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Wolf Parade

Photo credit: ShaneMcCauley

Vancouver Island band Wolf Parade will release their fourth album, Cry, Cry, Cry on October 6th (Sub Pop).

The band members were scattered around working on other projects after 2010’s Expo 86.

Most the band members eventually found themselves back on Vancouver Island again with Dan Boeckner in Northern California.  I guess the guys felt the time was right to put the band back together.

“Expo was a real rock record. We just sort of banged it out, which was kind of the point.” Cry Cry Cry, on the other hand, is more deliberate in its arrangements and embrace of the studio process. “If a part was going on for too long it would get lopped, you know?” says Dan. “That being said, there are two very long songs on the record and I don’t think it would be a Wolf Parade record if it didn’t have some kind of prog epic.”

The band shared the song “Valley Boy” to get us excited for the October album.

Wolf Parade has some shows coming up!

Jul. 21 – Seattle, WA – Capitol Hill Block Party
Aug. 18-20 – Rock Creek, BC – Ponderosa Music & Arts Festival
Sep. 05 – Quebec City, QC – Videotron Center*
Sep. 06 – Montreal, QC – Bell Centre*
Sep. 09 – Ottawa, ON – Canadian Tire Center*
* with Arcade Fire

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No Age band photo

My 3-year-old son has discovered the record player and enjoys putting on “mus-kik.”

He wanders over to the records, pulls something that and then wants help putting it on.

The other day he pulled out No Age’s 2013 Sub Pop record An Object.  It a very bright and loud looking album and I can understand why it caught my kid’s eye.

We fired it up and it just reminded me how much I used to jam these guys! No I am back in a No Age all the time party.

And let’s revisit an old Madelyn Review. I should make more of these.

Look at that, the band is recording a new record in LA!

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METZ have a video for their song “Spit You Out” from their 2015 record II.

The thrilling, frenetic video, directed by the band and edited by Scott Cudmore (“The Swimmer,” “Wasted,” “Wet Blanket”), features effects-laden live footage and presents a visceral representation of the band’s sound and deft power in performance.


Looks pretty good and sounds great.

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the Toronto punkers live…but I do remember that live show being the experience that demanded I pay attention to the hype. So great.

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photos by Christopher Wilson

photos by Christopher Wilson

S is singer/guitarist Jenn Ghetto.

When I used to DJ at Veneto Lounge in Victoria, one of the bartenders, Katie, loved this group called Carissa’s Wierd. So much so, she made me download a record so i could play a song or two for her during the evening.

Carissa’s Wierd played their final show in Seattle at the Crocodile back in 2003. Two of the guys would leave to form Band of Horses. Then one of those guys would leave BOH to form Grand Archives. (their 2008 s/t is still a an all-time favourite of mine)

OK, rewind, back to Ms. Ghetto. Jenn Ghetto would also continue making music under the banner S. She is now putting out tunes on the Hardly Art label (a sub label of Sub Pop, Carissa’s Wierd’s old label).

Her forth record is called Cool Choices. A couple spins off this disc are great. “Vampires” is good, but “Brunch” is perfect.

S is on tour with The Thermals. No shows in Vancouver but a bunch in Seattle.

05.01.15 – Seattle, WA – Neumos %
05.13.15 – San Francisco, CA – Brick & Mortar Music Hall # * +
05.14.15 – San Jose, CA – Cafe Stritch # * +
05.15.15 – Los Angeles, CA – Echo # * +
05.16.15 – Costa Mesa, CA – The Wayfarer # *
05.17.15 – San Diego, CA – Soda Bar # *
05.22.15 – Seattle, WA – Barboza # *
05.23.15 – Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios # *
05.25.15 – George, WA – Sasquatch
06.27.15 – Seattle, WA – Repair Revolution
06.28.15 – Seattle, WA – Cha Cha
07.11.15 – Seattle, WA – West Seattle Music Fest

% – w/ Sera Cahoone, The Horde and the Harem
# – w/ Hutch & Kathy
* – S will be performing as a duo for these shows
+ – all-ages show

And let’s explore some Carissa’s Wierd.

Grand Archives

What the fuck, A-sides win right…. you know this one.

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Biega graphic
One more….ok two more.

I stayed on the SubPop soundcloud while working away, and this Doldrums song is banging hard and good.

And from the radio show yesterday, a song inspired by play of the new Vancouver Canucks d-man Alex Biega. His first game was Monday against the Wild and he scored his first goal! I wish I could sing like John Tillman.

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Father Johns Cocktail
I’ve had the new Father John Misty record, I Love You, Honeybear, spinning on heavy rotation. It’s a beauty.

Coral and I spun his previous album hard in the old Civic during our California road trip a couple summers ago. This new one is easy to slide into.

I am not sure if FJM is making fun of 30-something white guys, is a 30-something white guy singing about the struggle, or is a 30-something white guy making fun of our “struggle.” Doesn’t matter, he has a nice voice.


The new METZ song posted by SubPop the other day is a flamethrower. Here we go, rock and roll music.

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Sub Pop is trying out some experimental hip-hop.  They’ll be releasing clipping.‘s second record, CLPPNG on June 10th.

Sub Pop says, “Rap music is getting weird again (…)”

also from Sub Pop… Shabazz Palaces.

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Radical.  Sub Pop is digging into the vault for a digital reissue of Soundgarden’s debut ep, Screaming Life.

SPIN’s got a nice write up… Youtube has a video!

And since we’re yapping Sub Pop…. how about a cut from their latest singing?  Direct from the UK, it’s the Thumpers.

Not bad… I like that song. Good pick Sub Pop.

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Feeling tired today.  Its been weighing on me most the summer. Most the time, I get a surge and can rise up; but then this week, the energy is just not there.  Getting that vibe that something needs to change, or that I need to punch up “It All Feels Right.”  And believe it!

When I was in Ditch the other day… I saw the new Washed Out record on the shelf… damn, I should have bought it too! “It All Feels Right” is such a pretty song.  They had a poster for a Washed Out show in Victoria.  September 2nd at Club 9one9

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Madelyn Review
Yesterday I raced down to Ditch Records during lunch to pick up the new No Age record, An Object.

I put the long player on while cooking up some dinner.  We were sitting around, enjoying our spaghetti and meatballs when the final track came on, “Commerce, Comment, Commerce.”  The song features a bit of a drone to close out the record and Madelyn remarked that she did not like the sound.  I posted the quip on Facebook because I thought it was funny and BFF Leigh said I should record her for a radio bit.  So here we go…. maybe an ongoing segment, maybe not…maybe we’ll leave the album reviews to the pros?

It is her goal to be a pop-star so Jack White, I’ll be sending demos in like 10 years… My hope it that you may develop the world’s first hepta-coloured vinyl single… and then one colour is rainbow, so I don’t even know how many colours that is!

Which record should she review next?

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