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Getting into the latest Caribou single “Our Love.”

Caribou’s new album is also called “Our Love” and will be out on Merge Records, October 7th.

Reading in Pitchfork they talk about “Our Love,” “It’s also a shared, intimate dance amongst strangers in a club at 2 a.m. You worry it might suddenly come to end, even while it feels like it could stretch out to infinity.”

Go with yourself.

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spoon TWMS
Picked up the new Spoon LP and the Merge book, Our Noise: The Story of Merge Records.

The two go together very well. Merge has a chapter in their book on the origin story of Spoon. Their explosion onto the scene as “hot new artist,” and then subsequently getting dropped from Matador. A resurgence on a major label…and then dropped….before finally finding commercial and critical success on Merge.

Spoon’s eighth record is called They Want My Soul. After reading about the trials, label moves, and hard work…you can really appreciate the albums title. I’d love ask Britt Daniels sometime about his life in New York. There was a time before signing with Merge where he was working as a financial assistant? I wonder what his life was like during those times?

We’re currently featuring the song “Do You” on The Zone.

I picked up Spoon with their 2005 record, Gimme Fiction. It’s too early to say which album is my favourite…but right now I have TWMS on heavy rotation. I even like how the album cover kinda fits thematically with 2002’s Kill The Moonlight.

Go with yourself.

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