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I first met Victoria’s Mike Ferguson when he was part of band called Aegis Fang (and part of the Amalgamated Zone 24-Hour Relay Team? I think it was back then….).

Aegis Fang is no more,(The fang is still a thing but it’s all good we barely gig anymore. – MIke),  but Mike has been busy performing around Victoria at various pubs and drinking holes. He has a new solo EP called Hard Luck. Has a bit of an alt-country vibe to it.

This one here features homeboy Jesse Roper!

And I like this one…bluesy.

One more…. a pretty one (and sad one).


and how about that rain today in Vancouver? It rains a lot here in our corner of the Pacific North-West…but today was tropical jungle rain!

I took my daughter to school…eh, it’s grey out, a little wet. Come home and rally my son for daycare and the walk down it was torrential!

As one friend tweeted…you know it’s raining when Vancouverites are commenting on it.


Go with yourself.

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