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THURSDAY! One more sleep and I’ll be back on the boat to Victoria to see my family. It has been exceptionally exciting starting a new job in Vancouver. But without the kids being terrors around me, its just too quiet.


I was reading a music blog post from Breaking More Waves. Basically a music blog post about music blog posts. Good times. The writer was talking about music blogs all posting the same tunes (or maybe the perception that they [we] do?).

In the end, the conclusion, that reaching some sort of consensus was ultimately good for artists and music fans. I’d agree. Personally I just post what I’m feeling at the moment. Sometimes #1 on Hype Machine. Sometimes its charting on the radio. Sometimes its a older cut and sometimes its a discovery. I think the only people that read a bunch of music blogs are music bloggers.

I do want to start today with the #1 on Hype Machine because it’s pretty good.

LostBoyCrow is Chris. The LA based singer/writer/producer rounded out the sound by teaming up with Flor.

The music is has a modern LA dark-pop or alt-pop vibe. LBC is working on a record and starting to book with a showcase in April. Rad.


The radio station I work at play Tom Petty. I love Tom Petty. Check out this beauty cover from Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Like, wow.

Oh.ma.gawd. The dude does a cover of “Swim Until You Can’t See Land.” I’m in love.

I think Leftwich is on Vagrant Records? Trolling their page I came across a London band Letts. Let’s check out “Matches” from their upcoming record Hold Fast.


Party ends with producer Stan Rapoport. He performs as Black Coast. The NYC based producer teamed up with singer/poet M. Maggie. Here we go.

Go with yourself.

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