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No Age band photo

My 3-year-old son has discovered the record player and enjoys putting on “mus-kik.”

He wanders over to the records, pulls something that and then wants help putting it on.

The other day he pulled out No Age’s 2013 Sub Pop record An Object.  It a very bright and loud looking album and I can understand why it caught my kid’s eye.

We fired it up and it just reminded me how much I used to jam these guys! No I am back in a No Age all the time party.

And let’s revisit an old Madelyn Review. I should make more of these.

Look at that, the band is recording a new record in LA!

Go with yourself.

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Madelyn Review
Yesterday I raced down to Ditch Records during lunch to pick up the new No Age record, An Object.

I put the long player on while cooking up some dinner.  We were sitting around, enjoying our spaghetti and meatballs when the final track came on, “Commerce, Comment, Commerce.”  The song features a bit of a drone to close out the record and Madelyn remarked that she did not like the sound.  I posted the quip on Facebook because I thought it was funny and BFF Leigh said I should record her for a radio bit.  So here we go…. maybe an ongoing segment, maybe not…maybe we’ll leave the album reviews to the pros?

It is her goal to be a pop-star so Jack White, I’ll be sending demos in like 10 years… My hope it that you may develop the world’s first hepta-coloured vinyl single… and then one colour is rainbow, so I don’t even know how many colours that is!

Which record should she review next?

Go with yourself.

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Listening to Art Punk

Sorry friends, I’ve been away from the blog. I fractured a bone in my arm last week… I thought I was skateboarder, turns out I’m not.  It made typing not enjoyable, so outside of work, I tried to stay off the computer.  Feeling a bit better today and I feel like a tool for not blogging (I don’t know why, not too many people read the blog…but it is such a habit I guess).

My song today is a nice trippy one from No Age. Their record An Object is out tomorrow…this one I might pick up. The video for the song “An Impression” was bouncing around the internet tubes today.  They call it “punk” which is cool… art-punk?  Its a thing.

I am constantly of the mindset that I am going to start a band, and the band was ALWAYS going to be called Bellinger…until this weekend when I heard the story of Len Bias on The CBC.  Then I thought, cool band name.

To me, the two are weirdly connected.  Henry Bellinger was one of the first Canadians killed on the Western Front.  And I always think of him in the sense of, here’s a guy that had so much potential, probably had some plans, probably thought he was gunna get the job done in France, and before it really started, first battle… he is dead.

Len Bias is a going to be a basketball star.  Gets drafted by the Celtics, signs a million-dollar shoe endorsement deal, leases a sports car and two days later, he dies of a drug overdose.  Never plays an NBA game.  Strange.

Go with yourself.

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