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Toronto band Most Non Heinous have a new movie themed song in “The Good The Bad, and The Ugly.”

More of the aggressive, industrial rock that fans of the band will be familiar with.

“No one wins in a Mexican standoff.”

New record will be called The Fifth Element and comes out in August. Another song off the disc is called “The Lost Boys.”

And let’s go back in time and hear their most excellent cover of Tool’s “Stinkfist.” Threads a little female vocal into the mix. Nice touch.

Go with yourself.

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derp…. Day late. I am going to try to make Wednesday the cover song freakout day.

Most Non Heinous is rowdy bunch from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  We know and love a few of their cuts on the radio here in Victoria.  They recently(ish) laid down a cover of Tool’s 1996 hit “Stinkfist.”

Shout out to my man Seamus for the reminder on how great this song is.

Go with yourself.

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Thanks Bud for the graphic! http://www.happydesigns.com/

When I got home late from my first wedding DJ gig on Saturday night I texted David Eleanor to see if the Dodgeball party was still raging.  It was not (the team crushed TWO kegs by 11:30/midnight!).

I was up and still buzzing from the party and felt like watching something that was not internet porn.  I punched up Tool’s AEnima record.  I don’t know what it is about the song “Eulogy” but I started thinking about the 1985 sci-fi classic, Explorers.  The movie stars a young Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix in their first feature film roles!  Plus a young Amanda Peterson (SWA?  we’ll get to her later).

The story is basically about a group of teens who build a spaceship and take off into space to explore.  They meet some aliens and presto-bango-bongo, you got a movie.

When i saw it as a kid, I loved the movie.  iTunes sells films, but it was $10!  Luckily, youtube has a much nicer price-point, free.

Watch>> Explorers part 1/14 (just follow the links after each segment to complete the film)

The movie is pretty great as far as old 80’s films of my youth go.  The film is worth your time strictly on its historical merits of featuring River Phoenix in his debut film role.

The female lead (who isn’t in the film much… girls ewwww!) is an actress named Amanda Peterson.

Amanda is an interesting story of the life and career of likely so many Hollywood actors.  She was on the up during this film.  landed a few good roles, nominated for the odd award then gets the lead in 1987’s Can’t Buy Me Love.  This movie was one of Patrick Dempsey‘s first starring roles and at the time… Amanda and Patrick were a big teen idol deal.

Yet oddly, Amanda would go on to do no other films of note.  Weird?  I wonder why that is?  Wikipedia doesn’t have those answers and doesn’t do speculation.

I had to watch Can’t Buy Me Love… and wouldn’t you know it, youtube has this move too, broken down into a 10 part series.

Watch>> Can’t Buy Me Love 1/10

I might like Can’t Buy Me Love better than Explorers, if only because it is an even greater 80’s film in the traditional sense.

The film hits all my basic 80’s film foundations except one [gratuitous topless shot(s)].

01) Jock vs Nerd Conflict
02) Quest to date the hottest girl in school (cheerleader)
03) Slow clap to end the movie

Patrick Dempsey plays Ronald, a nerd that has a super duper crush on Cindy… the hottest girl in school.  Cindy fucks up and needs $1,000 bad!  Ronald has a grand so they work out a deal where Cindy will “date” Ronald for one month and help him achieve popularity in exchange for the money.  Along the way, they discover a little something about each other and there is some miss-communication, some conflict, some growth and then… yes a slow clap.  Sounds like a pretty epic 80’s comedy to me.

Ask Coral, I actually joined the slow clap myself!  I had too… it was no Lucas slow clap, but it was grand.

If you have the technology, plug your laptop into your TV and invite the kids around this portal into a distant past… one where Jock and Nerds waged a war for Cheerleader supremacy.

Go with yourself.

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Today is Father’s Day… and when I woke up this morning; I was alone.  Maddy had spent the night at Nana’s and Coral was in Coquitlam.  So I got the greatest Father’s Day gift of all, peace in the morning.  With no one snoring or kicking me or poking me to “wake up Daddy!” I was able to sleep till 11AM! That hasn’t happened since the winter of ’08.

After a morning that involved working the email for wedding leads and washing my Jeep… it was off to Nana’s cottage house to hang out and watch my sick baby play (she has a cold).  I’ve been feeling sick the past week too… so it was a sick Father’s Day for us.  We didn’t get up to much, but what we did do, will live on forever as a streaming piece of internet audio.  Have a listen.

Mixcloud >> Maddy and Daddy 02

Its Father’s Day 2010 and I thought it would be as good a time as any to catch up with my favourite interview subject, Miss Madelyn Oh Yeah! She wishes me a “Happy Father’s Day” (with my prompting) then we talk about being sick, going to Nana’s, our failed trip to Tim Horton’s and ordering pizza.

The music at the beginning is Tool’s “Eulogy” and the end is The National’s “Daughters of the Soho Riots.


My first paid wedding gig was last night and it was really fun.  I think I’ll enjoy this line of work.  Its great being my own boss (and super stressful) and I like the performance aspect.  I have some grand ideas for my stage set-up after last nights party. I had a good light set up for the wedding last night, but I want a great one! (and I want to find an alternative to the traditional fog machine.  Haze is awesome, but the fog machine ‘smoke’ sucks hard)

I also learned a few things, chiefly I need more 90s pop songs.  Real terrible stuff that I never listened to but today’s brides all lapped up; N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, Aqua… yeesh.  I should have anticipated that… but flaked.  I still delivered a good set, but I did have to dodge a couple requests because I had zero Aqua songs on the hard drive.  That said, we did jam out some jems and ended the night with a cut from Lamb of God!

Th first wedding worked out great and I learned a ton.  Can’t wait to apply the knowledge and make the next one even better!

Go with yourself.

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“Hey, can you play that ‘what do you know’ song?”

and thus is how half a dozen phone calls on the Zone begin for me each and everyday.

The majority of people that rock the radio every day only half listen to what is going on (heck I work on the radio and I only half listen!).  One of the most popular songs in modern rock right now repeats the line “What do you know?” a whole bunch so you can be forgiven to think the track is called “What Do You Know?”

The song is actually called “The Mission” and it is from Puscifer.



AKA: Maynard James Keenan


I know right… the same guy that brought us so many fine rock songs from Tool and A Perfect Circle and even provided the vocals to best song off The Deftones White Pony record, “Passenger.”

Now Maynard rocks a vineyard in Arizona’s Verde Valley (verde means green in Spanish!) and has a Puscifer store on top of some tattoo parlour in Jerome, Arizona.

Hang on a second, Puscifer sure don’t sound like Tool! there is some chick singing!

Oh you bet… that lovely is none other than Milla Jovovich.  She’s an actress best known for playing the hot one in The 5th Element and the hot one in that video game movie.  But I’ll always remember her as ‘Michele’ in Dazed and Confused.

Puscifer? … that sure is a funny name.

It IS a funny name.  Maynard lifted it from the first episode of Mr. Show, a funny show.

fast forward to the 3:36 mark.

Holy Moly… Ronnie Dobbs… that’s… that’s

Yeah that’s that guy from Arrested DevelopmentThe Blue Man group guy

Oh right, he was married to Ellen’s hot wife!  What is her name again?


Now where were we?.  Puscifer is the band playing the “Ronnie Dobbs” song and Maynard plays the lead singer guy.

But how come it isn’t that easy for me to steal the song off the internet?

Good question, maybe your goggle-fu is weak?

Go with yourself.

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Music NERD!

I wanted to have a show called Music NERD! that talked about the weird shit that goes on in music or at least dive into my favourite bands in a sickly dorky way.

Rozie (I think) sent this link.  Weird.

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