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I fucked up when I ordered my Japandroids LP. I was so excited when it was announced, I went right to Polyvinyl and ordered the record. There it was!

THEN I noticed, wait, they’re on ANTI now and ANTI sends you a bonus 7-inch of the single/title track with the b-side cover of the Talking Heads “Love → Building on Fire.”

Fuck me. I can’t find JUST the 7-inch on sale anywhere. Anyways, that’s my first world problem today.

Japandroids are on tour. Here’s the Canadian dates.

02/17 – Toronto, ON @ Danforth Theatre
02/18 – Toronto, ON @ Danforth Theatre
03/20 – Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom

Go with yourself.

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The greatest rock-and-roll band in the world has a brand spanking new song to share.

Japandroids release their third studio record, Near to the Wild Heart of Life, on Janauary 27th.

Here we are, ON MY BIRTHDAY! and we get a second taste of the new record.

I was spoiled and got the chance to see Japandroids at The Cobalt back in the fall. But the boys are back in town…. with The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn!

3/17 – Portland, OR – Revolution Hall*
3/18 –  Seattle, WA –  Neptune*
3/20 – Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom*

Go with yourself.

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photo credit: Leigh Righton

I am pretty much obsessed with the latest single from JAPANDROIDS.

This and Cloud Nothings have been on repeat at home lately.

The band announced a wold tour today which brings them back to Vancouver. This time for a show at The Commodore on March 20th.

Craig Finn of The Hold Steady fame will open a bunch of the shows including the Vancouver gig.


In unrelated news…. I decided I want to be a basketball fan. I just need a team to cheer for…so I picked the old Vancouver team…now living life in Memphis. The Grizzlies!

I called the Grizzlies play-by-play guy to learn about the team.Also I find out what happened to a Vancouver legend, Super Grizz!


Took the little boy on a hike on Sunday. We saw a ton of fish in the Coquitlam river doing their fish thing.

November adventures with Jack.

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Go with yourself.

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photo credit: Leigh Righton

JAPANDROIDS rage back with the announcement of a new record called Near To The Wild Heart Of Life. Polyvinyl has it on pre-order right now, record ships January 27th.

The record is 8 songs sequenced specifically for vinyl. Songs 1 to 7 form some sort of loose narrative so says the press, with track 8 acting as an epilogue.

The first share song is the title track. It will be released as a 7-inch singled backed with a cover of the Talking HeadsLove → Building on Fire.”

Their third albums follows 2012’s Celebration Rock and ’09’s Post-Nothing.

Talking to Pitchfork, Brian King talks about the song writing.

“In some ways, we’re approaching this like it’s our very first record. We’re removing all the self-imposed rules that led to the songs and the sound of our whole career up until now. When you do that, you can try anything.”

1 Near To The Wild Heart Of Life (4:57)
2 North East South West (4:21)
3 True Love And A Free Life Of Free Will (4:26)
4 I’m Sorry (For Not Finding You Sooner) (2:28)
5 Arc Of Bar (7:25)
6 Midnight To Morning (4:44)
7 No Known Drink Or Drug (3:11)
8 In A Body Like A Grave (5:22)

“I used to be good, but now I’m bad.”


Halloween was fun times! Bush wa sin Vancouver for a sold-out show at the Commodore. For 51 years old, Gavin Rossdale is a fireball of energy and still sounds vintage 90s. Great show, fun night. My wife Coral, her sister Alyx, and I went has Daenerys and her dragons.

#Stormborn #daenerystargaryen #dragons

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Go with yourself.

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Vancouver rockers JAPANDROIDS took to the stage for first time in 3 years last night at The Cobalt in Vancouver. The set also featured new music that will be part of an album due later (maybe this year).

The boys in the band seemed in genuinely jovial spirits as they returned to the stage and treated the packed dive bar’s crowd. The set included 5 new songs including a song they described as their “longest and weirdest” song on the upcoming record. They also hoped it would be our favourite when this future album drops. This was the first song of the night, “Arc Of Bar.”

At one point they joked that they were “getting 1% better every song. If they play 100 songs they’ll be pretty good.”

The funny thing, the set did grow and build with each song. Here’s the set list that my friend Kirsten Grace sent me. They called a few audibles, but for the most part the night played out like this. I’ll need to get confirmation on what the ????? songs were, they played two after “House That Heaven Built.”

JAPANDROIDS continue their homestand tonight at The Cobalt and roll through toSaturday before continuing to Los Angeles.

10-11 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
10-15 Toronto – Horseshoe Tavern
10-20 London, England – Birthdays
10-28 Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory
10-29 Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory
11-25 Mexico City, Mexico – Caradura

For those of you that have never been to Vancouver’s Cobalt on Main Street…it’s a place. Me and my buddy Tyson kept remarking to our partners, “back in the day, this place was more punk!”

My wife snapped this graffiti in the bar. I guess we’re not that original!

Go with yourself.

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I knew it would be a good day when I woke up and threw on my JAPANDROIDS t-shirt. Trolling twitter and this tweet came down the feed.

Well hey now. Beach Slang covering one of my favourite band’s bestest songs! Alright.

The song is part of a compilation record from Polyvinyl Records called Polyvinyl Plays Polyvinyl. The 20th anniversary record features bands on their roster covering other bands on the roster.  Beach Slang plugging in and turning up JAPANDROIDS “Younger us” is pretty much a layup.

We’re getting close to Beach Slang’s sophomore album, A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings, out on September 24th.

JAPANDROIDS begin their four night home stand at The Cobalt in Vancouver on October 5th.


Well intrepid music blog reader….I don’t just share soundcloud streams on Hype Machine, I am also a commercial radio DJ. I’ve been working in alternative or modern rock radio since 2003 (and five years before that on college radio). I have a big ole space in my heart for radio songs and wanted a place to collect a few songs that “I used to play on the radio all thew time.” But now they rarely come up. So here’s my new music podcast, Maximum Warp, Engage. The show is gunna be songs from Y2K to 2009. I’ll likely focus on modern rock radio hits, but you’ll be subjected to some CanCon forgotten wonders and the occasional Thursday cut. I was on the radio in Victoria and now Vancouver….so it’ll be my take based on recollections of West Coast Canadian Radio. If you have any feedback or requests for a song to dig up…don’t be shy. Comment or tweet or email me. It’s all good.

And depending on how I feel and where my energy is at… Alternative to What?…my meditations on new/charting modern rock might come back for an new episode.

Go with yourself.

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JAPANDROIDS ride again! In their first facebook post since 2013, the band announced a tour that begins with a four-night stand at The Cobalt in Vancouver in October.

JAPANDROIDS’ legend continues to simmer. The great(est) Vancouver rock & rollers were the darlings of guitar forward indie rock in the early 2010s….then after a triumphant World Tour in 2012-2013…. disappeared into the ether for a while. I continued to stay crazy as I will, forever.

There were some whispers that the band was working on new music…I tried to get the news out of their label Polyvinyl last year, but they said “no dice. stay tuned!”

Then friend-of-the-show Taylor sent me the news…the band is back!

Four shows at the Cobalt begin Wednesday, October 5th…. tickets on sale now.

Then shows in LA, Toronto, London, Brooklyn and Mexico City…sounds like more of a whirlwind working holiday!

And searching for a JAPANDROIDS song to post, I found this weird Teen Daze cover of “Wet Hair.” Alright then.

Go with yourself.

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