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Rise Against‘s 6th studio record, Endgame,  debuted at #2 on the Billboard Chart.  Guitarist Zach Blair also tried to tell me that it was number 1 in Canada and Germany!  That’s something right.  I like Canada, and Germany, you’re alright.

Zach and I had a little chit-chat over the phone as the band is currently in Berlin.

We talked about all sort of stuff.  The record Endgame is kinda of a dark, concept record that is a bit heavier and faster then the previous couple records.  There is a savage Grapes of Wrath quote when you open up the compact disc (do people still buy those?).  Zach talks about the significance of that then delves into the some communist utopia mumbo-jumbo.

That leads the conversation toward “Help is on the Way” and he talk’s about making small changes in the world and taking care of yourself.  because if you wait for someone else or the government you’ll be disappointed.

I gushed a bit about how the video is AWESOME so he explained that a bit.

Then… I dunno, we talk about some other things like Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio being on the record and Bill Stevenson of Black Flag and the Decendents producing it in Colorado and we end by reflecting on the time Rise Against came to Victoria and the guys hung out with the Darth Fiddler on Government Street.  Oh the times we shared.  Please find our conversation below in its unedited entirety.  If that’s of interest to you or you work at another radio station you can download it and use a clip it if you want.

Interview: Rise Against’s Zach Blair

Download>> 20110324 Zach Blair Rise Against

Go with yourself.

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