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Toronto band Most Non Heinous have a new movie themed song in “The Good The Bad, and The Ugly.”

More of the aggressive, industrial rock that fans of the band will be familiar with.

“No one wins in a Mexican standoff.”

New record will be called The Fifth Element and comes out in August. Another song off the disc is called “The Lost Boys.”

And let’s go back in time and hear their most excellent cover of Tool’s “Stinkfist.” Threads a little female vocal into the mix. Nice touch.

Go with yourself.

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derp…. Day late. I am going to try to make Wednesday the cover song freakout day.

Most Non Heinous is rowdy bunch from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We know and love a few of their cuts on the radio here in Victoria.  They recently(ish) laid down a cover of Tool’s 1996 hit “Stinkfist.”

Shout out to my man Seamus for the reminder on how great this song is.

Go with yourself.

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