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Wolf alice tweet
Wolf Alice is performing tonight at The Biltmore. I really want to go, but I’ve been battling a sinus infection/headache thing for a few days. I know, that is not very rock & roll, yet here we are.

Steve tweeted at me to basically, suck it up and go. And if I do go, get there in time for the opening band.

Dead Soft, East Van grunge-pop for the people. Sounds like my style times 100%.


Vagrant’s CRUISR have a new song called “Wild Babe” to check out. The band is also on tour inclusding some shows with Bleachers! Nice. No dates near us in the Pacific Northwest.

New record is called Go For It and it’s out today. Neat.

I’ll report back tomorrow if I sort my life out and hit Wolf Alice tonight.

Go with yourself.

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photo (2)

THURSDAY! One more sleep and I’ll be back on the boat to Victoria to see my family. It has been exceptionally exciting starting a new job in Vancouver. But without the kids being terrors around me, its just too quiet.


I was reading a music blog post from Breaking More Waves. Basically a music blog post about music blog posts. Good times. The writer was talking about music blogs all posting the same tunes (or maybe the perception that they [we] do?).

In the end, the conclusion, that reaching some sort of consensus was ultimately good for artists and music fans. I’d agree. Personally I just post what I’m feeling at the moment. Sometimes #1 on Hype Machine. Sometimes its charting on the radio. Sometimes its a older cut and sometimes its a discovery. I think the only people that read a bunch of music blogs are music bloggers.

I do want to start today with the #1 on Hype Machine because it’s pretty good.

LostBoyCrow is Chris. The LA based singer/writer/producer rounded out the sound by teaming up with Flor.

The music is has a modern LA dark-pop or alt-pop vibe. LBC is working on a record and starting to book with a showcase in April. Rad.


The radio station I work at play Tom Petty. I love Tom Petty. Check out this beauty cover from Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Like, wow.

Oh.ma.gawd. The dude does a cover of “Swim Until You Can’t See Land.” I’m in love.

I think Leftwich is on Vagrant Records? Trolling their page I came across a London band Letts. Let’s check out “Matches” from their upcoming record Hold Fast.


Party ends with producer Stan Rapoport. He performs as Black Coast. The NYC based producer teamed up with singer/poet M. Maggie. Here we go.

Go with yourself.

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bad suns we move like the ocean
So-Cal’s Bad Suns crushed it when they were in Victoria to support The 1975 and Sir Sly at Sugar Nightclub. The Vagrant Records band will put out their debut album Language & Perspective on June 24th. The band posted another listen off the record today. A song called “We Move Like The Ocean.”

The song doesn’t crack like that first single “Cardiac Arrest.” “We Move Like The Ocean” is a lighter (or iPhone light app) in the air slow jam with an REM-esque post-rock guitar jangle.

Go with yourself.

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bad suns
An email today from Vagrant Records asked me to check out their new band, Bad Suns.  Vagrant says it will appeal to fans of Imagine Dragons, The 1975, Grouplove… that sorta modern rock.  Sure.  I also hear that classic Vagrant sound I remember from the 2000s.

Good thing they post the lyrics on their soundcloud, I was like, “huh, why is this dude singing about wearing a vest?”

Its catchy for sure… and he is saying “how much do I invest.”  I get it.

Here is the press release from Vagrant.

And here is a blog giving the LA band BIG UPs back in October…and when they blow up and become the “next Imagine Dragons” we can all be like… pshhhhh, I was into them back in October.

AND here is a blog that says the Phoenix SUNS are not that BAD.

Go with yourself.

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Discorder June 1999 - Interview with Braid by Jeremy Baker and photos by Jay Douillard
Well isn’t this neat. As I was telling you the other day… I’ve been on a bit of a Braid kick.  And I remembered interviewing the band during their final tour before splitting up  in mid-1999.  I emailed Discorder Magazine and Chirag found the article and scanned it for me! What a stud.

So there ya go (click the image to make it big)… Braid in 1999 talking to a 19-year-old college radio kid at The Starfish Room months before the breakup.  I can’t remember the exact date of the concert but the interview ran in the June 1999 issue of Discorder.  I also got a copy of that TAKE ACTION Punk rock sampler… neat, advertising works.

The show was rad and the guys were great…. The band would end up splitting up after the summer.  Bob Nanna would form a new group called Hey Mercedes.  Just as the whole emo thing started to swell they’d end up on one of the alpha emo record labels, Vagrant.  They released a couple records including 2003’s Lost Control.

Go with thy self.

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The other day I heard My Chemical Romance‘s “Famous Last Worlds” on the AltNation.  Got me thinking of making a playlist of 2000s post-hardcore…. or screamo.  I ended up diving through some of my favourite bands of the early 2000s and made a pretty good set.  If I can make some time, I’ll get that up on Mixcloud.

One of the songs I remembered was a group called No Motiv.  They never had any radio hits…but I used to have this old Vagrant records music video DVD.  It had a collection of Vagrant bands on it… and No Motiv had a video for “Brand New Day.”

The band broke up more-or-less after the 2003 album Daylight Breaking.

No Motiv – “Brand New Day”

Download MP3 >> No Motiv – Brand New Day

Go with yourself.

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