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Is that what the world needs? Father John Misty covering Ryan Adams’ cover of Taylor Swift…in the style of the Velvet Underground. Jeezus.

More from Consequence of Sound.


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photo credit: Beau Partlow

One of my favourite Vancouver bands, Bear Mountain, have a new indie-electro song called “Hopeful.”

I am amped for this song for a couple reasons. Number 1, NEW BEAR MOUNTAIN. That’s a celebration. Number 2, it is Rifflandia and I will always cherish the Bear Mountain set I saw all those nights ago in packed all ages studio space at 2:30AM.

The band will be releasing their second record sometime next year on Last Gang Records.

“This band, our music, Kenji’s artwork, and everything we do is really about unifying that relationship between technology and nature, analogue and digital,” says frontman Ian Bevis. “For us, there is something really stimulating about producing music and for the most part our songs are producer-based tracks. Where things get interesting is on stage when we translate those techniques into the live setting,” adds Kyle Statham. “When we’re up there we’re always rocking things out like a band usually would but we’re also bringing in this visual language and an element of storytelling, which takes shape in real time and in front of the audience.”

“This is our new song ‘Hopeful’. We made it thinking about the future, and being hopeful for what’s to come despite the past. We hope you like it!!”

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js*** lord-huron Lord Huron has released another single off his record Strange Trails. The song has a folky, blue collar rock vibe to it. And if you make it out to see the Robert Redford movie A Walk In The Woods, you might here a few Lord Huron tracks on the soundtrack.




So Ryan Adams’ song-for-song reinterpretation of Taylor Swift’s 1989 is real. And we got out first listen today from Zane Lowe on Beats 1.

Ryan Adams – Bad Blood (CLICK THE LINK)

And you know what? I kinda really like it!


Tomorrow I’m looking forward to visits from Tokyo Police Club and Young Empires. I’ll try to get something posted up on here before I take off to Victoria for the weekend and Rifflandia!

Go with yourself.

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beach babies

Spring time on the west coast is magical. Though I guess so is summer and fall? Winter ain’t terrible either. It’s a good place to live.

We did Fake Mothers’ Day last weekend because that is when I could get a reservation into the Oak Bay Marina Restaurant. Their Sunday buffet is a marvel. Then we went exploring for some obsidian. My daughter did not find any, but she did find TWO rocks that looked like hearts, a chunk of cement? and some quartz. All in all, it was a good haul by her standards. Yet she must continue to seek the elusive obsidian.

Came home to lots of emails from bands. I’ll try to hammer out a few songs that caught my ear for you.

It must begin with British duo Aquilo because I love them.

Pleasure Beach are from Belfast, Northern Ireland (what is Northern Ireland, a country or Province? or like a region?).

I did learn that Pleasure Beach is the UK’s number one theme park! So that’s neat. But it is located in the ominous sounding town of Blackpool. Scary…sounds like that type of place where you’d set your horror story or a boring BBC period drama that gets popular in Canada a few years later and people who pretend to be sophisticated force themselves to watch it like fictional kale for your mind.

From Smashville, Tennessee, Myyra.

Not from Labrador City, I present Bern, Switzerland’s Labrador City.

Did you ever read the book The Chrysalids? Fringers man… fringers.

The party ends with Australia’s king of commercial radio, Mr. Vance Joy. The dude is poised for complete and total world domination when he hops on the Taylor Swift Tour.He released a cover of her 1989 (I do like that record shhhhhhh) song “I know Places.”

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There two types of music we all listen to: The music we like, and the music we think we’re supposed to like.

Being paid to think about and present music, I hear a lot of different stuff and I am also exposed to other peoples’ tastes.  One of my favourite places to play music is at weddings.

I was DJing a wedding in Victoria on the weekend for some fine people.  They were beautiful twenty-somethings with their group of beautiful friends.  All good folks.

And like all weddings, the playlist has to be a very mainstream, fun and upbeat mix.  I have no problem with this as… I do enjoy me some Top 40 music and have a soft spot for Motown and classic hits.

At a wedding, later after speeches, and cake, pictures and small talk… it generally becomes time to turn it on and hit the dance floor.  Some drinks, some “Save a Horse and Ride a Cowboy,” and some cleavage revealing dresses later; the party will start to operate at an 11.

Then the requests comes and I get a chance to hear what people really like.

Sometimes the party-goers know who I am before and it will taint our meeting, but luckily alcohol is the great forgetter.  Almost always, the request begins with either, “you probably don’t have this but….” or “I don’t normally even like this song but….”

Then you know, Taylor Swift.

I always find it funny when people apologize for their taste in music.  Maybe its because I have confidence in what I like that I don’t care… and I take that for granted.  I like Taylor Swift fine.  There is never anything wrong with wanting to have silly fun.

I will say this, dropping Taylor Swift “Love Story” at a wedding will create mass-ovulation.  It really is in the best interests of humanity’s continuation on the Planet to come to terms with music that makes people happy.  Folks smile, babies will be made.

When I listen to music I ask myself… Do I like this, or should I like this?

Should doesn’t bother me too much.  If everyone tells you something is good… and you’re not feeling it… groovy, but I still listen very critically to try and figure out what makes it special to other people.  Sometimes the hype is pretend, too many people thinking they should like something because: their peer group does, or it fits a mold or lifestyle attribution.  Sometimes its just challenging and smarter people than me get it and get off on the  weirdness.  Sometimes its very commercial and easy sounding, so lots of people like it.

Should makes sense for me.  A new modern rock song, might not be my cup of tea at home, but learning and appreciating it is useful for my job.  Same for a new popular dance track that I can play at a wedding or an obscure R&B number from the 60s to burn down the lounge with.

The flip… if I hear Taylor Swift on the radio, I don’t change the station.  Then I want to make-out.

But if you don’t like the Japandroids, you’re an idiot. (jk)

Go with yourself.

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