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Tyson and Dan Ball of Victoria rockers Acres of Lions stopped by my radio show to talk about their new single, a cover of Corey Hart’s 1985 smash hit, “Never Surrender.”

Have a listen to the interview, stay for the classic Canadianna.

You can download the song off iTunes RIGHT NOW. All most proceeds go to the charity MusicCounts.

Have a listen: Interview>> Acres of Lions

download the song on itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/neve…
MusicCounts: http://www.musicounts.ca/

I want to interview Corey Hart sometime… see what this classic Canadian icon is up to.  I read on the internet he has like 4 kids and lives in the Bahamas writing music for Celine Dion.  Well done sir.


I posted a write-up about the mixtape I made for Coral on our 1st Wedding Anniversary on my Victoria Wedding DJ website if you care to check it out. Actually please do click the link as I think it’ll help my Google searchnessisms for “Victoria Wedding DJ.”

Go with yourself.

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