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photo credit: Beau Partlow

One of my favourite Vancouver bands, Bear Mountain, have a new indie-electro song called “Hopeful.”

I am amped for this song for a couple reasons. Number 1, NEW BEAR MOUNTAIN. That’s a celebration. Number 2, it is Rifflandia and I will always cherish the Bear Mountain set I saw all those nights ago in packed all ages studio space at 2:30AM.

The band will be releasing their second record sometime next year on Last Gang Records.

“This band, our music, Kenji’s artwork, and everything we do is really about unifying that relationship between technology and nature, analogue and digital,” says frontman Ian Bevis. “For us, there is something really stimulating about producing music and for the most part our songs are producer-based tracks. Where things get interesting is on stage when we translate those techniques into the live setting,” adds Kyle Statham. “When we’re up there we’re always rocking things out like a band usually would but we’re also bringing in this visual language and an element of storytelling, which takes shape in real time and in front of the audience.”

“This is our new song ‘Hopeful’. We made it thinking about the future, and being hopeful for what’s to come despite the past. We hope you like it!!”

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js*** lord-huron Lord Huron has released another single off his record Strange Trails. The song has a folky, blue collar rock vibe to it. And if you make it out to see the Robert Redford movie A Walk In The Woods, you might here a few Lord Huron tracks on the soundtrack.




So Ryan Adams’ song-for-song reinterpretation of Taylor Swift’s 1989 is real. And we got out first listen today from Zane Lowe on Beats 1.

Ryan Adams – Bad Blood (CLICK THE LINK)

And you know what? I kinda really like it!


Tomorrow I’m looking forward to visits from Tokyo Police Club and Young Empires. I’ll try to get something posted up on here before I take off to Victoria for the weekend and Rifflandia!

Go with yourself.

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balloons commerical
Peoples Jewellers is running this commercial during the Canadian Olympic broadcasts that features some bro on a mission to get married.

The commercial features a song by Lord Huron called “Ends of the Earth.”

When you read the comments to a Lord Huron song, people often say, “this seems like it was written for a commercial or movie soundtrack.”

I thought that was kinda neat, and then I read that the principle, Ben Schneider, worked as an art director for an ad agency, and it all makes sense.

Here Ben is talking about some of the skills working at an ad agency brings to Lord Huron.

Working an ad agency, you know how important brand consistency is, but also being an artist you have to have new ideas floating around, do you think this style will carry forward to the new album or are you going to create a new aesthetic for that one?

Ben: Yeah, I think some of the elements will be retained, but I think it will be little, it exists in the same universe, but it will be a different sort of story in this next record. Whereas this one was sort of more based in this older adventure tale sort of world, I think we’ll get out of that a little, although I still consider it all as living within the Lord Huron universe.

AND Ben is a desert guy?  neat.  I like the desert too Lord Huron.

I’ve kind of situated myself in the northeast part of town (Los Angeles, where Ben lives) where it’s easy for me to get to the mountains, up into the San Gabriel or it’s easy for me to get on the 10 or the 210 and get to the desert. Wherever I have free time or the afternoon, I like to hit the road and maybe go camping or maybe just take an afternoon outside.

After tracking down the Peoples Jewellers commercial song, I let the sound cloud play and this gorgeous cut came up…


Lord Huron has created a whole mythology for the band’s songs based on the Western novelist George Ranger Johnson.  The thing is… George Ranger Johnson does not exist… he was made up by the band. And all his novels, are the titles of Lord Huron songs.

Talking to the New York Times, “People are always lamenting the loss of the record sleeve, which I understand.  I loved looking at the artwork and imagining the people who made the music and the lives they inhabited. But now I think we can create an even richer experience with new technology available to us.” 

Part of the mythology is a series of “trailers” for movies based on the novels of G. Ranger Johnson.  And of course, each adventure features a song by Lord Huron. The latest chapter is called “She Lit a Fire.”

Make sure you hit up Lord Huron at Squamish this August.

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