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Here’s the 2016 Pemberton Festival lineup….not an Earth shattering list, but also a lot to like!

I still love hearing Miguel’s “Simple Things.”

If I’m fortunate enough to score some tickets, there are a bunch of bands I want to see. Pearl Jam for sure (I’ve never seen them live…huh). The classic hip hoppsters and Billy Idol will be fun. I am amped on Kaleo, Jesse Roper, Mastodon, Savages, Chainsmokers.  Borns…sure.

I a mean if someone puts a gun to my head, I guess I can have fun up in Pemberton.

Go with yourself.

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tell the boys
I put together a couple playlists last night…. The first one is a little more upbeat and features  bunch of songs that are popular on modern rock radio and couple my wife Coral and I saw on TV shows.  I made this one for my wife to jam while driving around town.  The set includes Young Galaxy, Arcade Fire, American Authors, Haim, Phantogram, Kongos…and so on.

My next set is a bunch of songs that I am feeling, but generally a little more chill.  You’ll hear THUMPERS, Lord Huron, Waxahatchee, Miguel, Isaiah Rashad, Augustines… stuff like that.

Both sets feature Miguel and THUMPERS as I am going through a minor obsession with both.

Hopefully you’ll get down to one of the sets and discover something new to you.

Go with yourself.

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