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The Tall Tree Music Festival is a boutique festival on Vancouver Island’s west coast.  They have it on the side of a mountain just outside of Port Renfrew.

I’ve never had the opportunity to go in the past because of work and kids.  This year…well I still have the kids, and the work, but I’ll be able to head up for at least a couple night with my buddy Razor. He is in the band Acres of Lions and they’ll be playing on Friday Night.

Also Friday… Longwalkshortdock!

On the Thursday night… Mullet Man was saying something about maybe DJing. That could be an experience.

Go with yourself.

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Victoria, BC’s Acres of Lions spent much of 2012 on the road.  It seemed like they played almost every city, town, village and trading post in British Columbia.  They went East and they went further East to England.  Finally, when the last tour t-shirt was sold and and end was insight, they holed up in a HoJo in Toronto (with a POOL!) and buried themselves in a studio to record.

The new record will be called Home(s). The ‘s’ in the parentheses maybe speaks to the nomadic life of these guys.  They have homes where they’re from, homes where they live now (kinda… Victoria) and then all the friends they have on the warpath across Canada and now in England.

Our first feature cut off the album is called “Bright Light.” The song has singer Jeff Kalesnikoff reflecting on his youth that launches into an anthemic chorus.  As the title implies, musically the song is very bright and propulsive.

Buy the single on iTunes TODAY!

Acres will be celebrating their album release with us here in Victoria on Friday, March 29th at Lucky Bar.  Industry friends can look for them at CMW in Toronto! The rest of Canada can find your city on this LIST.

Go with yourself.

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My friend Razer is back in Victoria for a few days.  His band Acres of Lions got off the road at the end of the fall and immediately hopped into a Toronto studio to work on their new record.  Over a couple a few pints he previewed the new songs for me.  Sounding real good and I can’t wait to share them on this here blog when they come back from mixing.

If you are an industry friend or enjoy this blog from Toronto…please make a date with Acres of Lions at Canadian Music Week in March.

This is an older song but one of their more popular radio singles (at least on The Zone in Victoria and Sonic in Edmonton and maybe The Peak in Vancouver)

After we were done talking shop, we downed one more and fired on that Boy record.

Go with yourself.

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A band that named their ep after the motto of Coach Taylor? A band named after the inscription of Robin Hood’s sword? OK… you’ve hooked me, lets see what you got Lambs Become Lions.

We travel to the distant lands of St. Catharines, Ontario for a sound they describe as Joyful, Country Pop Rock.  The band features some veterans Canadiana rock and roll including Alexisonfire drummer Jesse Ingelevics.  Listening to the 6 song ep, I’m hearing the sound of a maturing band struggling with the day-to-day of living life as a modern adult in Canada.  Songs about love, growing up, having dreams crash-up against the walls reality, and ultimately being comfortable or content with the hand dealt.  Also they have a song called “Postcards” with maximum shoutouts to the Gaslight Anthem.  If I were to a draw a parallel to another Canadian band with a very similar aesthetic, I think they sound like Acres of Lions (whoa Lions, so hawt right now).

Side one, track one is their single.  “When I Open My Eyes” is a romantic song.  I am getting a wedding first dance taste when I hear this cut.

That is kinda nice.  Slow jam.

The next song is that “man, growing up is hard work” anthem.  They made a music video for this song that features kids, and baseball hats.  hey… I LOVE kids and baseball hats.

Dig it.

Go with yourself.

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The Capital Rock City podcast makes its return today!

Listen: Capital Rock City #96

CRC96 fires up its third season with music from Acres of Lions. My favourite song off their new record ‘Collections‘ is the title track and last cut. Maybe its about hording? Jeff, are you trying to tell us you need an A&E intervention? Acres of Lions leaves tomorrow for Nova Scotia to perform at the Halifax Pop Explosion. http://halifaxpopexplosion.com/

JP Maurice teamed up with a who’s-who of Victorian artists to record a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” as the Noverdubs. Watch the video and documentary about the project at http://wearemaurice.com

Rocky Mountain Rebel Music teamed up with their friends in Everybody Left for a song Jesse describes as, “insane Dancehall/Blues.”

