Drugs are starting to gain a little radio traction with their single “Red Eyes” off their 2014 record Lost in the Dream.

This one is from a guy named Max Frost. Reminds me of a slightly more eclectic Fitz and the Tantrums? maybe?

From Sydney, Australia… its Panama (the band…not the nation).

Australians are so hot right now…The GRISWOLDS singing about having the fun sucked out of them? sexual? or vampire?

Hozier gets all serious out at the end. “I was born sick but I love it.” Thanks Irish guy.

That’s what i got, go with yourself.

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war on drugs
The band is called The War on Drugs and their third album, Lost in the Dream, is coming out in March of 2014.  I have the second record, Slave Ambient and enjoyed it.

Pitchfork calls their style Bossgaze. Pretty much daily I read about at least one new genre of music on Pitchfork.

Go with yourself.

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