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I was reflecting on the year that was in music and put together a couple mixes. The first one is some of favourite songs and records of 2015.

2015 was a year of change for my family. We moved from Victoria to Vancouver. And for the first part of the year I lived in the city by myself, commuting back to the Island on weekends. I spent a lot of time listening to records commuting on the skytrain or on the ferry. When I was with the family, we always had something playing on the car stereo on our adventures and road trips.

Not sure what record I listened to the most…. Kurt Vile, FIDLAR, Beach Slang (and weirdly Waters) were all played a ton. Catfish too come to think of it.

This list is mostly stuff I listened to between headphones. I think I should make another list of what got blasted in the car, it would sound a little different (more Imagine Dragons and Modest Mouse and Ryan Adams).

And then I wanted to reflect on some of favourite songs I cranked at CFOX after a year at the station. It was a fun year. Hit some great shows, festivals, adventures with my family, and getting back into the grind of living in a bigger city. Plus the challenge of trying to elevate my radio performance in a competitive market. Great times. Here’s the soundtrack.

Assistant Program Director Dustin Collins called the set, “Delicious & Rich.”

Go with yourself.

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tell the boys
I put together a couple playlists last night…. The first one is a little more upbeat and features  bunch of songs that are popular on modern rock radio and couple my wife Coral and I saw on TV shows.  I made this one for my wife to jam while driving around town.  The set includes Young Galaxy, Arcade Fire, American Authors, Haim, Phantogram, Kongos…and so on.

My next set is a bunch of songs that I am feeling, but generally a little more chill.  You’ll hear THUMPERS, Lord Huron, Waxahatchee, Miguel, Isaiah Rashad, Augustines… stuff like that.

Both sets feature Miguel and THUMPERS as I am going through a minor obsession with both.

Hopefully you’ll get down to one of the sets and discover something new to you.

Go with yourself.

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That is a picture of Russ doing some work on the Zone @ 91-3 studio.  Neat.

Coral is off to the Sasquatch festival in about week… and we’re both struggling with trying to fit fitness into our lives.  One idea has Coral walking to work.  I reckon it’ll be a 45-60 minute walk… through parks, by the water, over a trestle bridge and cut into a gorge, before crossing an industrial park and a mall.  She wanted a playlist… and get her excited for some bands I made her a list of Sasquatch songs (and Passion Pit).  Maybe you’ll dig it too? Maybe you’ll share with friends?

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> Sasquatch Festival 2012 Mix (Coral’s Walk)

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Yesterday it was Robbie Burns Day.  A day to celebrate the life of the great Scottish 18th century poet.  Today is Australia Day… like Canada Day but backwards and upside down… less snow, more Vegemite. (is there anywhere to buy Vegemite in Victoria?  huh.)

I have been listening to a few bands form both Australia and Scotland lately and thought… if ever there was time to merge a playlist of these two geographically opposite Nations… its today.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> North Sea // Coral Sea

01) Frightened Rabbit – “Scottish Winds” Selkirk, Scotland
02) Altas Genius – “Trojans” Adelaide, Australia
03) Biffy Clyro – “Many of Horror (live)” Kilmarnock, Scotland
04) Gotye – “Eyes Wide Open” Melbourne, Australia
05) Twin Atlantic – “Free” Glasgow, Scotland
06) Twin Atlantic – “Crash Land” Glasgow, Scotland
07) Angus Stone – “Broken Brights”  Sydney, Australia
08) Angus & Julia Stone – “Big Jet Plane” Sydney, Australia

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for listening and go with yourself.

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I am about half way through the book Our Band Could Be Your Life” by Michael Azerrad so I thought I’d put down a little mix of some of the bands featured.

The first 7 bands featured on the set are all profiled in the book. The last 3, D.O.A., R.E.M., and Meat Puppets don’t have a profile in the book.. but they get talked about a bunch and I wanted to round out the set.

I hope you like this little 30 minute set of 80s alt. rock.


