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Middle Class Rut… something maybe you’re experiencing right now; also a band from Sacramento.

I’ve blogged before about my love of Vancouver fuzz duo Japandroids.  MCR (whoa, some shorthand as My Chemical Romance) are an alt-rock duo too… but their style is more reflective of a band growing up in the sunny excess of California and not the down-and-out hipster rain forest of Vancouver.

David Eleanor first brought up Middle Class Rut at our music meeting last Friday.  he noticed some radio traction in the US.  First listen, and I loved it.  The style of their single “New Low” immediately screamed Fu Manchu (another California desert fuzz band). in fact, the Fu Manchu comparison was so strong, I jammed out all California Crossing all weekend.

Finally on Sunday night I broke down and downloaded No Name No Color. NNNC is a collection of their earlier EPs and demos. A gritty, genuine, fuzzed out rock sound. I mentioned comparisons to Japandroids and Fu Manchu earlier, but you’ll also pull out threads of Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age.

The style says desert and suburbs to me. Lyrically, they tackle themes of our modern consumer culture.  I haven’t owned the record for longer than 24 hours yet, and adore it.

The gentlemen of MCR recorded most of the songs in their studio located in one end of the drummer’s Mom’s house.   The record for the most part was recorded in the capital (or capitol in Americanese) of California and much of it was mixed in Van Nuys.

Middle Class Rut has had the opportunity to support Social Distortion, Alice in Chains, Them Crooked Vultures and Chevelle in concert.  They are off right now opening for Filter.

Have a listen to “New Low.”

Go with yourself.

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