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Alkaline Trio – Press Photo – Credit Jon Weiner

I love Alkaline Trio. One of my faves. The Chi-town power punk trio shared a new song today called “Blackbird.” New record comes out out on August 31st (Epitaph) and is called Is This Thing Cursed? This will be the band’s 9th album and their first in 5 years. Dig into that!

Co-lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Skiba notes, “Some people thought we were done. We announced a tour and a lot of the shows are already sold out. Nobody knows that we made a new record. It’s not unlike getting somebody that you care about something extra super special for their birthday and you’re really excited to give it to them. It feels kind of like that.”

Band is going on tour…and what else is new…no Vancouver shows. Bands hate Vancouver. That’s fine, Vancouver hates bands!

In the great PNW!

Oct 08 Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom
Oct 09 Seattle, WA – Showbox SoDo


My brother’s kids are staying at our place this summer for a little grandma and grandpa time and playing with my kids. Here’s apicture of our youngest Elliot enjoying a rest with Grandpa from the other day. It’s been HOT in Vancouver, so they went to the spray park.

Go with yourself.

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Vagrant Records sent an email today to say they are rereleasing three of Alkaline Trio‘s classic records.

The band released a string of records in the early-to-mid 2000s on Vagrant. Starting with 2001 From Here to Infirmery, Good Mourning and wrapping with 2005’s Crimson.

It was on a Vagrant music video compilation DVD where I first found out about Alkaline Trio.

The split colour presses are beautiful!


hey, it’s my birthday tomorrow. It was my sister’s birthday on Saturday. So Sunday my folk’s split the difference for a Sunday roast.

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Birthday cupcakes with @andreabaker85. 🎉 🎈

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Rise Against‘s 6th studio record, Endgame,  debuted at #2 on the Billboard Chart.  Guitarist Zach Blair also tried to tell me that it was number 1 in Canada and Germany!  That’s something right.  I like Canada, and Germany, you’re alright.

Zach and I had a little chit-chat over the phone as the band is currently in Berlin.

We talked about all sort of stuff.  The record Endgame is kinda of a dark, concept record that is a bit heavier and faster then the previous couple records.  There is a savage Grapes of Wrath quote when you open up the compact disc (do people still buy those?).  Zach talks about the significance of that then delves into the some communist utopia mumbo-jumbo.

That leads the conversation toward “Help is on the Way” and he talk’s about making small changes in the world and taking care of yourself.  because if you wait for someone else or the government you’ll be disappointed.

I gushed a bit about how the video is AWESOME so he explained that a bit.

Then… I dunno, we talk about some other things like Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio being on the record and Bill Stevenson of Black Flag and the Decendents producing it in Colorado and we end by reflecting on the time Rise Against came to Victoria and the guys hung out with the Darth Fiddler on Government Street.  Oh the times we shared.  Please find our conversation below in its unedited entirety.  If that’s of interest to you or you work at another radio station you can download it and use a clip it if you want.

Interview: Rise Against’s Zach Blair

Download>> 20110324 Zach Blair Rise Against

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I was jamming out Terra’s blog today (as I do most days) and she said that I one of her top referreres? neat.

hmmm, My top drivers for traffic here as of today are Vancityrockgirl, Terra, Jamie and Laura.

Fun.  Thank you guys!


I finally got through my Top 10 of 2008.  But I have a feeling I am missing some gems.  If they come to me later, I’ll fix that on here.  We’ll explore my top 10 in Youtube video magic.

10) Jack Johnson – Sleep Through the Static

I just put this record here to start and then as I thought about it, yeah I like Jack Johnson… so what?

09) Mother Mother – O My Heart

Fun poppy band from Vancouver.  I played this record a ton over Hallowe’en.

08) Bloc Party – Intimacy

There are a ton of cool songs off this record.  “Signs” showed up on Gossip Girl last night during a big scene.  “Flux” is my favourite but isn’t a “true” single as it was recorded between albums and included on the North American physical release of Intimacy only.

07) The Hold Steady – Stay Positive

This record didn’t change my world like Boys and Girls in America, but the disc did get lots of play and still lives in the Jeep.

06) MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

I think this was 2008…

05) Plants and Animals – Parc Avenue

One of my best surprises on the year, a go to when making a playlist, and a favourite night out with Coral back in the Spring.

04) Grand Archives – The Grand Archives

Another favourite for late nights when I am alone or feeling lonely.  The song “Swan matches” is the soundtrack to Madelyn’s birth and the first few days home from the hospital.  Actually this record should be number one… but I already handed it in, so I’ll call it a strong 4.

03) Radiohead – In Rainbows

A record that got lots of spins int he winter of ’08 and one of Coral’s favourites.  We had a Valentine’s Day dinner at home when Coral was pregnant and we put this disc on front-to-back and it was perfect.

02) Coldplay – Viva La Vida

No record got more play over 2008 in the Jeep than Coldplay.  It was the soundtrack to our summer holiday and big part of the hype for Pemberton.

01) Kings of Leon – Only By the Night

fuck this album kills.  Its a tie between Akon (anything he touches) and “Use Somebody” as my song of the year.


I also really jived on Alkaline Trio this summer, Nine Inch Nails, if only for the outrageous concert, I am late to the party, but Fleet Foxes is growing on me.  I listened to a ton of top 40 and dance music and Cut/Copy stood out.  Fucked Up is also new so I have not had time to digest it fully, but pretty rad.  Deerhunter is another solid one that I just downloaded but haven’t had time to full appreciate.

One of Coral’s faves might also include Jason Mraz.

hmmm, how’s that?

Go with yourself.


ACK!  I forgot Beck – Modern Guilt

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