DJ Notes

01) The Replacements – “Alex Chilton”
02) Husker Du – “Don’t Want to Know if You Are Lonely”
03) Mission of Burma – “Academy Fight Song”
04) Sonic Youth – “Teen Age Riot”
05) Minor Threat – “Good Guys (Don’t Wear White)”
06) Minutemen – “History Lesson Part 2”
07) Black Flag – “Nervous Breakdown”
08) D.O.A. – “Take A Chance”
09) R.E.M. – “So. Central rain (I’m Sorry)”
10) Meat Puppets – “Plateau”

Stream from Mixcloud >> I’m in love … what’s that song?


Go with yourself.

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I am not reinventing the wheel of 70s rock & roll with this set… a selection of jammers from a 70s rock playlist I am working on. The set sounds so rocking mighty because I was able to peek behind the curtain of 100.3 The Q!’s playlist and find the songs that turn the cranks of people in the know.

Led Zeppelin’s “Fool in the Rain?” I had never heard that song before, no wait, yes I have, its a monster hit. Wow, I know.

Brewer and Shipley I remember from the Fear and Loathing soundtrack so I had to include it on the J. Rex 70s sampler mega hot mix.

My faves include T. Rex and Grand Funk Railroad. “Layla” is pretty darn near perfect… and that Zep song is growing on me with every listen.

You likely know more about the 70s than I do. Do you have some favourites of the era? What would your hour of 70s might and power sound like? I’d love to know. But always remember, Disco sucks!

Stream the one-hour set from my Mixcloud: J. Rex

DJ Notes

01) Elvis Costello – “Pump it Up”
02) T. Rex – “Bang a Gong (Get it On)”
03) Thin Lizzy – “The Boys Are Back in Town”
04) Grand Funk Railroad – “We’re An American Band”
05) Boston – “Peace of Mind”
06) Led Zeppelin – “Fool in the Rain”
07) Derek & The Dominos – “Layla”
08) The Cars – “My Best Friend’s Girl”
09) Blue Oyster Cult – “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”
10) Brewer & Shipley – “One Toke Over the Line”
11) April Wine – “Tonight is a wonderful time to fall in love”
12) The Police – “Roxanne”
13) Elton John – “Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going to be a Long Long Time)”


One of my favourite things about exploring old music that is new to me is sifting through the legend and lore.

I never knew “Layla” was about Eric Clapton banging George Harrison’s wife.  A model named Patti Boyd.  Cute attack!

So Eric and George are besties back in the late 60s.  Helping each other out creatively when something sinister befalls poor Eric.  he falls for his best friend’s wife!

The song Layla was written for her…. but uh, her name is Patti, not Layla?

Confused? so am I.

Layla comes from an old Arabic love tragedy Layla and Majnun.  It is the story of a young gentleman named Qays who is a bit of a poet and he falls for a girl in his tribe named Layla.  Sadly, being a poet doesn’t make you too rad back in the 7th century when impaling people on pikes was the true measure of a man… so Layla’s father prohibits their marriage and instead sends her off to marry someone else.

Qays, crushed, descends into madness and wanders the desert.

A bunch of stuff happens and bingo, bango, bongo he dies.

That is the Coles’s notes version.  You’re really gunna want to click the link and read the story as its pretty great.

So Eric Clapton… bummed out that he is in love with a woman who is already married hears this story from one of his buddies… in the midst of converting to Islam.  Inspired he writes would might be considered one of the best rock & roll songs ever.  (well at least included on the a the list of 500 best!)

Wonderfully… George and Eric worked out their differences over Patti and stay friends. George and Patti remain married for a few more years.

George Harrison and Patti eventually divorce and guess what?  Eric Clapton and Patti then get married and stay that way for a number of years.  Neat huh.

ALL THAT! in a song.

Go with yourself.

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I like making mixtapes… I guess its almost the same rush as someone who plays fantasy baseball or something.  I go through my collection and build a setlist.

With some help from Pitchfork, iTunes Genius and my friend James… I found a set of fuzzy electronic off-kilter beats split up by some adorable indie pop.

The set begins with an ominous song from How To Dress Well. A song that is also side 1, track 1 from their album. It rises with some mellow and enjoyable beats, then bogs down with crackling distortion of Hudson Mohawke. Maybe the most most interesting of the songs I included, if only for its spooky weirdness.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow has some of that ethereal-ness of Hudson. Then I jammed out new music from Alexander, aka Alex Ebert aka the dude from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Something delightful from Kelowna band We Are The City and its a wrap.

