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The Tall Tree Music Festival is a boutique festival on Vancouver Island’s west coast.  They have it on the side of a mountain just outside of Port Renfrew.

I’ve never had the opportunity to go in the past because of work and kids.  This year…well I still have the kids, and the work, but I’ll be able to head up for at least a couple night with my buddy Razor. He is in the band Acres of Lions and they’ll be playing on Friday Night.

Also Friday… Longwalkshortdock!

On the Thursday night… Mullet Man was saying something about maybe DJing. That could be an experience.

Go with yourself.

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Victoria, BC’s Acres of Lions spent much of 2012 on the road.  It seemed like they played almost every city, town, village and trading post in British Columbia.  They went East and they went further East to England.  Finally, when the last tour t-shirt was sold and and end was insight, they holed up in a HoJo in Toronto (with a POOL!) and buried themselves in a studio to record.

The new record will be called Home(s). The ‘s’ in the parentheses maybe speaks to the nomadic life of these guys.  They have homes where they’re from, homes where they live now (kinda… Victoria) and then all the friends they have on the warpath across Canada and now in England.

Our first feature cut off the album is called “Bright Light.” The song has singer Jeff Kalesnikoff reflecting on his youth that launches into an anthemic chorus.  As the title implies, musically the song is very bright and propulsive.

Buy the single on iTunes TODAY!

Acres will be celebrating their album release with us here in Victoria on Friday, March 29th at Lucky Bar.  Industry friends can look for them at CMW in Toronto! The rest of Canada can find your city on this LIST.

Go with yourself.

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My friend Razer is back in Victoria for a few days.  His band Acres of Lions got off the road at the end of the fall and immediately hopped into a Toronto studio to work on their new record.  Over a couple a few pints he previewed the new songs for me.  Sounding real good and I can’t wait to share them on this here blog when they come back from mixing.

If you are an industry friend or enjoy this blog from Toronto…please make a date with Acres of Lions at Canadian Music Week in March.

This is an older song but one of their more popular radio singles (at least on The Zone in Victoria and Sonic in Edmonton and maybe The Peak in Vancouver)

After we were done talking shop, we downed one more and fired on that Boy record.

Go with yourself.

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A band that named their ep after the motto of Coach Taylor? A band named after the inscription of Robin Hood’s sword? OK… you’ve hooked me, lets see what you got Lambs Become Lions.

We travel to the distant lands of St. Catharines, Ontario for a sound they describe as Joyful, Country Pop Rock.  The band features some veterans Canadiana rock and roll including Alexisonfire drummer Jesse Ingelevics.  Listening to the 6 song ep, I’m hearing the sound of a maturing band struggling with the day-to-day of living life as a modern adult in Canada.  Songs about love, growing up, having dreams crash-up against the walls reality, and ultimately being comfortable or content with the hand dealt.  Also they have a song called “Postcards” with maximum shoutouts to the Gaslight Anthem.  If I were to a draw a parallel to another Canadian band with a very similar aesthetic, I think they sound like Acres of Lions (whoa Lions, so hawt right now).

Side one, track one is their single.  “When I Open My Eyes” is a romantic song.  I am getting a wedding first dance taste when I hear this cut.

That is kinda nice.  Slow jam.

The next song is that “man, growing up is hard work” anthem.  They made a music video for this song that features kids, and baseball hats.  hey… I LOVE kids and baseball hats.

Dig it.

Go with yourself.

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The Capital Rock City podcast makes its return today!

Listen: Capital Rock City #96

CRC96 fires up its third season with music from Acres of Lions. My favourite song off their new record ‘Collections‘ is the title track and last cut. Maybe its about hording? Jeff, are you trying to tell us you need an A&E intervention? Acres of Lions leaves tomorrow for Nova Scotia to perform at the Halifax Pop Explosion. http://halifaxpopexplosion.com/

JP Maurice teamed up with a who’s-who of Victorian artists to record a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” as the Noverdubs. Watch the video and documentary about the project at http://wearemaurice.com

Rocky Mountain Rebel Music teamed up with their friends in Everybody Left for a song Jesse describes as, “insane Dancehall/Blues.”

Lastly… Quoia released a new record a couple weeks ago… the promotion brought them to my studio to record their single live off the floor.

Thank you for listening.

Go with yourself.

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This weekend is Vic Fest.  Going down Saturday on the grounds of St. Ann’s Academy will be a day of Island brew, wine, food, bands and DJs.  To help celebrate and get people fired up… I am having performers form the festival on my show to perform live.  Monday featured Acres of Lions.  Today it was Georgia Murray.

Have a listen to this:

Acres of Lions including a live performance of the new song “Kids.”

Download MP3 >> 20110613 Acres of Lions

Georgia Murray performed her song “SRH” and also told the incredible story of Korean pop star Lee Hyori straight up stealing one of her songs.  It was one hell of a tale to tell on the radio today and worth listening to.

Download MP3 >20110614 Georgia Murray

Go with yourself.

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Tyson and Dan Ball of Victoria rockers Acres of Lions stopped by my radio show to talk about their new single, a cover of Corey Hart’s 1985 smash hit, “Never Surrender.”

Have a listen to the interview, stay for the classic Canadianna.

You can download the song off iTunes RIGHT NOW. All most proceeds go to the charity MusicCounts.

Have a listen: Interview>> Acres of Lions

download the song on itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/neve…
MusicCounts: http://www.musicounts.ca/

I want to interview Corey Hart sometime… see what this classic Canadian icon is up to.  I read on the internet he has like 4 kids and lives in the Bahamas writing music for Celine Dion.  Well done sir.


I posted a write-up about the mixtape I made for Coral on our 1st Wedding Anniversary on my Victoria Wedding DJ website if you care to check it out. Actually please do click the link as I think it’ll help my Google searchnessisms for “Victoria Wedding DJ.”

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