Lastly… Quoia released a new record a couple weeks ago… the promotion brought them to my studio to record their single live off the floor.

Thank you for listening.

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This weekend is Vic Fest.  Going down Saturday on the grounds of St. Ann’s Academy will be a day of Island brew, wine, food, bands and DJs.  To help celebrate and get people fired up… I am having performers form the festival on my show to perform live.  Monday featured Acres of Lions.  Today it was Georgia Murray.

Have a listen to this:

Acres of Lions including a live performance of the new song “Kids.”

Download MP3 >> 20110613 Acres of Lions

Georgia Murray performed her song “SRH” and also told the incredible story of Korean pop star Lee Hyori straight up stealing one of her songs.  It was one hell of a tale to tell on the radio today and worth listening to.

Download MP3 >20110614 Georgia Murray

Go with yourself.

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Tyson and Dan Ball of Victoria rockers Acres of Lions stopped by my radio show to talk about their new single, a cover of Corey Hart’s 1985 smash hit, “Never Surrender.”

Have a listen to the interview, stay for the classic Canadianna.

You can download the song off iTunes RIGHT NOW. All most proceeds go to the charity MusicCounts.

Have a listen: Interview>> Acres of Lions

download the song on itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/neve…
MusicCounts: http://www.musicounts.ca/

I want to interview Corey Hart sometime… see what this classic Canadian icon is up to.  I read on the internet he has like 4 kids and lives in the Bahamas writing music for Celine Dion.  Well done sir.


I posted a write-up about the mixtape I made for Coral on our 1st Wedding Anniversary on my Victoria Wedding DJ website if you care to check it out. Actually please do click the link as I think it’ll help my Google searchnessisms for “Victoria Wedding DJ.”

Go with yourself.

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Last night was the first meeting of the newly inaugurated Victoria Record Club.

If you love vinyl or think one day you might… or like hanging out with music nerds… join the group!

Not sure how many of us packed down a used shopping bag of vinyl to Talk’s Cheap on Pandora Street… but I’d imagine there were about 12 or 13 of us standing around awkwardly in Tiemen’s store.

I met a music blogger named Michelle and wanted to share her blog with you: Eh B Sea Sides

By some accounts, it was kinda fun… so we’ll do a second meeting in October.  Can’t wait.  I already know what record I am going to bring. But shhhhh… its a secret b/c I am going to buy it for Coral.


Rifflandia starts tomorrow! ahhhhhhhhhh

Have you checked out the schedule to draft your map or zig-zags around the beautiful Capital of British Columbia to see your favourite bands and discover new ones?

I will be broadcasting from Market Square all afternoon tomorrow as the bands roll in to set up and sound check.  Then at 7PM I am free to party (probably, need to see if Nana will watch Mads… or else Coral is free to PARTY! and I’ll be watching Parenthood on my PVR  and colouring).

Having Coral in tow does change my idea a bit of what I want to see.  I am interested in the punk rock going down Thursday at Rehab, but Coral is probably not as inclined.  She hasn’t seen the magazine yet, so this all subject to change… by her… but here’s my dream plan:


7:30 Sunday Buckets – Market Square
8:30 Acres of Lions – Club 9one9
9:30 We Are The City – Club 9one9

*maybe grab some food or a cocktail at Veneto, or some noodlebox or something to sustain me*

11:30 JFK (MSTRKRFT) – Touch Lounge

Conversely… I could stay at Market Square all evening… or stay at Club 9one9 and be happy.

If Coral is feeling some more aggressive rock, I’d love to hit Rehab.

Sadly, I have to work Friday and Saturday (DJing at Veneto if anyone Rifflandia-ing needs a time-out, come see me for a cocktail). I might sneak to a 7:30 show… or join the party at 1AM if people are still out and about.  Razer (Acres of Lions) and Scott (Dojo Workhorse) … I’m looking at you.

Sunday… maybe Ball Gag and Chain Gang at Club 9one9 then Big Muff… then fly over to Lucky Bar to see DJ Siclife then back to Club 9one9.  Sunday depends on childcare/money/energy for sure.

It’ll be fun!

What’s your plans and where should I meet you for cocktails?