Thank you for listening to my set.

Stream it from my Mixcloud: Sometimes beside, never next to


DJ Notes

01) How to Dress Well – “You Hold The Water”
02) Baths – “Plea”
03) Gold Panda – “Back Home”
04) Teen Daze – “Neon”
05) Bibio – “Ambivalence Avenue”
06) Hannah Georgas – “the national”
07) Hudson Mohawke – “Star Crackout”
08) A Sunny Day in Glasgow – “Nitetime Rainbows”
09) Alexander – “Trust”
10) We Are The City – “Time, Wasted”

Go with yourself.

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Mixtape >> Lord I Got High

Lots of inspiration to draw from on a collection of mostly older songs that I’ve been thinking about lately.

I was talking to Crystal the other night about her part-time job and my Boisian friend about her job at the Starbucks. Jobs done on the side because customer service jobs are fun.

Got me thinking about working at Starbucks when I was college and again when I did evenings on the Zone. Heard some great songs and bunch of these I first heard at Starbucks, or was listening to them in and around 2003-2007-ish (with some randoms that fit).

The Dave Matthews?… I don’t have much of a story for other than I thought about him the other day and played this song on the radio, I remembered I used to love it.

Over the weekend I played a bunch of these cuts in the lounge and liked the sound. So to put myself to sleep I made a playlist for my iPod… and thought, maybe I’d share it with you.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my selections.

Please stream the set from my Mixcloud: Lord I Got High

Yes Huck… I’ll get to something that resembles a chillwave set again one day soon.

Go with yourself.

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My latest collection of 45s I picked up over the weekend. This time from Ditch Records in downtown Victoria.

It begins with the contemporary Mumford & Sons. The song “Little Lion Man” has taken on new meaning to me as of late and seeing it at Ditch was kismet so i had to have it. The b-side might be of interest to you major fans as its not on their album and could be new to you.

Then we blast off to the 60s. I bought “The Nana Song” by The Scorpions for my nana… but he really is singing “na-na” not about Nana. Oh well, groovy beat band of the 60s, and the song sounds great.

More beat band action from The Creation, then The Zombies who I have a major lust for as of late. The set ends with some American doo-wop of the 60s in Randy and the Rainbows and then a weird, rare cut from UK’s female vocal group the Four Pennies. The song “My Block” doesn’t appear to have ever been a single. weird.

I hope you enjoy the set. Thank you for making the time to listen to music.

You can STREAM the set from my MIXCLOUD page.
Or download an MP3 >> Spin45_20110221

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Oh hot dog, my photoshop skills are still weak. I can kinda put plain text over a picture.

Have a download of my most recent mixtape.  I little jam-set I call “we could be home in the morning.”

download MP3>> We could be home in the morning 1
You can stream it from my MixCloud

“Whenever I think of Canada…. I just think of more Amurika. ” – some guy from Texas at the Blackjack table

A collection of songs that I am feeling right now. Some inspired by a recent road-trip of the western Untied States (minus the Green Day) some are just inspired.

I hope you love listening as much as I enjoy presenting them for you.

DJ Notes

01) Beach Boys – “God Only Knows”
could this be the greatest song of all time?
02) Geoff Lundstrom – “Sail”
you already know the story of this fine AWOLNATION cover.
03) Local Natives – “Airplanes”
04) Sleigh Bells – “Rill Rill”
we jammed this  song out tons on our trip through the Western US last week.
05)Bear in heaven – “Wholehearted Mess”
06) Geographer – “Original Sin”
07) The Zombies – “She’s Not There”
08) Up Up Down Down – “Boise”
one of my all time favourite bands singing a less than flattering song about the Capital of Idaho.  i totally went there, Christi Wizard bought TWO jugs of wine!  Truth.
09) Destroyer – “Poor In Love”
10) R.E.M. – “I Don’t Sleep, I Dream”
that title sums out how I’ve been feeling lately.

Thoughts or feedback, you know where to leave a comment.

Go with yourself.

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