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I first met Victoria’s Mike Ferguson when he was part of band called Aegis Fang (and part of the Amalgamated Zone 24-Hour Relay Team? I think it was back then….).

Aegis Fang is no more,(The fang is still a thing but it’s all good we barely gig anymore. – MIke),  but Mike has been busy performing around Victoria at various pubs and drinking holes. He has a new solo EP called Hard Luck. Has a bit of an alt-country vibe to it.

This one here features homeboy Jesse Roper!

And I like this one…bluesy.

One more…. a pretty one (and sad one).


and how about that rain today in Vancouver? It rains a lot here in our corner of the Pacific North-West…but today was tropical jungle rain!

I took my daughter to school…eh, it’s grey out, a little wet. Come home and rally my son for daycare and the walk down it was torrential!

As one friend tweeted…you know it’s raining when Vancouverites are commenting on it.


Go with yourself.

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I was reading about Motorhead’s new line of sex toys.


Neat. But while reading about them, I came across this most excellent cover of “Sympathy For The Devil” by Lemmy & Co.

I did this radio bit many moons ago where I pretended to pee in Jon Williams’ tea mug…and with pissing in mugs being red hot in the news right now I was trying to find it. I guess the signal was lost to the noise on the FM radio all those moons ago and I didn’t save it.

But my journeys reminded me of a couple great cover songs. I LOVE this Kings of Leon cover of Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own.”

And Jesse Roper’s Stevie Ray Vaughn is also super cool.

Finally…how about Titus Andronicus’ cover of The Weeknd? Dig it!

Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday. Also first day of school. Took my daughter to her first day of grade two. I moved back to the city I grew up in…and my kid is going to the same elementary school I went to. What a trip.

Go with yourself.

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Human Kebab crowd surfing at Rock The Shores in Victoria. July 11th, 2014. Photo: Zoner Sonya

Human Kebab crowd surfing at Rock The Shores in Victoria. July 11th, 2014. Photo: Zoner Sonya

Busy weekend in the Garden City. I’ll be DJing a couple weddings, but before I head off to a hotel ball room, I’ll be taking my little tribe down to Rock The Shores.

I had to work yesterday, so I missed USS which sucks. I love those guys.  Today I am amped to see Jesse Roper and The Dudes before I have to take off and DJ.

Yesterday I had to work. During my show I talked to a writer at Pacific Standard named Ryan Jacobs…he used to be at The Atlantic. Last fall he wrote an article about Iceland and how the people there fiercely believe in elves.

Why So Many Icelanders Still Believe in Invisible Elves

Go with yourself.

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roper yeah
I must apologise for the border around my Instagram of Jesse Roper…I read on the internet yesterday that that is not cool any more. Hey internet, I didn’t know! There really ought to be a guide on how to conduct yourself on the information superhighway.

Jesse Roper stopped by the show yesterday to talk some V.I.C. Fest, his new Indie GoGo campaign and to play us a couple songs. His Stevie Ray Vaughan cover is a good time.

Go with yourself.

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Jesse Roper and The Roper Show will be performing tonight (Happy Birthday Tindy!) at Upstairs Cabaret. If you’re planning on hitting the concert, tickets are selling like hot cakes. Red hot hot cakes. So go get ’em before it sells out.

Yesterday he stopped by the radio show to perform a couple songs live.  Both new ones.

The support act for the show tonight is a group called Band of Rascals.

Go with yourself.

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