(Zone dot FM slash Jeremy readers click here to comment)

Go with yourself.

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Summer time and in our little family that means road trip time!

Coral and I have done a few and this summer is no exception.

We haven’t hammered out all the details and founds beds to sleep in every night but so far the plan has us cutting through the hills and mountains on a mighty trek around lakes and beyond the horizon to scenic Alberta.  We are thinking of starting in Banff.  Coral hasn’t been there since she was a kid and the last time I can remember being the birthplace of the National Park is when Bob, Paul and I cut through there on our Cross-Canada Adventure in 1998.

I think we might also check out Calgary before pushing North to Edmonton.  The largest northern city (outside of Santa’s workshop) in North America.

And since used cars cost less there, I am sure we’ll at least pass into Wetaskwin.  We’ll see.  I think I’ll need to do the West Edmonton Waterpark and we’re thinking of bringing our bikes… so a river bike ride?

Then we’ll swing back into friendly territory after sacking Edmonton (BC Total WAR!) and head to Kelowna.  If it times out right, we’ll be there for the long weekend and might get a chance to see Acres of Lions who will be there too! They are playing the Center of Gravity Festival and it would be so cool to hook up with my man Tyson in his old hometown and see his band.

Plus! some desert bike riding will be in order and we might actually check out one of these wineries that everyone speaks of. hmm?  Maybe.  For sure, the Kelowna Waterpark will be on the itinerary.

The adventure ends on Vancouver Island where we’ll be joining my folks camping somewhere beyond civilization (like basically anywhere north of Nanaimo).

Can’t wait!  We just got to track down a bike rack.  Do you have one we could borrow?

Go with yourself.

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CRC 93 starts off with one of the more interesting indie rockers I’ve heard in awhile.  The artist goes by Eat the Weeds. She has some world beat type stuff going on.  Nanaimo metal band Look Medusa have a terrible band bio write up, but fun straight forward epic style of hard rock.  I almost hear a little Fu Manchu in there?  I hope so, I like the Fu.  My friend Tyson got a job touring with Florida punks Against Me! I interviewed him last week at the start of their cross Canada tour and then launch into Tyson’s band Acres of Lions.  The show ends with a remix of Tegan and Sara done by local Victoria DJ Murge.  Murge taught me at DJ school!  what a guy.

Thank you for downloading Capital Rock City, please tell a friend about your experience.

Come Get some, download: Capital Rock City #93

You can subscribe to Capital Rock City with this RSS feed or find it in the iTunes store.


DJ Notes

01) Eat the Weeds – “Open Loop Design”
02) Look, Medusa! – “The Magic Word”
03) Acres of Lions – “Dance Sequence”
04) Tegan and Sara – “Walking With A Ghost (DJ Murge Remix)”

Man, I hate being the dick, but I had to come down on Hey! Medusa’s band bio.  They’re not the first band I’ve had to call out on the podcast for terribleness… but maybe, just maybe the last?  Anyways, here we go.  Maybe you got some thoughts, maybe you’re a writer and can send the boys some help.

Look, Medusa! is a schizophrenic mixture of sweet metal licks and powerful pop sensibility, packed to the rim with so much emotion that you’ll need a lifetime prescription for Prozac.

It all started as a basement metal band in the Summer of ’06, dedicating half of every band practice to catching the latest episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. Now Look, Medusa! is committed to creating a unique and resonant sound to identify with what each of us has gone through, both collectively and individually. As we’ve grown, so too has our sound. As our minds have evolved, so too have our awesome rock-related superpowers.

Right now, Look, Medusa! is recording for their upcoming album at Victoria’s Infinity Studios with Adam Sutherland. The eclectic mix will delve into every musical taste the band has experienced to date, to prove that they’ve got what it takes to escape the island and make it.

I got a few problems with the bio, but chiefly… who even watches 90210?  They do episodes on the dangers of Sexting?  Shenae Grimes is pretty adorable I guess… if you like that sorta thing, but an inspiration for your brand of metal?

That said, a pretty enjoyable, straight forward metal-type sound.

That’s all I got, talk to you next week. Go with yourself.

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